Kat in Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort: Relaxing Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas

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Sabangan Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Laiya, Batangas. I stayed here in 2019, when the local tourism of San Juan invited me along with other bloggers to witness the Lambayok Festival. Here’s my experience & review of Sabangan Beach Resort!

My stay at Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort is a family-friendly resort located along the coastline of Laiya. It’s squeezed between two other famous resorts: Blue Coral and Aquatico. We almost missed the entrance to the resort, but good thing our driver was familiar with the area.

We stayed here on weekdays, so understandably there were only a few guests apart from us.

Kat in Sabangan Beach Resort
Welcome to Sabangan Beach Resort!

What you have to know about Sabangan Beach Resort is that it’s a more relaxing option compared to others in the area. There are activities too like watersports, but generally you’ll find it relatively quiet. It’s exactly my type of staycation, but if you’re someone who prefers mingling with other people it may come off as boring.

Sabangan Beach Resort in Batangas

They have a pavilion with a beachfront view. The beach is the same as others in this strip of Laiya, except there are less things like giant inflatables to obstruct your view. There are cottages where you can take a shade from the sun.

Sabangan Beach Resort - beachfront view
Lounges with beachfront view.
Sabangan Beach Resort - beachfront

We stayed in a 2-bed room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. I love it, especially the modern earth tones since it aligns with the ambiance of the resort. However, I was conscious of the window curtains — at night, your silhouette could still be seen from outside.

Sabangan Beach Resort - bedroom
Our bedroom.
Sabangan Beach Resort - bathroom

The pool was beautiful, though I didn’t see anyone using it during our stay. After covering the festival, I went here for a short dip. The full moon was visible, so I took some really nice photos. (I was alone so it took me a while to figure out the camera settings. It was really challenging to set up the camera and then jump in the pool. I had to congrats myself afterwards.)

Sabangan Beach Resort - pool
Pool area with kiddie section.
Kat in Sabangan Beach Resort
Pool at night.
Kat in pool area at Sabangan Beach Resort
Swimming under the full moon.
Kat in Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort has an in-house restaurant that offers Filipino cuisine. Usually, the room rates include full meals, including breakfast and buffet lunch & dinner. As I said, there weren’t a lot of guests during our stay, so the staff didn’t prepare a buffet. Instead, we were given set meals. I wasn’t complaining at all, since the food was good and the serving was generous — in fact, I was full and still had a lot of leftovers.

Sabangan Beach Resort - dinner
Dinner time!

The resort does have various beach activities to offer. Unfortunately, we were always outside during the day and it was not a part of our schedule so I don’t have anything to say on those.

My final thoughts

Overall, I had a really nice stay at the Sabangan Beach Resort. It’s great for me since I prefer a more laid-back resort.

The rates are on the expensive side, but if you avail of the package with the complete meals (including breakfast, buffet lunch & dinner) it might be more sulit. That saying, I can’t help but think that with that budget, you can already book a room with Aquatico Resort next door, which in itself is another level of luxury staycation.

Practical Info: Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort is a relaxing resort in Laiya, Batangas. It’s family-friendly and pet-friendly.

How to get to Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort is located in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. It’s about 3-3.5 hours away from Manila.

  • From Manila (Edsa, Cubao, Alabang), take a bus bound for San Juan. Fare is around P180-190.
  • From San Juan, take a jeepney or tricycle to Laiya. If taking a tricycle, let your driver know to drop you off at the resort.

Amenities and features

Here are the amenities you can find at Sabangan Beach Resort:

  • Playground
  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Swimming pool with kiddie section
  • Watersports (kayak, banana boat, jetski)
  • Boating.

Things to know before you go

  • There are no other stores or restaurants outside the resort. It’s better to order your meals at the in-house restaurant. There is also a small convenience store where you can buy ice cream, snacks, and necessities such as toiletries.
  • There is wifi signal. However, during my stay it was weak, so I had to use mobile data.
  • If you’re planning a stay in Batangas, don’t forget to check out our list of Best Beach Resorts in Batangas.


Here is the contact information for the Sabangan Beach Resort: Facebook | Book via Agoda

Have you been to Sabangan Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas? What was your experience? Do you have other recommended beaches in Laiya? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Louise Bonggo

    Thank you for this helpful review, Katherine! This served as my final “push” before booking our stay in Sabangan Beach for Christmas. ❤️ Have a blessed holiday season!

    ps. I so love the pool photos! As a Selenophile, the Full moon made me smile. ☺️

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