Kwentong Dagat Beach Resort - one of the best Liwliwa Zambales beach resorts

Kwentong Dagat: A vegan-friendly beach resort in Liwliwa, Zambales

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The quiet town of Liliwa is known for its surfing. Unlike other summer spots near Manila such as Batangas and Puerto Galera, Liwliwa receives fewer tourists. Over the years, various types of resorts (glamping, native-style, etc) have sprout here in Liwliwa. The latest is Kwentong Dagat, a vegan beach resort.

Our overnight stay in Kwentong Dagat

I went here for an overnight stay via an invite from JV of Gala PH tours in 2019. We took a bus from Manila early in the morning and arrived here in mid-morning.

Kwentong Dagat in Liwliwa, Zambales

One of the first things I noticed about Kwentong Dagat is the ambiance: it is relaxing. The resort is surrounded by agoho trees, there are tents, outdoor table spaces, and Bali-inspired cabins. A long walk leads right through the beach.

Our cabin

Kwentong Dagat beach resort - cabins
Cabins good up to 6 people.
Kat in Kwentong Dagat beach resort
Cat in Kwentong Dagat beach resort
A cat named Kalye, in-house cat in the resort.

The cabins in Kwentong Dagat features native-style design, which you’ll find totally IG-worthy. Each has 2 beds and a mezzanine floor. The cabin can fit up to 6 people, but in my opinion if you don’t want it to get cramped, it’s best that only 3-4 people stay.

I love that despite it looking like a traditional hut, it offers the basic conveniences for the modern backpacker. It’s airconditioned with an additional small fan for the upper bed. There’s an outlet for charging and hooks for your clothes or bags.

Kwentong Dagat cabin interior
Inside the cabin.
Kwentong Dagat cabin interior

It also has small details that make it charming: soft sheets, warm lights, a bowl with natural handmade soaps.

An overnight stay in the cabin includes complimentary breakfast, served in the outdoor dining area. Breakfast includes (unlimited) brewed coffee and bread, with different spreads. There’s also a toaster which you can use.

The resort features communal bathrooms. I appreciate that the toilets and shower stalls are clean and functional (unlike old resorts where communal bathrooms are in a state of permanent decay). There’s also handwash available in the washing area.

Kwentong Dagat seaside signage
Kwentong Dagat washroom signage

Chill and surf

The best thing to do in Liliwa is to chill and/or surf. There are surfing boards for rent and beginner lessons for a fee. I won’t recommend swimming especially when there are big waves.

Kwentong Dagat beach for surfing
Strong waves for surfing.
Kwentong Dagat beach area

As for us, we enjoyed a staycation. We ate, slept, and hanged out in the beach area. After we checked out, we were refreshed and ready to face the hustle & bustle of the city.

The food

Kwentong Dagat offers vegan meals to its guests. A meal costs P200 per person and consists of rice plus 2 viands.

It’s actually my first time to try vegan dishes. I’d eaten vegetarian dishes several times in my life and I’m a fan. My favorite ones are from a restaurant in Bali and home-cooked meals of my former teacher in Reiki. I want to feature more organic/vegetarian restaurants here in the blog, but it isn’t as ubiquitous here in the Philippines as in other Southeast Asian countries.

Anyway, I was excited to try the food in Kwentong Dagat.

Group shot in Kwentong Dagat
With Marianne of Trip ni Marianne, JV of Gala PH, and BJ of Pinoy Travel Icon.

To give you an idea, here are the dishes served to us:

  • Lunch: fish tausi and tortang talong
  • Dinner: chicken curry and lumpiang shanghai
  • Breakfast: corned beef and sausages

To be honest, for me it’s a hit or miss. For example, for our lunch, we had fish tausi and tortang talong. The fish tausi was good — it’s colorful, tasty, and curiously the meat’s texture is close to that of a real fish. On the other hand, the tortang talong tasted too sharp.

I also think it would be great if the resort also offers fresh fruits and organic juices/shakes in their menu.

Kwentong Dagat vegan meals
Fish tausi.
Kwentong Dagat vegan meals
Vegan corned beef and sausage.

That saying, I was glad that I was finally able to try vegan food. Of course, this is just my opinion. You might like the vegan dishes better than I did!

My final thoughts

I liked our stay at Kwentong Dagat beach resort in Zambales.

I think most people who visit here only want to get IG-worthy shots for their feed, but the resort itself is truly a great option especially for those are looking for a beach staycation and those who are looking for a relaxing/wellness retreat near Manila.

About Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is a recently opened beach resort in Liwliwa, Zambales. It’s a great place to relax and surf, as well as try out vegan-friendly dishes.

Take note that the beach is not ideal for swimming due to the strong waves.

How to get to Kwentong Dagat

Address: Sitio Liwliwa, Baranggay Sto. Niño, San Felipe, Zambales

  • From Cubao or Monumento, take a bus (Victory Liner) bound for Iba, Zambales (about P300 per person, 4-5 hours). Get off at San Felipe.
  • Take a tricycle to Kwentong Dagat (about P25-30 per person).

We took a bus in Victory Liner – Cubao. First trip is at 5AM. We arrived at about 10AM in the resort.

Things to do

Here are the activities you can do:

  • Chill and surf.
  • Volleyball.
  • Visit a waterfall. From July to December, the resort also offers a trip to Lubong Nangoloan Falls (otherwise known as Anghalo Falls).
  • Kwentong Dagat also offers various activities, including meditation, yoga, surfing, jiujitsu, muay thai, boxing, and cooking classes. Make sure to inform them in advance if you want to do any of these, to ensure the instructors are present during your visit.

Kwentong Dagat rates

For the accommodations, check in: 2PM / check out: 12 noon.

Here are the rates for Kwentong Dagat (Updated as of September 2019):

CabinsWeekday – P4000 / weekend – P4800
Good for 4-6 people
Includes complimentary breakfast (coffee and toast with spreads)
TentsPitching fee – P250. Bring your own tent.
OthersVisit to Lubong-Nangoloan Falls: P250 per person for 4 people and up or P350/person for 2-3 people.

Reminders and Tips

  • Bring your own toiletries and towels.
  • You can also bring your own food, as long as it’s non-vegan. There is a common kitchen and grilling area in the resort. You can buy ingredients in San Felipe public market (near the tricycle terminal). There are also small stores nearby and a 7-11 about 5-10 minutes away.
  • You can bring your own alcohol. The resort also sells alcoholic drinks.
  • Signal reception is minimal/non-existent. You have to go to the beach area to get proper signal.

Book your stay here

You can contact Kwentong Dagat beach resort in the ff:

Website | Facebook | email: | mobile: 0917 813 8404

You can also book via Airbnb.

Disclaimer: Thanks JV of Gala PH for inviting me to this trip and Kwentong Dagat for the stay! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Kwentong Dagat beach resort in Liwliwa, Zambales? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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