Asiong restaurant - pancit pusit

Asiong Restaurant, Cavite: Enjoy authentic Spanish-Filipino heirloom dishes

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Cavite is yet to be known for its dining options, and if you’re yet to start exploring its restaurant scene, we recommend checking out Asiong’s restaurant in Silang, Cavite.

Asiong Cavitenong Restaurant

Asiong’s is a local restaurant serving home-cooked Spanish-Filipino fare to Cavitenos. Built in the 1960s, it started as a small carinderia and is now a pride of the province of Cavite. It’s currently owned by Sonny Lua. This restaurant is my favorite among those we’ve visited in our 2-day Calabarzon food tour.

Ambiance and location

Asiong’s location is a bit “hidden”, but it’s worth the drive. The restaurant is airy & spacious.

Asiong restaurant in Cavite
Asiong restaurant.

There’s an alfresco garden area which is also open for dining. The ambiance is relaxing and invigorating, as you’re surrounded by greenery. (Some of the herbs here are actually for sale.)

Asiong restaurant in Cavite - alfresco dining area
Our table in the alfresco garden area.
Kat in Asiong Caviteno Restaurant

There’s also an ample parking space outside.

Spanish-Caviteno food

We had our breakfast here and we get to taste some of their dishes.

For starters, we had pan de troso (P160), which is a type of pandesal with rosemary and garlic. It came with quesillo (P290), which is kesong puti in olive oil and herbs. The bread smells so good that it’s hard not to take a bite, and the accompanying spread was light and fluffy. Aside from quesillo, you can also order the bread with longganisang Cavite or spam.

Asiong restaurant - pan de troso and quesillo
Pan de troso with quesillo.

For the mains, we had a rice plate of carioca (P260), which refers to a dish of ground pork, carrots and egg. It’s interesting that their carioca refers to a different type of food from that we know in Manila (a sticky sweet). The carioca was good and the banana slices are sufficiently sweet with just the right crisp. We also had longganisang Cavite and bakalaw (shredded codfish).

Asiong restaurant - carioca
Carioca rice plate.
Asiong restaurant - longganisang Cavite
Longganisang Cavite.
Asiong restaurant - bakalaw

We also had fresh pako with homemade vinaigrette (P270). This pako salad is the best I’ve had as of yet. The vegetable tastes fresh, and it goes well with vinaigrette and bits of light cheese on top. It actually feels social, considering that pako salad is quite common.

Asiong restaurant - fresh pako salad
Fresh pako salad with vinaigrette.

For dessert, we had sapin-sapin (P250). The typical sapin-sapin is composed of different layers of sticky rice which has different colors but same taste. In contrast, Asiong’s sapin-sapin includes unique flavors: ube, langka and buko. It’s topped with a sweet caramel sauce. I love it.

Asiong restaurant - sapin-sapin

For drinks, we had Pahimis Blend coffee (P80), a blend of different types of coffee: excelsa, arabica, robusta and liberica, and cucumber-kale juice. I’m not a fan of cucumber juice because I don’t like the texture, but I like this one and it’s very refreshing. (I kept thinking about Hali because cucumber juice is his favorite, although unfortunately he wasn’t with me in the food tour.)

After our breakfast, Asiong’s owner Sonny Lua graced us with a cooking demonstration of pancit pusit (P380). Pancit pusit is one of Asiong’s bestsellers. I like that you can actually taste the squid flavor in the noodles (unlike some dishes which retains the color, but not the taste), and it’s just right and not overpowering. The pancit is topped with vegetables and chicharon. Make sure to wash your mouth afterwards because the sauce will stick to your teeth!

Asiong restaurant - pancit pusit
Pancit pusit.

Overall, I’m impressed and more than satisfied with the food we ate in Asiong’s. I’d like to bring my family over here in the future too!

About Asiong Caviteno Restaurant

How to get here

Address: Buenavista Street, Bucal, Silang, Cavite

  • From Manila, board a bus to Tagaytay and get off at Gov. Camerino Drive (before Phoenix gas station).
  • Cross to the other side of the road. Ride a tricycle to Asiong’s (P45 per ride).

Other details

Opening hours: 8AM to 9PM. Reservation is recommended especially on weekends.

Suggested budget: P800 for 2 people

Contact: Facebook

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Have you tried dining at Asiong’s restaurant in Cavite? How was your food experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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