Best beach resorts in Liwliwa, Zambales
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13 BEST Beach Resorts in Liwliwa Zambales to Chill and Surf

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Located a few hours away from Manila, Liwliwa is the perfect destination for those who want to get away for a weekend to relax, swim, or surf. Once a humble fishing village, this town is now home to various beach resorts where you can find native-style accommodations, some even with their own dipping pools.

Most beach resorts in Liwliwa are located 3-5 minutes away from the beach. It’s popular not only among surfers, but also families who want to enjoy the water as well as other nearby activities in town.

Here we’ve compiled the best beach resorts in Liwliwa for your next road trip!

1. Kwentong Dagat

Kat in Kwentong Dagat beach resort

Kwentong Dagat is one of the most popular beach resorts in Liwliwa, Zambales. It’s mostly known for its Bali-inspired aesthetics and its vegan-friendly home-cooked meals.

It features bungalows with bunk bed and standard rooms. There are common toilet and baths, outdoor kitchen, and dining area. You can bring your own food or order a vegan-friendly meal for a healthier option.

The best thing to do in Kwentong Dagat is enjoy a staycation or head to the beach for surfing. You can also participate in one of the resort’s offered activities, including yoga and meditation. Simply let them know in advance of your visit.

2. Zambali Woods

Zambali Woods Beach Resort
(Photo by Zambali Woods)

Zambali Woods is another Bali-inspired beach resort in Liwliwa where you can rent a whole villa for your family or barkada.

The villas can accommodation up to 8 people each. For solo or couple vacationers, individual fan and airconditioned rooms are also available.

For a fuss-free stay, you can order Filipino meals served in beautiful wooden bowls in their in-house restaurant. Cocktails can be ordered at the bar so you can enjoy drinks by the beach. For those who prefer to bring their own food, there is an additional fee for corkage and/or kitchen use.

3. Enzo’s Hideaway Resort

Enzo's Hideaway Resort
(Photos by Enzo’s Hideaway Resort)

Enzoy’s Hideaway Resort is a boho-inspired beach resort ideal for those who want to beach bum and surf, as well as those who are looking for a space for remote work.

The resort features huts with interior boho design and floor-to-ceiling glass windows for outdoor views. There are huts good for 2 people and loft-type huts good for up to 3 people, all airconditioned with their own bathroom and private deck. There is also a camping ground for those who prefer to sleep in tents.

It has an-inhouse restaurant that serves complimentary breakfast and Filipino dishes.

4. Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort
(Photo by Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort)

Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort is ideal for those who want an easy, hassle-free stay near the beach.

The resort offers airconditioned standard rooms and upgraded rooms with balcony for couples, as well as double rooms for groups of 4 people.

It has an in-house restaurant that serves all-day breakfast and Filipino dishes, as well as locally sourced coffee and various alcoholic drinks. It also has a common area where you can lounge with other guest, a gym, and a convenience store.

Aside from its complete facilities, the staff at the resort are always ready to help you with your needs.

5. Promised Land Beach Resort

Promised Land Beach Resort
(Photo by Promised Land Beach Resort)

Ideal for those who like outdoor activities, Promised Land Beach Resort offers not only surfing but ATV adventure rides as well.

Accommodations include bohemian-style huts good for couples or small groups, superior rooms, and villas. All are airconditioned. For those who prefer without, kubo fan rooms are available.

It has no in-house restaurant, but there is a common grilling area and there are nearby restaurants you can easily go to.

6. Board Culture Liw-Liwa

Board Culture Liw-liwa
(Photo by Board Culture Liw-liwa)

Board Culture has everything you need for a vacation — comfortable place to sleep in, sea and sun, and amazing food.

Its main accommodations are nipa huts, but tents are also available for those who prefer a more basic setup. It has an in-house bar called Molo’s that serves delicious meats, burgers, and sandwiches as well as different-styled drinks.

As with othe resorts in Liwliwa, it’s close to the beach where you can swim, skim, or surf. Board games are also available at the resort’s common area.

7. Agos ng Liwa

Agos ng Liwa Beach Resort in Zambales
(Photo by Agos ng Liwa)

Formerly known as The Circle Hostel Liwliwa, Agos ng Liwa is the perfect haven for surfers and backpackers who are looking for good times and camaraderie.

This beach resort features fan & airconditioned huts and airconditioned rooms, as well as vibrant common spaces where you can hang out, chill, and play music. It also has a bar and cafe that serves delicious coffee and alcoholic drinks until past midnight.

It also has a cafe that serves delicious coffee and alcoholic drinks.

8. Hideout

Hideout Zambales
(Photo by Hideout)

Located at the end of the strip of beach resorts in Liwliwa, the Hideout hostel is perfect for those who want a quiet place to stay. It is surrounded by agoho trees, which gives it a relaxing vibe. It’s about 5-10 minutes away from the beach.

This hostel offers budget-friendly accommodations in native cottages. There are couple rooms good for 1-2 pax and dorm rooms for group sharing. Lockers are provided so you can safely store your items.

It has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious Filipino & Asian dishes, along with native coffee.

The Hideout is also known for its sustainable efforts. Various furniture in the hostel are made from recycled materials, and the owners participate in the Pawikan Conservation Volunteer Group (PawiCare) along with other environment endeavors.

9. The Glamp Zambales

The Glamp Zambales
(Photo by The Glamp Zambales)

For those who want to camp yet remain comfortable, this glamping spot is for you! Tucked away in Liwliwa, The Glamp Zambales offers different-sized tents for couples and small groups of up to 8 people.

The tents are airconditioned and are artsy enough for your social feed. Booking a tent comes with breakfast, a bonfire setup and a s’mores kit, and water. There are common toilet facilities.

For the food, you can order set meals on request.

The Glamp Zambales is for those who are looking for a unique experience in Liwliwa, as well as those who are interested in spending the night looking at the open sky.

10. Haven Campsite Liwliwa

Haven Campsite Liwliwa
(Photo by Haven Campsite Liwliwa)

Vacation in style in this beachside campsite, known for its snap-worthy huts and outdoor areas,

For couples, there are huts with fan and plush beds in the Tee Pee Hut Village. For those who prefer a more comfortable stay, the boho room comes with airconditioning and en suite bathroom. For small groups, villas come with airconditioning, 1 king-sized bed and 2 double beds, and en suite bathroom. All rooms include complimentary breakfast.

This campsite has an in-house restaurant called The Bibimbowl that serves Filipino-Korean meals. There is also a Tiki Bar for your alcohol drinks. You can bring your own food and water, but bringing other drinks requires a corkage fee.

Aside from these, there are also common toilets and outdoor spaces with hammocks and mats where you can chill in the afternoons.

11. Bali of Liwa

Bali of Liwa in Zambales
(Photo by Bali of Liwa)

This beach resort in Liwliwa is ideal for family trips and team-building. It’s built beside a mini-river, about 5-10 minutes walk from the beach.

Accommodations include airconditioned cabins, villas, and modern tree houses. It has an in-house restaurant where you can easily order local food.

Aside from swimming in the river and lounging at the beach, the resort also hosts live acoustic night every Saturday.

12. Odyssea Beach Resort

Odyssea Beach Resort
(Photo by Odyssea Beach Resort)

This beach resort offers an affordable getaway for families and friends.

Accommodations include airconditioned teepee huts, standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and villas for big groups. Tents are also available for rent. There are also beachfront cottages available for day tours.

There are common toilets and showers. A common grilling area is available for your barbecuing needs.

13. Limliwa Beach Resort

Limliwa Beach Resort in Zambales
(Photo by Limliwa Beach Resort)

Limliwa Beach Resort is a popular option among families and groups. It offers different accommodations, depending on your needs and budget.

Options include teepee huts, different-sizeds kubo for couples and groups, deluxe rooms and suites, and villas good for up to 12 people. Tents are also available for those who wish to stay outdoors.

It has its own restaurant called Talisay Restaurant, which serves local dishes including seafood. You can also bring your own food with additional corkage fee and have it freshly grilled at the common grilling area. Other facilities include shared baths and toilets.

It’s beach is ideal for swimming and surfing. ATV ride is also available following a beach trail.

How to get to Liwliwa, Zambales

From Manila, it will take about 5-6 hours to commute to Liwliwa. Here are the directions:

  • Ride a bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Get off at San Felipe town proper.
  • From there, ride a tricycle to your chosen accommodation.

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