Couple shot at HolidayLand buffet restaurant
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Holidayland Buffet Restaurant: Affordable All-Day Dining in Pampanga

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In our recent visit in Pampanga, Hali and I decided to checkout a local restaurant for Kapampangan dishes. As you know, Kapampangan is known for their delicious cuisine. We ended up having lunch at Holidayland Buffet Restaurant in San Fernando, which is one of the best buffet in Pampanga.

Our lunch at Holidayland

Holidayland is actually one of the oldest homegrown restaurants in Pampanga. Previously known as 168 Restaurant, it has been serving good food for over 30 years.

To be honest, Hali and I were completely unfamiliar with this buffet restaurant when we came to visit. We only know that it’s famous for its budget-friendly rates. At that time, it was P268 per person on weekdays / P288 on weekends.

Couple shot at HolidayLand buffet restaurant

The restaurant has airconditioned indoor spaces and additional outdoor dining. It has one main buffet table where you can find rice and main staples, including bringhe (a rice dish similar to paella), kare-kare, sisig, cripsy fried tawilis, balot ala pobre, fried freshwater fish paired with buro and leaves, mussels, and more.

Holidayland Buffet Restaurant in Pampanga
Holidayland serves local Kapampangan dishes.
Holidayland - lechon
Holidayland - mussels
Holidayland - balot ala pobre
Balot ala pobre.
Holidayland - fried fish with buro
Fried fish with buro.

There are also separate tables for salads and halo-halo, which you can make on your own.

Holidayland - santol
Santol in the salad bar.

The food here is good, and with their price rates, it is so sulit. I was surprised with the quality and taste because usually when you dine in budget buffet eateries, the food is just so-so. But the food here is worth it. In fact, Hali even had 2-3 plates for lunch.

My favorites here are the balot ala pobre and kare-kare. I also liked the crispy kangkong with creamy sauce. Hali liked sisig the most. I remember one of my Kapampangan friends because he was always saying how the original sisig in Pampanga is cooked without eggs. Anyway, we were happy with our choices that we even ignored the lechon. Haha.

I also liked how I discovered Kapampangan dishes that are new to me. I wasn’t familiar with the fried freshwater fish and had to ask a friend how it is eaten. Apparently, it is like samgyupsal where the fish is paired with buro and wrapped in leaves. I also saw a container of ensaladang santol that I wanted to try, since looking at it already made me drool, but I was already full at that time. Maybe I’ll have that for next time!

Hali and I also ordered their hot and cold tsokolate batirol — which were both good. It was my first time to try tsokolate batirol shake and it did  not disappoint. (These drinks are not part of the regular buffet price.) What a way to end a satisfying meal!

Holidayland - tsokolate batirol
Hot and cold tsokolate batirol.

Overall, we were very happy with our food at Holidayland Buffet Restaurant. There are other things that I liked: the restaurant was clean, the staff was helpful, and the food is immediately being refilled. One thing that I find frustrating even in high-end buffets is how sometimes refills can be slow, which thankfully isn’t the same here.

We’d happily go back here the next time we’re in San Fernando.

About Holidayland Buffet Restaurant

Holidayland Buffet Restaurant is located in Jose Abad Santos Avenue in San Fernando, Pampanga.

  • Open daily, from 10AM to 10PM
  • Rates are P268 on weekdays / P288 on weekends per person

A few tips before your visit:

  • The restaurant has ample parking spaces, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your car.
  • If you’re bringing a large group, you can make prior reservations. You can ask for a private room setup if you want privacy.
  • They offer promos occasionally, so make sure to follow them in Facebook.

Disclaimer: Thanks Holidayland Buffet Restaurant for the complimentary meal! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Holidayland Buffet Restaurant in Pampanga? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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