Cafe Maruja - one of the best eats in Boracay
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21+ BEST Restaurants in Boracay for an Unforgettable Food Trip

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Boracay is known for its gorgeous fine-sand beach and numerous outdoor activities like sailboarding, parasailing, and crystal kayak. But did you know that it also has a diverse culinary scene? You can find numerous dining options, from local restaurants offering fresh seafood to international flavors such as Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean, and more.

For those who plan on going on a Boracay food trip, here’s a list of the best restaurants in Boracay you need to try. We have included personal recommendations on the best Boracay restaurants we’ve visited.

1. Nalka Seafood Restaurant

Nalka Seafood Restaurant in Boracay
Hali and I at Nalka.

Nalka is one of our recommended restaurants in Boracay! It’s a great option for fresh seafood buffet. They also offer ala carte menu if you just want to sample the dishes.

The menu consists of fresh fish, oysters, shrimps, scallops, mussels, and more — all of which are cooked according to your liking. There are also dishes for beef, pork, and chicken. Finally, there are dessert options available so you can properly cap off your meal with something sweet.

Aside from the great seafood, Nalka also has a great location in Station 1. It is located along the beachfront and offers amazing sunset views! Make sure to reserve a table in the outdoor balcony so you can enjoy your feast while looking at the popular sunset of Boracay.

Location: Station 1 beachfront

2. Cafe Maruja

Cafe Maruja - one of the best eats in Boracay

Cafe Maruja is one of our favorite restaurants in Boracay. It’s pricy but the food is really delicious! You literally can’t go wrong with any order as they are healthy, delicious, and have we mentioned totally IG-worthy too?

The menu makes you feel like it’s summer all year round, and the beachfront views are as good as you can get in Station 3. This restaurant is famous for their beautiful and delicious-tasting smoothie bowls. They also serve buddha bowls, burgers, pizza, crepes and toasts. Options for drinks are plenty — you can choose among juices, fruit shakes, and coffee.

Cafe Maruja is also vegan and pescatarian friendly.

Location: Station 3 beachfront

3. Nagisa Boracay Cafe and Japanese Food

Nagisa Japanese Restaurant -in Boracay

Nagisa Boracay Cafe and Japanese Food is one of the hidden gems of Boracay. This restaurant is a little bit of walk from Station 2, but it serves some of the best Boracay food! It’s one of our personal favorites.

This open-air restaurant serves authentic Japanese fare at reasonable price points — in fact, it’s cheaper than most dining options in the island.

Enjoy fresh sashimi and sushi, rice meal favorites and bentos, noodles, and much more. Don’t forget to order their tuna or sashimi paccho, which is one of the best in the world. For drinks, you can try various fruit shakes, cocktails or beer, or a cup of hot coffee from their cafe.

Location: Station 3 beachfront

4. barLO

Ask anyone for a recommendation on where to eat in Boracay and you’ll likely to hear about barLO. barLO Resto Lounge is located within the Two Seasons Hotel. They are mostly famous for two dishes: the four-cheese pizza (which is made in a thin crust topped with mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, and blue cheese) and the sizzling oyster sisig.

This restaurant has an extensive menu, so feel free to order other Filipino favorites. Just make sure to visit during off-peak hours, otherwise you may have to wait to get inside!

Location: Station 1, Two Seasons Hotel

5. Los Indios Bravos

A list of the best restaurants in Boracay wouldn’t be complete without Los Indios Bravos. Its name refers to a group of Filipino writers and poets who fought for the freedom of the Filipinos during the Spanish Colonial Era. It is said to be the best gastro pub in the island, offering local craft beers on tap along with delicious pub food.

Location: Station 1

6. Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is one of the beloved homegrown cafes in Boracay Island. Established in 1996, this cafe grew to popularity because of their moist and delicious calamansi muffin. They also offer other pastries such as pancakes, sandwiches, toast with egg, and more.

Their menu consists of a variety of coffee options including iced drinks, perfect for the hot Boracay weather, and a variety of local and international tea variants.

Location: Station 2

7. Meze Wrap

Meze Wrap Boracay

Meze Wrap is ranked as one of the best affordable restaurants in Boracay, but don’t think your sacrificing quality by paying less. They serve Mediterranean dishes, prepared full of spices and flavor for you to enjoy every bite. They have wraps, kebabs with rice, pita and dips, and other rice meals. If you aren’t sure what to order, you can’t go wrong with a kebab set, grilled pork belly, and hummus or kofta and mozzarella dip.

Aside from the great food, Meze Wrap is also known for is gorgeous tropical aesthetic and open area overlooking the lake.

Location: Station 2 Main road

8. BunBun

From the same team that created Meze Wrap, BunBun is a cozy, affordable food joint offering different-flavored bao buns, skewers, and dumplings. For those who want a more filling option, they also have various rice meals and noodles. For the drinks, the lychee green tea with yakult is a crowd-pleaser.

BunBun offers rooftop dining ideal for couples or small groups. It’s recommended to go here at night when the restaurant turns into a snap-worthy corner filled with colorful and lit lanterns.

Location: Balabag Main Road

9. Sunny Side Cafe

Sunny Side Cafe in Boracay

Sunny Side Cafe is often cited as one of the best restaurants in Boracay, with two branches located at Stations 1 and 3.

It is an all-day breakfast, bakery, and coffee shop famous for their chori-burger, grilled cheese sandwich, and pulled pork eggs benedict. For breakfast or brunch, they have different-flavored pancakes such as the ube pancake and espress-caramel pancake. Of course, a visit won’t be complete without having a sip of their roasted local coffee.

To be honest, we think it is a bit overpriced. For instance, half an ube pancake costs around P350 but the taste is rather ordinary. However, many people love it — so let us know what you think of it!

Location: Station 1 and Station 3

10. SpiceBird

If you like peri-peri chicken, then you should visit SpiceBird in Station 2. This popular dining spot is famous for their own version of peri-peri sauce, which is used to flavor chicken, pork, and shrimp boards. They also have seafood such as scallops, sandwiches, and vegetarian options.

SpiceBird is one of the top-rated restaurants in Boracay. Hence, you may expect a line especially on peak hours.

Location: Station 2 D’Mall

11. Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant

Looking for a place to enjoy good food and cocktails while enjoying a nice beach view? Then head out to Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant, located at Diniwid Beach close to Station 1.

Dinibeach Bar and Restaurant has an extensive menu that consists of seafood, pasta, bar chow, and salads. Some of the recommended items in the menu are the fish and chips, tuna kinilaw on pita, grilled

Location: Diniwid Beach

12. VHub Dampa Seafood Grill and Restaurant

Want to enjoy a classic Boracay night out on a budget? VHub Dampa Seafood Grill and Restaurant serves various seafood, grilled dishes, and other mains for reasonable rates. They also have live band and fire dance performances — something that you shouldn’t miss in Boracay!

Location: Station 3

13. Little Taj

No need for a flight ticket to taste authentic Indian cuisine! Boracay has its own cool Indian restaurant. Little Taj is one of the newest restaurants in the island, serving traditional and modern Indian dishes including curry, tandoori, biryani, and kathi rolls. Some of the dishes worth trying are tikka masala and butter chicken, beef keema matar, and soups such as dal makhani and dal tadka.

Little Taj also has a bar where you can hang out late at night. The bar offers craft cocktails made with Indian elements. Not into alcoholic drinks? Then simply order a glass of classic lassi or masala chai.

Location: Station 2 D’Mall

14. Muchos

Muchos is an underrated restaurant in Boracay that you should definitely try. They serve Latin American dishes including Mexican street corn, gambas quinotto, and ceviche classico which is made from the day’s fresh catch. For the drinks, order a glass of margarita, tequila, or any of their signature cocktails.

Also, don’t miss out their Taco Tuesdays promo where you 2 street-style tacos for a discount!

Location: Station 1 beachfront

15. Conga’s Restaurant

Conga’s is a Thai restaurant tucked in a small road on the way to Bulabog Beach. Although their menu is relatively short, the quality of the food is superb. Some must-try food are the pad thai, beef springrolls, lemongrass chicken, and pomelo salad.

This restaurant has a second branch at Angol in Station 3, which also serves selected Moroccan dishes.

Location: Station 2 and Station 3

16. Nonie’s

Nonie’s philosophy is “Eat Good, Feel Good.” They serve some of the best Boracay food, made from locally sourced sustainable, organic, and natural sources. Some of their bestsellers include the Chicken Longganisa Grain Bowl and the Tuna Tataki Grain Bowl, Pork and Beans made with their signature pork belly, and Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl.

Gulp down these healthy goodness with a cold-pressed juice, fruit shake, or kombucha. Filipino-inspired cocktails are also available.

Location: Station X, Hue Hotels and Resorts

17. Dos Mestizos Boracay

Started a decade ago, Dos Mestizos Boracay is a popular restaurant in Boracay serving traditional Spanish dishes. Their food is complemented with Filipino flavors and other ingredients imported abroad. It is on the high-end side, but as its reviews show, it is worth visiting.

This restaurant offers tapas which come in 22 options, paella, and other crowd-favorites such as Lengua De Vaca, Cochinillo, and Pollo Al Aljillo.

Location: Station 1

18. Mosaic Latin American Grill

For upscale dining that serves delicious grills, head over to Mosaic Latin American Grill. This restaurant is one of the dining options in Crimson Resort and Spa in Station Zero. It features glass walls and a wooden slatted ceiling that mimics the waves of the sea. It’s also the venue for the resort’s Art on A Plate, an event where you can paint and enjoy plated dishes and wine.

For starters, try one of their versions of ceviche. For the mains, choose among tomahawk, T-bone, and wagyu cuts — all imported from other countries. They also have Peruvian-style iberico pork tenderloin and Chilean seabass. Different wine choices are available depending on your chosen dish.

Location: Station Zero, Crimson Resort and Spa

19. Blackfish Coffee Bar

Blackfish Coffee Bar is another hidden gem in Boracay. It’s a specialty coffee shop located in an alley in Station 1. With a rather secluded location and aesthetically pleasing, minimalist vibes, it’s a great place for quiet coffee time, away from the crowds of Boracay.

This coffee shop offers traditional coffee drinks and drinks infused with tropical flavors, such as Coffee Colada, Watermelon Coffee, and Isla Coffee.

Location: Station 1

20. Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe

Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe is the in-house restaurant of the Coast Boutique Hotel, offering cuisine from all over the world including Filipino, Malaysian, Mexican, and Mediterranean. Aside from this, they are mostly known for their breakfast buffest which is said to be one of the best buffet in Boracay.

Their menu is extensive and includes everything from their famous ube champorado to eggs, waffles, breakfast pizzas, home-made yogurt and hummus, oats, fresh fruits, and more.

Location: Station 2, Coast Boutique Hotel

21. Pares Hilton

If you’re looking for budget-friendly yet delicious food in Boracay, check out Pares Hilton in Station 1. Their most popular item is of course beef pares — a type of Filipino braised beef stew that is enjoyed from breakfast to late night.

Aside from pares, you will also find other local favorites including silog meals, tokwa’t baboy, pork sisig, and more.

Location: Station 2

22. Coco Mama

Coco Mama serves one of the most famous food in Boracay: coconut ice cream! This food stall is located in D’Mall Palengke and a favorite stop among shoppers in the area. The coconut offers a guilt-free experience as it is gluten-free, low-glycemic, and vegan.

The ice cream is served in a coconut shell and also makes for great snaps while you’re enjoying your vacation in Boracay.

Location: Station 2, D’Mall Palengke and Station X

Tips on how to enjoy the food in Boracay

Here are some valuable tips when it comes to food in Boracay

Are you on a budget? Boracay is known for its expensive price points, but it’s still possible to eat on a budget. You can find budget-friendly food joints (e.g., Andoks, BunBun, and Meze Wrap), fast food restaurants (Jollibee, McDonalds, Mang Inasal), and regular eateries along small roads. There are also cheap desserts like those offered by Coco Mama and Jonah’s Fruit Shakes.

Don’t know what to eat? Head to D’Mall, which is home to a number of restaurants and cafes. This is also where you can find D’Talipapa, a wet market where you can buy fresh seafood and other ingredients. Some prefer to take these home in their lodging for preparation and cooking, while most prefer to avail the “paluto service” (cooking service) of restaurants.

Want to see a fire dance? Fire dancing is a must-see show in Boracay. Although it is no longer allowed in the beachfront, you can still see fire dances in selected bars and lounges at night.

Do you have another restaurant to suggest in this list of best restaurants in Boracay, Philippines? Let us know in the comments section below!

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