Nauvoo Farm Resort in Pampanga

Nauvoo Farm Resort (Pampanga): A serene resort with view of Mount Arayat

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As you can probably tell from our trips, we love discovering relaxing resorts and bed & breakfasts especially those that are only a few hours’ drive away from Manila. In our recent escapade, we went for an overnight trip in Nauvoo Farm Resort. Here’s our experience and review of Nauvoo Farm in Pampanga!

Overnight stay in Nauvoo Farm Resort

I actually discovered Nauvoo Farm Resort from reading similar blogs. Nauvoo Farm Resort sits on a 6-acre land at the foot of Mount Arayat in Magalang, Pampanga. The word “nauvoo” (pronounced as na-vu) is a Hebrew word meaning “a beautiful place”. Sir Irving of Nauvoo Farm Resort says that it’s an appropriate name for the resort as it’s a beautiful place in a hill.

The resort has 2 swimming pools with kiddie section. The best feature of these pools is the view of the mountain in the background.

Pool in Nauvoo Farm Resort
One of the pools in the resort.
Pool in Nauvoo Farm Resort
Pool with jacuzzi. This is where we spent our time.

There’s also a function hall and entertainment amenities available such as basketball, volleyball and videoke. Of course, it wouldn’t be a farm resort without planting wouldn’t it? The place has a plantation for different varieties of trees, particularly mango and coffee.

Nauvoo Farm Resort is open to day tours and overnight stays where you can choose between studio bedrooms or huge-capacity villas. If you’re coming from Manila like us, I recommend going for an overnight stay to make your trip sulit. For our visit, we were booked in the Sampaguita Villa.

Sampaguita Villa at Nauvoo Farm Resort
Our bedroom at Sampaguita Villa.

Like other accommodations in the resort, our small villa has a native-inspired design. It has a cozy, rustic feel. The room has 2 beds, a flat-screen TV and wifi (fiber connection!), a mini fridge and a bathroom equipped with complimentary body wash, shampoo and conditioner as well as hot & cold shower. I liked that they didn’t scrimp on complimentary items for guests. The body wash even have small beads for exfoliation. Coffee and water were also provided.

We also have our own veranda where we could choose to eat our meals or just relax.

It was a lovely accommodation which we loved.

Nauvoo Farm Resort in Pampanga
Pool in Nauvoo Farm Resort
Hali at Nauvoo Farm Resort
Pool at night.
Jacuzzi at Nauvoo Farm Resort

Anyway, we didn’t come here to stay in the room all day. To be honest, what drew me to this resort are the swimming pools. The pools have gorgeous views of Mount Arayat, which I couldn’t get tired of. I also like that the pool goes up to 5 feet and there’s a shallow section which has a jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi was turned on at night and the pool was lit up with LCD lights.

Couple shot in Nauvoo Farm Resort
Me and Hali.

We spent a few hours here and we got back in our villa before dinner time. Nauvoo Farm Resort is also beautiful at night, with warm lights lighting up the paths and houses. (It reminded me of Punta Verde Resort in Batangas.)

Nauvoo Farm Resort at night
Nauvoo Farm Resort at night

Here’s what we had for dinner. For sinigang, native chicken was used so the meat was a bit tougher than what we’re used to, but it was good nonetheless. There was also leche flan for dessert.

Veranda in Sampaguita Villa at Nauvoo Farm Resort
Having dinner in our veranda.
Dinner at Nauvoo Farm Resort

The next morning, we spent our time relaxing and then exploring the grounds. We looked at the mango trees which were already abound with fruits (a few weeks before harvest time) and the coffee plants with budding fruits. There was also a chicken coop far from the accommodation area, where native chickens are kept. We even saw a fresh egg in one of the baskets.

Katherine in Nauvoo Farm Resort
Coffee plant at Nauvoo Farm Resort
Coffee plant.
Mango tree at Nauvoo Farm Resort
Mango tree.
Hali in mango plantation at Nauvoo Farm Resort

Overall, we loved our stay here in Nauvoo Farm Resort. It’s farther than most resorts we’d visited in the past weeks, but it’s definitely worth the drive (3 hours). If there’s anything we’d like to suggest for improvement, it’s to quiet down the music in the pool area since loud music distracts from the natural ambiance of the resort.

Nauvoo Farm Resort is a great option if you want a relaxing stay just hours from Manila. Here you can stay in comfortable native-inspired rooms, eat home-cooked meals, swim with a view of Mount Arayat and explore the grounds to connect with nature.

About Nauvoo Farm Resort

How to get here

Nauvoo Farm Resort is located in Orchard Village, Brgy Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines.

Here are the commute directions:

  • From Cubao, board a bus en route to Dagupan (P130, 1 hour). Get off at Marquee Mall and then board a jeep going to Magalang (P20, 20-30 minutes). Get off at Jollibee in the town proper.
  • From there, ride a tricycle to the resort (P100 special fare, 15 minutes).


Nauvoo Farm Resort in Pampanga

Here are the amenities you can enjoy at Nauvoo Farm Resort.

  • Swimming pools
  • Function hall and bar
  • Laundry facilities  
  • Free parking
  • Free wifi at common area
  • Kitchen facilities and BBQ grill free for overnight guests
  • Basketball, volleyball, badminton
  • PS3, XBox360 and WII Nintendo Game available at cost
  • Videoke available at cost
  • Sound system and lightings available at cost

There is no restaurant in the resort. However, you can bring your own food or ask the staff to prepare meals for you, to be delivered in your room or at the function hall if not in used. Breakfast costs P175 and lunch & dinner at P200 each.

For the rooms and villas, here’s what you can expect:

  • Complimentary coffee 
  • Bath soap, shampoo and conditioner provided
  • Bath and pool towels provided for overnight guests
  • Personal refrigerator in every room
  • LED TV and cable channels in every room
  • All rooms fully air conditioned

Other activities

From the resort, it’s possible to trek to Banal na Bundok, one of the tourist attractions in Pampanga. It is a pilgrimage site where you can find life-sized stations of the cross.


Nauvoo Farm Resort has very affordable rooms. Here are the current rates (updated as of April 2019):

  • Day tour – P200 / night tour – P250 per pax
  • Cabana (good for 15 pax) – P1000
  • Gazebo (good for 25 pax) – P1500

For overnight stays:

  • Rooms good for 4 pax – starts at P3800
  • Villas good for 12 pax – starts at P11400

There are special fees for pre-nup shoots and/or rental of function hall for events.

Book your stay here

You can contact Nauvoo Farm Resort via their official website or Facebook.

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Disclaimer: Thanks Sir Irving Nogoy of Nauvoo Farm Resort for hosting us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Nauvoo Farm Resort? What is your experience? Can you recommend other resorts in Pampanga?

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