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21 BEST Resorts in Siargao for the ULTIMATE Island Life

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With tropical islands, big waves ideal for surfing, and scenic coconut farms, Siargao Island is definitely one of the best islands you can visit in the Philippines. Here we’ve compiled the best resorts in Siargao for the ultimate island life experience, including budget-friendly resorts to luxurious cottages and villas.

Travel Tip: Stay at or close to General Luna, one of the best spots for surfing and the tourist hub in the island. General Luna has numerous resorts, restaurants, and shops for your needs during your visit in Siargao.

1. Sandy Feet Siargao

Sandy Feet Siargao
(Photo by Sandy Feet Siargao)

This cozy yet luxurious beachfront resort offers a great location: it is built in a quiet property with a view of the 3 famous islands of Siargao (Guyam, Daku, and Naked Island) and is only a 10-minute ride to the surfing spots in General Luna. It’s a great option if you want to be in a more secluded resort but still have easy access to the best attractions in the island.

It has 5 villas you can choose from, from a single-bedroom villa to a family loft ideal for groups. Each booking comes with a complimentary breakfast, which you can enjoy in-room or at the gazebo outdoors. Lunch and dinner can also be provided upon request.

Other facilities include massage services, surf and paddleboard rentals, and motorbike rentals. Island tours can also be arranged at the resort.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

2. Kawili Resort and Hostel

Kawili Resort and Hostel
(Photo by Kawili Resort and Hostel)

Get the best value for your money at Kawili Resort and Hostel. This affordable beachfront resort offers comfortable accommodations, a swimming pool, a living room where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, and – best of all – it’s just a few minutes walk to the beach!

It has 5 cottages perfect for couples and small groups and a 12-bed dormitory ideal for solo travelers and backpackers.

This Siargao beach resort also offers massages, surfboard rentals, and motorbike rentals.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

3. Nay Palad Hideaway

Best resorts in Siargao - Nay Palad Hideaway
(Photo by Nay Palad Hideaway)

Considered by travel experts as one of the best Siargao beach resorts, Nay Palad Hideaway is a boutique resort ideal for those who want a luxurious (and Instagrammable) stay in Siargao. Nestled between ancient mangrove forests and a white-sand beach, it prides itself for what it calls “barefoot luxury.”

Stay in one of the villas featuring thatched roofs, glass walls, and canopy beds. Oh, and have mentioned the bathrooms? In 2022, Conde Nast also named Nay Palad Hideaway for having one of the most luxurious hotel bathrooms around the world. Each villa also has its own terrace with cushioned hammocks and sea views. For upgraded stays, book a villa with a private pool.

Resort facilities include a spa and fitness complex and an open-air restaurant that serves fusion Filipino-international food. There are also various activities to soothe the adventurous soul — island hopping, watersports, and games including soccer, cricket, badminton, petanque, and beach volleyball.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

4. Isla Cabana Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Isla Cabana Resort
(Photo by Isla Cabana Resort)
Best resorts in Siargao - Isla Cabana Resort
(Photo by Isla Cabana Resort)

Isla Cabana offers a stay of simplicity & luxury. It’s also a great choice for couples who are looking for a place with romantic ambiance. It features high-ceiling cabanas which allows fresh air to get in and suites with hot tubs.

Isla Cabana has an amazing white-sand beach front surrounded by coconut trees. Here you can swim and relax. Other facilities include an infinity pool, spa, kayak, beach bar, pool table, and fitness gym. Its restaurant and bar offers Asian and Western cuisine, as well as a wide selection of wines, liquors, and cocktails.

This Siargao resort is a 5-minute walk from other restaurants and bars and about a 10-minute ride to Cloud 9.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

5. Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa

Best resorts in Siargao - Siargao Bleu Resort
(Photo by Siargao Bleu Resort)

Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa is a luxury resort in Siargao ideal for those looking for comfortable accommodations, personalized butler service, and special seafood dining.

Facilities include a spa which offers different types of massage, a restaurant which serves seafood such as king crab and fish as well as local dishes, and a bar which houses the largest collection of alcohol in the island.

This Siargao resort is just a 5-minute walk to Cloud 9, one of the best surfing places in Siargao. Other activities may be arranged, including yoga, sunset zumba, water aerobics, diving class for beginners, movie nights, and swimming lessons.

For the ultimate luxury stay in Siargao, book your rooms at Siargao Bleu Resort and Spa.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

6. Club Tara Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Club Tara Resort
(Photo by Club Tara Resort)
Best resorts in Siargao - Club Tara Resort
(Photo by Club Tara Resort)

Though it is located in Socorro instead of Siargao Island, Club Tara Resort deserves a special consideration as it is close by and a stunning place that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re planning for a romantic escapade.

Club Tara Resort is surrounded by lush islets and features whitewashed cottages on stils over Sohoton Bay. Each room is equipped with modern amenities and has its own jacuzzi and lanai with bay views.

Facilities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, poolside bar, restaurant, garden, and meeting facilities. The resort also provides room service and airport transfers.

From Club Tara Resort, it’s only a 1-minute boat ride away from Sohoton Cove. From here, it’s also possible to go on an island hopping tour or get to the mainland to see the other attractions in Siargao.

Location: Bucas Grande Island, Socorro | Book discounted rooms

7. Bulan Villas

Bulan Villas Siargao
(Photo by Bulan Villas Siargao)

Beautiful native villas, Italian cuisine, an island life in comfort – can a vacation get any better than that offered by Bulan Villas?

Bulan Villas is a family-owned boutique resort located at the center of General Luna. It is close to restaurants and shops and 10 minutes by foot to the beach. It offers five villas built using native materials such as wood and nipa and cogon leaves for the thatched ceilings and roofs.

It also has a beautiful outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant that serves Filipino meals for breakfast, Italian pizza for dinner, and selected wines from Sicily.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

8. Bravo Beach Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Bravo Beach Resort
(Photo by Bravo Beach Resort)

Bravo Beach Resort is one of the nicest beach resorts you can find in Siargao. With wood ceilings and thatched roofs, the resort villas employ an attractive modern yet rustic design. Rooms are comfortable and well equipped. There’s an open-air restaurant that serves Spanish cuisine.

Bravo Beach Resort is also an ideal place to stay for surfers. It overlooks the Pesangan Reef and the Pacific Ocean, which means guests are free to paddle into waves whenever they want to or simply relax in the beach front. The resort offers surfing board rentals and surfing lessons for convenience.

Other activities include kite surfing, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

9. Buddha’s Surf Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Buddha's Surf Resort
(Photo by Buddha’ Surf Resort)

Buddha’s Surf Resort is a laid-back resort ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing, zen-like atmosphere. Rooms are made with native materials. The resort itself is built among a grove of palm trees and it’s a minute away from the ocean. It’s truly a place where you can relax.

As it’s located between General Luna and Cloud 9, Buddha’s Surf Resort is also an ideal place to start your journey around the island.

An in-house restaurant serves Thai cuisine.

For activities, the resort offers yoga classes upon request and acoustic night every Thursday featuring local musicians. It also offers standard activities, such as surfing, island hopping, land tours, and more.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

10. Reef Beach Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Reef Beach Resort
(Photo by Reef Beach Resort)

Reef Beach Resort offers high-standard rooms in competitive rates. It has previously won TripAdvisor’s Choice Awards and is a popular resort in Siargao especially for surfers. It’s close to the main surf breaks and it has its own swimming pool for use when it’s flat.

All rooms in Reef Beach Resort has airconditioning, fully furnished lounges with cable TV, and well-equipped kitchen so you can cook your own meals if you want. Other facilities include roof-top terraces with great views, a bar and restaurant with beachfront deck, a fitness gym, and (as mentioned above) a swimming pool.

This resort also offers rentals for guests who’d like to do activities or tour the islands, including: sports fishing/island hopping boat, motorcycles, and mountain bikes. Kayaks are available for use free of charge.

As its tagline says, “All you need in one place”, Reef Beach Resort provides all your basic needs during your stay in Siargao.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

11. Kalinaw Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Kalinaw Resort
(Photo by Kalinaw Resort)

“Kalinaw” means peaceful in the Visayan language. This is a peaceful & luxurious resort built by a European couple who have decided to move to Siargao Island. It has won a spot in Travel & Leisure’s 2011 greatest hotels and resorts list and consistently receives good feedback from guests.

Kalinaw Resort only has a handful of villas for guests, so you’re guaranteed a personalized service. Other facilities include a brackish-water infinity pool and pool bar, lounges, and restaurant that offers Filipino and South European cuisine.

This resort offers island tours, surfing, and other watersports. There’s also a golf course 10 minutes away from the resort which you can use. The resort also offers massage services to its guests.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

12. Pacifico Beach Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Pacifico Beach Resort
(Photo by Pacifico Beach Resort)
Best resorts in Siargao - Pacifico Beach Resort
(Photo by Pacifico Beach Resort)

One of the most underrated Siargao beach resorts, Pacifico Beach Resort is located at the northern part of Siargao. It faces the big waves in the island, also called the “Big Wish.” Pacifico Beach Resort is ideal for surfers and non-surfers alike.

This resort has a white-sand beach front. It offers island-vibe accommodations in very reasonable rates. You can choose among the garden house, beach house, and kubo hut. Other facilities included shared terraces where guests can relax in couches, hammocks areas, and a restaurant that offers local and western dishes.

Activities you can do here include watersports such as surfing, kite surfing, diving, or big game fishing. You can also rent a motorcycle to tour the vicinity and see the nearby villages, rice paddies, and small bays. You can also ask them for a customized tour. If you’re not out and about, you can enjoy the resort’s services including yoga sessions and massages.

Pacifico Beach Resort is an hour away from General Luna via tricycle ride.

Location: San Isidro

13. Bayud Boutique Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Bayud Beach Resort
(Photo by Bayud Beach Resort)
Best resorts in Siargao - Bayud Beach Resort
(Photo by Bayud Beach Resort)

Bayud Boutique Resort is a tranquil and laid-back beach resort, ideal for those who want to stay away from the party area. “Bayud” means wave, an appropriate name as the resort faces a white-sand beach.

Bayud Boutique Resort receives mostly positive reviews from its guests. It has rustic accommodations — including rooms, presidential suites, and villas. The resort also has a lot of IG-worthy corners and creative murals that depict the island life.

Facilities include a swimming pool and a restaurant that serves Filipino food.

As with other resorts in Siargao, Bayud Boutique Resort offers various types of activities: island hopping via a resident party boat, island tours, surfing lessons, and boodle feast which is exclusive to check-in guests.

Location: General Luna

14. Villa Maya Siargao Island

Best resorts in Siargao - Villa Maya
(Photo by Villa Maya)

Villa Maya offers a private home for you in Siargao Island. It sits on a 5-acre hill with amazing views and is located close to Cloud 9.

For overnight stay, you can choose among 5 different suites and rooms or rent out the whole complex for your exclusive use. Facilities include a 12-meter infinity pool, golf course, and bar and restaurant that serves international and middle Eastern cuisine.

Villa Maya offers the usual activities such as surfing and island tours. Those who’d like to see the other side of Siargao can avail of boat trips to islands such as Mammon and La Janosa and land tours to the northern part of Siargao where there are small villages, waterfalls, and white-sand beaches.

Villa Maya is ideal for families or groups who like to have a comfortable & luxurious home in Siargao.

Location: General Luna

15, Siargao Island Villas

Siargao Island Villas
(Photo by Siargao Island Villas)

Experience a care-free island life at Siargao Island Villas. This luxurious beach resort in Siargao offers Balinese-inspired villas fitted with contemporary comforts, a saltwater swimming pool that will let you enjoy a cool swim without harmful chemicals, and an Indonesian restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian as well as Filipno dishes.

This resort is a great place to enjoy the shores of Siargao with minimal noise and crowd. At the same time, it is accessible to the best surfing spots, restaurant, and night life spots.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

16, Romantic Beach Villas

Beach resorts in Siargao - Romantic Beach Villas
(Photo by Romantic Beach Villas)

Romantic Beach Villas isn’t just for couples –  it’s for every tourist who’s about to discover the beauty of Siargao Island.

This beachfront resort features an infinity pool that overlooks a white-sandy beach and another pool with jacuzzi. It has different accommodations you can choose from, including 14 native-style bungalows, 2 hotel-style rooms with ocean view terrace, and 2 standard rooms. It also has an in-house restaurant that serves Filipino and European cuisine.

Make your stay here more relaxing by availing of their on-site massage service. They also have rentals for surfboards and kayaks and can help arrange other seasonal activities such as scuba diving, kite surfing, wake boarding, and more.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

17. Harana Surf Resort

Best resorts in Siargao - Harana Surf Resort
(Photo by Harana Surf Resort)
Best resorts in Siargao - Harana Surf Resort
(Photo by Harana Surf Resort)

Harana Surf Resort is a modest resort with cozy and relaxing ambiance. It’s located in General Luna, which is a great spot for surfers. In fact, it faces a surf break called Tuason which is ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers. Harana Surf Resort offers beginner and advanced surfing lessons and it also offers guide to local surf breaks in the area. It also offers a one-week surf and yoga camp that aims to develop the body and spirit.

For those who support businesses with a cause, Harana Surf Resort usually organizes various outreach programs.

Accommodations in this resort include deluxe rooms, villas, and a dorm with bunk beds.

It also has an in-house gazebo-style bar and restaurant.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms here

18. Point 303 Cloud 9 Resort

Point 303 Cloud 9 Resort
(Photo by Point 303 Cloud 9 Resort)

Point 303 Cloud 9 Resort is a casual resort that offers standard rooms in reasonable rates. If you’re not looking for anything extra but would just like to have a standard room that’s close to the major happenings in Siargao, Point 303 is a good choice. It’s located in General Luna and is walking distance from Cloud 9, which is the most popular spot for surfing.

Facilities include a small bar, restaurant, souvenir shop, and modest swimming pool. It also has surf board rental and motorbike rental, if you want to go on a land tour by yourself.

This resort also offers the standard tours in Siargao Island.

Location: General Luna, Siargao Island | Book discounted rooms here

19. Ocean 101 Beach Resort

Ocean 101 Beach Resort
(Photo by (=Ocean 101 Beach Resort)

Ocean 101 Beach Resort is one of the best resorts you can stay at near General Luna. It’s affordable, close to surf breaks, and offers panoramic sea views. It’s also a great place for sunset viewing.

The resort features rooms, cottages, and villas decorated with Bali-inspired furnishings. The villas have sea views and whirlpool tubs.

It has an in-house restaurant that serves local and international cuisine. Across the resort, you can find a bar with a wide selection of drinks. It’s also near other strips of restaurants and commercial establishments in the area.

Activities include surfing, jungle tour, island hopping tour, and watersports such as windsurfing, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, and more.

Location: Cloud 9, General Luna | Book discounted rooms here

20. Patrick’s on the Beach

Best resorts in Siargao - Patrick's on the Beach
(Photo by Patrick’s on the Beach)
Best resorts in Siargao - Patrick's on the Beach
(Photo by Patrick’s on the Beach)

Patrick’s on the Beach is a secluded beach getaway in General Luna. It’s ideal for solo travelers, couples, and families who want a little quiet time in this island paradise. The resort is surrounded with trees and faces a pristine white-sand beach, which makes for a memorable island experience.

Another noteworthy thing about this resort is that it’s protected with a huge reef, which offers an all-year round break. It also overlooks the islands in Siargao (Daku, Guyam, Naked Island) and is as a convenient starting point for island hopping.

Patrick’s on the Beach offers different types of rooms, including a romantic beach tree house. It has an open-air restaurant that serves international cuisine and several private dining cabanas along the beach. Other facilities include 2 natural ocean swimming pools, conference facilities, and shops.

With its great location, amenities, and service, Patrick’s on the Beach is one of the most popular resorts in Siargao Island.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms here

21. Mad Monkey Siargao

Mad Monkey Siargao
(Photo by Mad Monkey Siargao)

Mad Monkey is a known hostel chain offering affordable, modern rooms where you can enjoy a fun stay along with other similar travelers.

This hostel offers dorm rooms with luggage storage and lock boxes, a swimming pool, and a tiki-themed bar and restaurant. They are only a 7-minute walk from the Cloud 9 for surfing.

They also hold Surfing Sundays and offers a Sugba Lagoon tour, island hopping tour, Shipwrecked Siargao boat party, and Filipino family dinner.

Location: General Luna | Book discounted rooms

Did you find this list of best resorts in Siargao helpful? Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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