Nalka Seafood Restaurant in Boracay
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Nalka Seafood Restaurant: Eat-All-You-Can Seafood Buffet in Boracay

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One of the must-do things in Boracay is eating seafood. As it was our first time here, Hali and I scoured online for the best seafood restaurants in Boracay and found Nalka Seafood Restaurant at the Muse Hotel. Nalka is an open-air beachfront restaurant in Station 1 offering fresh seafood buffet, which you can enjoy while looking at the gorgeous view outside.

The difference between Nalka and other regular buffets is you don’t need to line up in stations to get food. Instead, you will be given a menu and you can tell the server which ones to serve you.

Sunset dining at Nalka

Hali and I came at Nalka Seafood Restaurant around 5PM because we wanted to enjoy the sunset while eating. We chose a seat in the veranda in the second floor area. It was a little hot because of the sun but definitely worth staying there for the view. In my opinion, Nalka has one of the best spots in Boracay for dining.

Nalka Seafood Restaurant in Boracay
Hali and I at Nalka.
Sunset view at Nalka Seafood Restaurant in Boracay
Sunset view for 2.

Nalka serves different kinds of seafood, including oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, and fish. They also have chicken, pork, and beef. Appetizers and salads are also included in the menu. We aren’t sure which ones to get, so we just chose a few items and ask the staff for other recommended dishes.

The first dishes arrived after a few minutes; we barely had time taking photos of the view! Fast service is consistent throught our meal.

Our favorites are the rockefeller oysters, gambas and garlic butter shrimp (super good and something we’ll definitely order again), kinilaw and sinuglaw with pork, crispy sisig, and aklan adobo wings. The clam soup is also a great in-between dish.

If you like cheese, gratin oysters and mussels are must-tries. The gratin cheese is soft and gooey! We read that Nalka also serves good kare-kare and sinigang, but we were already too full to order them.

After the main meal, the staff approached us to offer desserts. I was too full, while Hali could still enjoy a glass of mango graham float.

Nalka - oysters
Gratin oysters.
Nalka - shrimp
Gambas shrimp.
Nalka - squid
Chili garlic squid.
Nalka - kinilaw
Nalka - aklan adobo wings
Aklan adobo wings.
Nalka - cheesy mussels
Cheesy mussels.
Nalka - clam soup
Clam soup.

So far, we liked most dishes that were served to us, and some like the gambas and garlic butter shrimps really stand out. Aside from the freshness and taste, another thing that we liked is that the serving of each dish is proportionate to how many you are in a group. The servings are not too big or too small — so you can taste a lot of their dishes or re-order the ones that you like.

We also liked its convenient location. After our dinner, we strolled along the shops in Station 2 before heading back to our hotel.

For P1299 per person, I feel that it’s a solid choice for a seafood buffet restaurant in Boracay. If you’re going to a restaurant with seafood paluto, I think you’ll spend more or less the same because of the cooking charges and there is less variety too.

Overall, Nalka is a great option for those looking for decent buffet restaurants in Boracay, as well as couples who want to dine in a romantic restaurant in the island.

Here’s a short video of our meal:

About Nalka Seafood Restaurant

Nalka is located at The Muse Hotel in Station 1, Boracay.

  • Opening hours: 12 noon to 8PM
  • Rate: P1299 per person
  • No leftovers / no take home

For reservations, you can contact them in their page: Facebook – Nalka Seafood Restaurant.

Disclaimer: Our meal was provided for free. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Nalka Seafood Restaurant in Boracay? What was your experience? Do you have other seafood restaurants to recommend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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