Fantastic Chef (Taft, Manila): Premium Unli Samyupsal at P499

Group photo at Fantastic Chef Taft
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If you’re one of the avid readers of our blog (naks), you’ll know that we love samgyupsal. This month, we had a new discovery — Fantastic Chef in Taft, Manila. Fantastic Chef offers a high-quality samgyupsal experience for only P499 per person. This is definitely one of the best samgyupsal restaurants we’ve tried so far.

I came here with Hali along with his mom, as an early Mother’s Day celebration.

Fantastic Chef (Taft, Manila)

One thing that sets Fantastic Chef apart from other samgyupsal restaurants is that they serve high-quality, premium meats. For casual samgyupsal customers, the difference might not be obvious but once you get into the habit of eating at samgyupsal restaurants, you’ll taste the difference.

Fantastic Chef offers 10 types of meat for P499 per person. Just add P50 to include the beef plate and seasoned beef plate.

Here’s their meat selection:

  • Skirt meat
  • Rack
  • Jowls meat
  • Seasoned pork neck
  • Pork belly
  • Thin pork belly
  • Cheek
  • Spicy pork bulgogi
  • Seasoned chicken BBQ
  • Spicy chicken BBQ
  • Beef plate
  • Seasoned beef plate

The meat comes with cheese dip. There’s also a variety of side dishes, including: kimchi, spring onion kimchi, macaroni salad, coleslaw salad, steamed egg and japchae. Lettuce, rice and soup are also provided.

Kat at Fantastic Chef Taft
I’m going to eat these on my own. Jk.
Fantastic Chef Taft side dishes
Side dishes.
Meat selection at Fantastic Chef Taft
Meat selection.

Okay, so let’s get down to the review of Fantastic Chef Taft. First of all, I like the wide variety of meat, from the usual thin pork and belly slices to uncommon cust such as skirt meat and jowls meat. Second, all the meats served in our table were of good quality.

Fantastic Chef Taft - thin slices
Think pork belly and beef plate.
Fantastic Chef Taft - thick slices
Rack, jowls meat, pork belly.
Fantastic Chef Taft seasoned meats
Bulgogi and seasoned meats.
Fantastic Chef Taft - seasoned beef plate
Seasoned beef plate.

Our favorites are thin pork belly and beef plate (classic samgyupsal meats), seasoned beef plate, spicy pork bulgogi, jowls meat and surprisingly the seasoned chicken BBQ and spicy chicken BBQ. I don’t really order chicken in samgyupsal restaurants because it doesn’t seem sulit, but the flavored chicken here in Fantastic Chef Taft is a definite must try. Meanwhile, Hali finished our plate of jowls meat even though he previously didn’t like fatty portions because he said it was good.

Hali at Fantastic Chef Taft
Hali, our grill guy.
Fantastic Chef Taft samgyupsal
Can’t wait to finish grilling!
Fantastic Chef Taft samgyupsal
Fantastic Chef Taft samgyupsal
With lettuce wrap.

I appreciate that the cheese dip served is already melted, so even though we still need to heat it up, we didn’t have to wait to taste it. It contains mozzarella and tastes light, which I think perfectly complements the samgyupsal.

Fantastic Chef Taft cheese dip
Cheese dip.

As for the side dishes, I like the steamed egg and coleslaw salad. Apparently, the steamed egg includes a secret ingredient and it’s a popular side dish, as customers frequently ask for another bowl. The coleslaw salad is lightly creamy and refreshing to the palate. Hali and his mom both liked the macaroni salad, which for me has a slightly sour taste.

As for the service, I was happy that the staff is prompt and easy to call. Refills are provided immediately when asked. Every now and then, a staff would stop at our table to check if everything is okay. They automatically replace the grill and even check if our steamed egg was still warm. The owner itself, Sir Joel, is friendly and approachable. He chatted with us for a bit to tell us about this branch.

Group photo at Fantastic Chef Taft
With me, Tita Evangelina and Hali.

Overall, are we happy? A resounding yes. All the meat is fresh and high quality, there’s a good variety of side dishes and the service is great. As said above, Fantastic Chef is one of the best samgyupsal restaurants we’d tried so far.

About Fantastic Chef (Taft, Manila)

Fantastic Chef – Taft is a franchise of Fantastic Chef (Remedios, Malate).

Address: 2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft, Manila

Parking: No parking space in front of the restaurant, but there are parking spaces along the street.

Opening hours: 11AM to 11PM


Rate is P499 per person for unli Korean BBQ. Add P50 to include the beef plate and seasoned beef plate to your choices.

There is a leftover fee of P200.


Fantastic Chef Taft often has on-going promos, so make sure to check out their Facebook and IG for updates.

Facebook | Instagram | email:

Disclaimer: Thanks to Sir Joel of Fantastic Chef Taft for inviting us! As always, thoughts and opinions are our own.

Have you been to Fantastic Chef? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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