Couple shot at MGM Ranch and Farm

Enjoyable Farm Staycation at MGM Ranch and Farm in Batangas

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I consider discovering farm staycations one of the best parts of being a blogger. This month, Hali and I spent an overnight at MGM Ranch and Farm, a bed-and-breakfast located at Taal, Batangas.

MGM Ranch and Farm offers a peaceful, secluded stay in a farm setting. It offers different types of accommodation, including cottages, cabins, and ancestral houses. It also has a highly rated restaurant and a swimming pool.

Our room

Hali and I stayed at the Hideway B&B. According to the staff, this small villa is a popular choice for couples.

The villa is airconditioned, with a queen-sized bed, lounge corner, and bathroom with toiletries (body wash and shampoo). There is no hot shower, but the water is lukewarm. It also has a veranda with a dining table where you can enjoy your food or your mug of freshly made kapeng barako with a view.

MGM Ranch and Farm Hideaway B&B
Hideaway B&B.
MGM Ranch and Farm Hideaway B&B
Kat at veranda at MGM Ranch and Farm
Our room veranda.

The Hideaway B&B was very charming, and I loved that we could stay in the veranda and just breathe and relax – there was no other noise other than the sound of rustling trees. It was very peaceful and what we exactly needed.

But wait, I haven’t gotten to the best part yet. The villa has kawas exclusive for its guests! The kawa takes about 1 hour or more to heat, so it’s best to inform the staff when you would use it. We asked to prepare it during sunset, so we could further relaxing after a day at the farm.

MGM Ranch and Farm kawa hot bath
View from the kawa.
MGM Ranch and Farm kawa hot bath
Kawa hot bath!

I thoroughly enjoyed the kawa hot baths! It reminded me of our past visit in Tibiao. The kawa was decorated with flowers, which gave the water a delicate aroma. It was also snap-worthy!

The Food

MGM Ranch and Farm has an open-air restaurant, which serves Filipino food and pasta. You can go here to eat or you can ask the staff to deliver the food in your room. We mainly stayed at our veranda because we liked the views and the privacy.

Once we checked in, we were welcomed with Taaleno suman and hot kapeng barako. It was good, and I especially liked the coffee. I finished a cup and then kept the remaining coffee in the thermos for later. (The coffee is complimentary, and you can add the suman for an additional fee.)

MGM Ranch and Farm welcome coffee and snacks
Welcome kapeng barako and suman.
Hali drinking kapeng barako at MGM Ranch and Farm
Hali enjoying kapeng barako.

We also tried the meals at the restaurant. For dinner, we had chicken cordon bleu and pork ribs. For breakfast, we had complimentary tapsilog along with fresh cups of kapeng barako.

MGM Ranch and Farm breakfast
Complimentary breakfast.

The food here is excellent, and I love that the serving is generous especially for the rice. There is a veggie side dish served for each plate too for healthy dining.

A lot of people actually visit the farm to eat at the restaurant. Though you can bring your own food, I suggest you complete your farm experience by eating here too.

Activities at the Farm

One of the things that we enjoyed about our stay at the MGM Ranch and Farm is the farm activities available. It’s something that kids can enjoy too!

Visit the animals

Here at the farm, you can do eggs picking, animal feeding (sheeps and horses), and horseback riding.

Hali and I were toured by a staff around the farm. We first saw noisy chickens and ducks. The chickens seemed enamored by Hali because they would always follow him when we passed by the area. Haha.

We also went to the sheep enclosure where the farm attendant handed us fresh branches for them to feed on. Later on, we also fed grass to horses.

MGM Ranch and Farm - sheeps
Feeding sheeps.
MGM Ranch and Farm - animal feeding
MGM Ranch and Farm - horses
Hali feeding the horse.

We were laughing so much while feeding the animals. It was very fun! I liked how hands-on this is, and the farm attendant was also helpful in assisting us. This is definitely one of the highlights of our stay at the farm.

See the ancestral houses

There are 2 ancestral houses in the farm available for guests: Daldalita House and Bonifacio House.

Couple shot at MGM Ranch and Farm
Hali and I at the farm.
MGM Ranch and Farm ancestral house

There were no other guests at the farm when we visited, so Hali and I were able to take pictures around the Bonifacio House. It was interesting and definitely a must-see for architecture or history buffs.

Swimming pool

The farm has its own swimming pool with a jacuzzi-like section where you can sit down and enjoy water streams. The pool is surrounded by lush environment. You can also see the ancestral houses from here.

MGM Ranch and Farm swimming pool
Pool view.
MGM Ranch and Farm swimming pool
Poo viewl from the bonfire deck.

We enjoyed swimming here the next day of our stay. We actually planned on going the night before because the staff told us that the pool area looks nice at night, especially with the lights, but we immediately fell asleep after our bath at the kawa.

MGM Ranch and Farm swimming pool
Swimming pool.


We had an amazing time at MGM Ranch and Farm. It was honestly better than expected. Honestly, the articles I’ve read about this place don’t give it justice.

We got lost a bit getting here, but check-in was a breeze. We liked our villa (the kawa hot bath was a huge plus), the food, and the animal feeding activity. We actually took a lot of videos feeding the sheeps and horses.

Another thing that I liked is that unlike most farm staycations, there are minimal insects here. We only noticed the insects at night, but during day time we were able to explore the farm without getting bites.

You can watch our short video here:


One of the best farm staycations near Manila. #farmstay #kawa

♬ Don’t Worry Be Happy – Frankie Moreno

How to get to MGM Ranch and Farm

MGM Ranch and Farm is located in Taal, Batangas. It’s about 2 hours away from Manila.

To get here via commute:

  • From Manila, ride a bus to Lemery, Batangas. Get off at the terminal.
  • Then ride a tricycle and tell the driver to let you off at MGM Ranch and Farm.

There are plenty of parking spaces in the farm.

Book your stay here

You can book your stay at MGM Ranch and Farm in their Facebook page.

Here are accommodations available (Updated as of August 2022):

Hideaway Villa2 peopleP4000
Red Barn Cabin2 peopleP3500
Yellow CabinUp to 6 peopleP8500
Loft Barn CabinUp to 10 peopleP10,500
DaldalitaUp to 5 peopleP7000
Bonifacio HouseUp to 10 peopleP15,000

During our stay (August 2022), the Hideaway Villa which we’d stayed at costs P4000, good for 2 people. It’s very sulit in my opinion! Definitely a great option for a weekend getaway for couples.

Here are a few things you should note:

  • Check-in is 2PM and check-out is 12noon the next day.
  • Booking includes complimentary welcome coffee (optional suman for an additional fee) and breakfast.
  • This bed-and-breakfast has its own restaurant that serves Filipino food and pasta. You can also bring your own food without corkage fee. For groups, the Bonifacio House comes with its own kitchen so you can cook if you wish.
  • Pets are allowed, provided that they wear diaper at all times.
  • There is no WIFI or TV. Time to disconnect! If you need to be online, just make sure that you have mobile data (signal is good in the area).
  • MGM Farm and Ranch is also available for events booking!

Travel Tips

  • To make your visit worthwhile, why not explore the town of Taal? You can visit the Taal Basilica (the largest church in Asia), Galleria of Taal, and Taal Local Market, which is famous for its traditional snacks (e.g., suman), empanada, and tapang taal. You can also visit the ancestral houses along Poblacion Road.
  • If you’re not up for a DIY tour, you can always book a walking and food tour in Taal.
  • Have you really visited Batangas without ordering a bowl of lomi? There are plenty of lomi restaurants in town.

Disclaimer: Thanks to MGM Ranch and Resort for the complimentary stay! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you enjoy this feature about MGM Ranch and Farm in Taal, Batangas? Do you have other farm staycations to recommend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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