Lounging at Infinity: Day Tour at Vista Tala Resort

Vista Tala Resort in Bataan

Like every city dweller, I’m always on the lookout for that quiet location I can escape from on weekends. I just found one after a friend and I went on a day tour at Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park in Bataan.

Vista Tala Resort has been a much-talked about topic in local travel groups, getting a thousand shares per post. However, few people had actually been here. It is famous for 3 things:

  • Pools facing a great mountain view
  • Cheap day tour rate at P600 per person
  • Near Manila, about 2.5-3 hours of commute time

I wasn’t really expecting to be amazed because I’ve seen a few people who exaggerate their travel experiences to up their social media game. Still, I wanted to see this for myself… and yes, maybe do a little bit of pictorial.

After seeing Vista Tala Resort in person, here’s my verdict: It is worth the hype.

Day tour at Vista Tala Resort: Infinity pool, mountain views

My good friend Chup and I visited here on a weekday. Except in the morning when there was a small group in the pool area, we had the place to ourselves.

Vista Resort is located on top of a mountain in Barangay Tala, about 15 minutes away from the mountain. As such, it’s cold in the resort, but not as chilly as in Tagaytay. The whole resort faces the top of Mount Natib, giving it a great mountain view and a luxurious tropical feel.

Pool at Vista Tala Resort in Bataan
One of the outdoor pools. (Photo by Katherine)
Vista Tala Resort in Bataan
And this is my good friend Chup. 🙂 (Photo by Katherine)
View from the infinity pool at Vista Tala Resort, Bataan
View from the infinity pool. (Photo by Katherine)
Infinity pool at Vista Tala Resort, Bataan
Resort is almost empty on a weekday. (Photo by Katherine)

We rented an outdoor cottage beside the pools. Splashing around and then looking at the foggy mountain top was relaxing. It was also a great location for shooting IG photos, if you’re into that. We spent most of the day swimming and chatting.

Alfresco dining area at Vista Tala Resort, Bataan
Alfresco dining area at Vista Tala Resort, Bataan. (Photo by Katherine)

Even the restaurant was great. There’s an alfresco area, where you can see more of the forest trees and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Chup was so happy with our find that she kept saying she didn’t want to leave.

Mountain view at Vista Tala Resort in Orani, Bataan
The rooms and amenities, pools and outdoor restaurant, all face the mountain. (Photo by Katherine)

I think part of the reason we enjoyed our stay here is that we visited on a weekday. There are three outdoor pools open for day tour guests, which is fine by itself. However, I think the pool area is too small to accommodate guests on weekends given that most rooms are booked or during peak seasons.

Perhaps the main attraction of Vista Tala Resort is its tropical mountain ambiance, not the pools facing the mountain landscape.

If there’s anything I would suggest as an improvement, it’s adding a hot pool. That would be perfect.

Travel Guide to Vista Tala Resort

Infinity pool at Vista Tala Resort, Bataan
Infinity pool. (Photo by Katherine)

Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park is located in Orani, Bataan. It offers a variety of accommodation, from a dormitory-style barkada room to villas with Jacuzzi. Room rates for Vista Tala Resort are detailed below.

Schedule for day tour is 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Vista Tala Resort day tour rate and expenses

A day tour at Vista Tala Resort costs P600 per person, with P200 as consumable for food orders in the resort restaurant. P200 is more than enough for a rice meal. I suggest getting a cup of their hot chocolate or coffee, which is really good. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks inside.

A cottage costs about P250.

The resort offers free guide to river trekking. We skipped this because the river is about 700 steps away from the resort, and from online photos it isn’t that amazing.

Vista Tala room rates (for overnight accommodations)

For those who prefer an overnight stay, Vista Tala room rates are as follows (updated as of 2017). All of these come with complimentary breakfast.

  • Nipa hut: P3900, good for 2 people
  • Row house: P7500, good for 4 people
  • Standard villa: P9900, good for 4 people
  • Villa with jacuzzi: P9900, good for 4 people
  • Barkada room: P27500, good for 24 people

How to get to Vista Tala Resort

To go to Vista Tala Resort, ride a bus en route to Mariveles, Bataan. There are bus terminals in Cubao and Pasay. Fare is about P180 per person. Get off at the town of Orani. Just across Petron gas station is a queue of tricycles that can take you to the resort for P150 per way.

From the resort, the tricycle terminal back to the highway is about 1 kilometer away.

The resort also has a shuttle service for P600 per way.


For 2 people on a day tour, prepare a budget of P1300-1500 each.

Chup and Katherine at Vista Tala Resort
Thanks for reading! (Photo by Chup)

Contact information:

Sky view of Vista Tala Resort, Bataan
Sky view of Vista Tala Resort. (Photo credit to Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park)

Vista Tala Resort: Facebook page /landline number: +63 47 633 4581

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Have you been on a day tour at Vista Tala Resort in Orani, Bataan? How did you like the resort?


  1. This looks like an amazing place! I would definitely suggest this to my husband. Looking at the pictures, it seems like a toddler-friendly place, but not for a day-trip. I tried checking out their site for overnight rates, but the URL is invalid already.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I re-checked their url in Google and there’s another one but it’s also not working. Will keep this for now and re-check after a week or so, maybe they’re re-constructing the website.

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