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Kuyba Almonica Meditation Garden (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

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We’d just gone for a 3-day trip in Port Barton and we still had one night to spend in Puerto Princesa. My friend Peng booked us a room in Kuyba Almonica because, according to him, it has cave pools which we’d love.

Kuyba Almonica Meditation Garden is a 1.3 hectare property featuring 2 caves. It’s famous for the Jesus’ face seen in a stalactites in one of the caves, which is why the place is also considered sacred.

Our room

We booked for an overnight stay in Kuyba Almonica (P1800, 3 people). Our room is old-school, with wood paneling and a 4-poster bed. We have a spacious bathroom with a bath tub, although the stopper in the tub is missing so it’s not possible to use. We also have our own balcony.

Despite its vintage ambiance, it’s fully airconditioned.

Kuyba Almonica room
Our room: four-posted bed with extra mattress.
Kuyba Almonica bathroom
Our bathroom.

An overnight stay includes breakfast as well. They serve silog meals with fruit and coffee.


Checked-in guests can be toured around Kuyba Almonica for free. If you’re a day tripper, you have to pay an entrance fee of P100 per person.

During the tour, you can explore its facilities, including its in-house restaurant and souvenir shop, as well as its own chapel, caves, outdoor spring pools and fish spa. You’ll also pass by the gardens where there are spaces to meditate and reflect and numerous religious artifacts.

Kuyba Almonica lounge
Lounge area.
Kuyba Almonica outdoor space
One of the outdoor areas.
Kuyba Almonica chapel

The first cave is called Holy Family Cave. It’s filled with religious displays and the formation featuring the faace of Jesus Christ. To be honest, I couldn’t really make out the face but maybe I wasn’t standing close enough.

Kuyba Almonica Holy Family Cave
Kuyba Almonica cave religious displays
Religious displays in the cave.
Kuyba Almonica formation with Jesus' face
Formation with the face of Jesus Christ.

The second one contains pools with cold water from the underground spring. You can swim here if you want. The water is cool and refreshing. We spent an hour here and I had my back massaged by the jet stream.

Kuyba Almonica cave pool
One of the pools inside the cave.
Kuyba Almonica cave pool

Afterwards, we tried the pebble foot massage and the fish spa.

Kuyba Almonica fish spa
Fish spa with Ate Marietta.

So, what do I think about Kuyba Almonica? I think it’s certainly interesting. I like swimming in the cave pools in particular and our package (room, breakfast, tour) is decent. For me, one night stay here is enough since I prefer modern accommodations and I find the location too far from commercial establishments. I liked that there’s a lot of green spaces in Kuyba Almonica, but the insects bother me.

I recommend this place for those who are religious and those like me who want to experience swimming in a cave pool.

About Kuyba Almonica

How to get here

Address: Lumboy St., Sitio Masikap, Brgy. San Jose, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Kuyba Almonica may be included in Puerto Princesa tours. It’s also possible to commute here. From Lomboy Street, simply ride a tricycle to Kuyba Almonica (P10 per person).

Things to know before you go

  • Bring insect repellent especially if you’re going to stay overnight.
  • Kuyba Almonica has its own in-house restaurant. There are no other eateries nearby. You have to get back to the main road via trike.

Day tour

  • Opening hours: 8AM to 6PM
  • Entrance fee: P100 per person

Overnight accommodations are also available.


You can contact Kuyba Almonica here: Facebook

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Have you been to Kuyba Almonica in Puerto Princesa, Palawan? How do you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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