Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo
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Pinto Art Museum: Incredible Art Haven in Antipolo

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Without a doubt, Pinto Art Museum is one of the best museums you can visit near the metro. Located in Antipolo, the museum makes a great day trip destination for those who love arts and history or those who simply want to visit it for its IG-worthy spots.

In Filipino, “pinto” means door. The museum is “…a door for everyone to appreciate the healing powers of Art, Science and Nature.”

Pinto Art Museum is part of Silangan Gardens. It’s often said that its beauty lies not just in its collection of arts, but in the very architecture of the museum complex as well. The museum is built in the Babylonian style, with an open plan featuring white-washed wall structures and high-ceiling exhibition spaces. It features historical paintings, sculptures, and installations and works of contemporary artists.

Here’s our visit to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo plus essential information you need to know to get here too!

Our visit to Pinto Art Museum

I went here on a date with Hali on his mom sometime in 2017. This was our first item on our itinerary, before our relaxing tour at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa in the afternoon.

For me, Pinto Art Museum was a nice surprise. I’ve often read about it, but only on the context of being “IG-worthy”. What I didn’t know is that it also houses work from various local artists. It was better than I expected.

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

We explored both the galleries and outdoor gardens, including the popular white-washed wall buildings.

Kat in Pinto Art Museum
Pinto Art Museum gallery hall
A gallery hall.

Galleries 1 and 2 held painting with religious and fantasy themes. I’m not a particular fan of these because religious art tends to be dark and depressing, which in my opinion is a reflection of how the church glorifies suffering. There are also some art pieces I find grotesque, like that one of a decorated dead bird. But I understand that some people like the meaning behind these works.

I liked the displays from Gallery 3 onwards.

Pinto Art Museum gallery hall

There were semi-sculptures made of wires. They were beautiful and you could see the amount of work that’s been done on each piece. There was also a remarkable art piece made of thread.

Pinto Art Museum wired sculpture lovers
Pinto Art Museum wired sculpture
One of our favorite pieces in Pinto Art Museum.
Pinto Art Museum thread face
Display made carefully of thread.

Here are some other pieces that we like.

Pinto Art Museum we are the kids
Hali at Pinto Art Museum.
Pinto Art Museum birdmen
It’s the bird people! (Photo by Hali)
Pinto Art Museum - painting

Pinto Art Museum also has some of the best cultural items from Philippine local tribes that I’ve seen. There are paintings of tribal women including Apo Whang-Od, awe-inspiring necklaces, clothes with beautiful patterns, and musical instruments.

Pinto Art Museum leaf curtain1
Entrance to the indigenous art room.
Pinto Art Museum tribal women
Kalinga women including Apo Whang-Od.

There are also art displays outside the exhibition halls. You may need to be attentive to spot them. It’s very easy to get lost in the scenic environment of the museum.

Kat and tita in Pinto Art Museum
Me with Hali’s mom.
Pinto Art Museum pool
Outdoor pool by the courtyard.
Pinto Art Museum man with snails
The open spaces is also filled with treasures like this statue.
Pinto Art Museum ballerina
Graceful women displayed up along a wall.

For an inexpensive ticket to get inside the museum, you can see various history and contemporary art. It’s truly a haven for art lovers and enthusiasts and a great day trip from Manila.

How to get to Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is located at Grand Heights Subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal.

Here are the commute directions to Antipolo:

  • From Megamall or Cubao: Ride a van or jeep to Antipolo. Get off at Ynares Sports Arena or Antipolo Church.
  • From Robinson’s Galleria: Ride a bus to Tikling (Taytay, Rizal). From Tikling, ride a jeep bound for Antipolo and get off at Antipolo Church.
  • Once in Ynares or Antipolo Church, ride a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum. Fare is P20-50 per person.

If you are bringing a car, there is ample space at the parking lot of the museum. There is a minimal fee of P20 at the village entrance per vehicle.

Pinto Art Museum attractions

Once you arrive inside the museum, you will be given a map to help you navigate the sprawling complex.

Here are the attractions you can find:

  • Chapel
  • Contemporary art collections
  • Pinto Arboretum of Philippine Plants
  • Pinto Museum of Indigenous Art
  • Pinto Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Museum Shop

There are also outdoor gardens and a pool by the courtyard.

If you want to eat, there are 2 branches of Cafe Rizal by Peppermill inside the museum complex. It’s open from 10:30AM to 6PM. Outside food and drinks are not allowed. If you want to eat elsewhere, you can easily find fast food and cafes a few minutes’ drive away.

Tips for visiting Pinto Art Museum

  • It’s best to go on weekdays if you want to avoid the crowd.
  • Pinto Art Museum is a sprawling complex, so expect your visit to be a walkathon. It is also largely open-air with no airconditioning. Keep yourself cool and hydrated by bringing bottled water and fan.
  • There are a lot of IG-worthy areas in Pinto Art Museum, so wear your best OOTD! Choose something that’s breezy and comfortable, and wear shoes that are fit for walking.
  • During our visit, there were lots of mosquitoes outdoors. I recommend bringing an insect repellent when visiting the museum.
  • Be considerate to other guests and do not linger in areas for a long time.
  • Professional photoshoots are allowed for a fee.
  • Flash photography, video recording, and drone flying are not allowed.
  • Aside from Pinto Art Museum, there are other nearby destinations you can visit including Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa. What we did is visit the museum in the morning and then Luljetta’s in the afternoon. It was a very enjoyable day tour in Antipolo!

Pinto Art Museum Rates

Here are the current rates (Updated as of 2021):

  • Regular guests: P250
  • PWD or senior citizens: P200
  • Students: P125

Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM to 6PM. Walk-ins are allowed.

You can also get a guided tour inside the museum if you want more insight on the art pieces displayed.


For reservation or other inquiries, you can contact Pinto Art Museum in their Facebook.

Has this guide to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal, been helpful to you? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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