Where to eat in Tabaco City, Albay

Cafe Molave - bread and pasta
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Wondering where to eat in Tabaco City, Albay? Here’s our list of the best restaurants in Tabaco City!

Cafe Molave

Cafe Molave is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, with an intimate and charming interior featuring rich wood tones. Inside you can find souvenirs and handcrafted items on display.

Cafe Molave is owned by Wolfgang Jimmy Gersbach and Ness Basco. It serves delicious European and Filipino food.

Must-try’s include spanish sardines with sundried tomato pasta and breaded pork steak sandwich. For the drinks, they have refreshing cucumber juice or, if you prefer a hot drink, a mug of warm spiced mayon mocha.

For desserts, I recommend the german fruit cake (my favorite) and calamansi cheesecake with pili nut cookie crust.

Cafe Molave - bread and pasta
Spanish sardines with sundried tomato pasta and breaded pork steak sandwich.
Cafe Molave - german fruitcake
German fruitcake.
Cafe Molave - calamansi cheesecake
Calamansi cheesecake.

Aside from dining here, you can also buy one of their locally handcrafted bags and other products. These are a pride of Tabaco City — beautiful and export quality.

Cafe Molave in Tabaco City
Love this hand-crafted bag.

Contact: Cafe Molave – Facebook
Opening hours: Daily – 10AM to 9PM

Singapo Lah Cafe

Singapo Lah Cafe offers Singaporean dishes. In fact, it’s the first Singaporean restaurant in Albay. The cafe itself is small with interesting murals about Singapore.

Some of their must-try dishes include kaya toast, nasi lemak and nasi burger, bak chor mee (a noodle dish served dry or with soup), salted-egg carbonara, and salted-egg or sambal fries. For the drinks, you can try teh tarik and various types of kopi.

It’s difficult to choose favorites because we like most of the dishes served in Singapo Lah. But if pressed, it would be nasi lemak (which is a classic dish you should definitely try at least once), kaya toast with kopi (it made me nostalgic of my stay in Malaysia, which has similar foods to Singapore), and sambal fries (delicious although spicier than most Filipinos prefer).

Read about our feature on Singapo Lah Cafe here.

Singapo Lah Cafe - nasi lemak
Nasi lemak.
Singapo Lah Cafe - nasi burger
Nasi burger.
Singapo Lah Cafe - bak chor mee
Bak chor mee.
Singapo Lah Cafe - kaya toast
Kaya toast.

Contact: Singapo Lah – Facebook
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday – 7AM to 8PM

Ishiaya Garden Bistro

Ishiaya Garden Bistro is a Japanese restaurant located in the town center of Tabaco City. It has a nice (and definitely Instagrammable) Japanese-inspired interior, with artistic paintings and a sakura tree. You can choose to eat in a chabudai and seat on a mat or select a traditional table setup with chairs.

Ishiaya Garden Bistro in Tabaco City
Table setup.

Ishiaya Garden Bistro in Tabaco City

Ishiaya Garden Bistro has an extensive menu consisting of Japanese and Filipino fusion cuisine. Must-try’s are their sushi plates, nayoka salad (their own version of pako salad), and fresh sashimi. They have the best salmon sashimi I’ve had — and this is coming from someone who normally don’t like the taste or texture of sashimi. They also offer various types of drinks, such as seasonal fruit shakes.

For dessert, don’t miss out on their signature Ishiaya crepe ala mode, which contains banana slices and is topped with ice cream.

Ishiaya Garden Bistro - sushi platter
Sushi platter.
Ishiaya Garden Bistro - salmon sashimi
Salmon sashimi.
Ishiaya Garden Bistro - nayoka salad
Nayoka salad.
Ishiaya Garden Bistro - crepe dessert
Ishiaya crepe ala mode.

Contact: Ishiaya Garden Bistro – Facebook
Opening hours: Daily – 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 9PM (up to 10PM on weekends)

Ishiaya Grey’s Cafe

Ishiaya Grey’s Cafe is established by the same owners of Ishiaya Garden Bistro. This is a quaint two-story cafe which serves different types of drinks and a few food items.

While here, don’t forget to try out at least one of their pasta dishes: carbonara, chicken pesto pasta, or adobo flakes. They also have nachos which comes with a delicious creamy sauce, a snack platter which includes finger food, and sandwiches that are cut into little pieces for an easy bite.

For the drinks, I recommend the creamy snow cheese milk tea with popping pearls or blue lemonade with cucumber yogurt. For something hot, you can’t go wrong with either wasabi latte or signature latte.

During our stay in Tabaco City, we tried a few cafes and this is certainly one of the best. The food is delicious, prices are reasonable, and the space is cute (although a bit cramped). My favorites here would be the adobo flakes pasta, nachos, cheese sticks (served in the snack platter), and wasabi latte. As far as I know, this is the only place that serves wasabi latte so don’t miss out the opportunity to taste this one on your visit.

Ishiaya Grey's Cafe - pasta
Different pasta plates.
Ishiaya Grey's Cafe - nachos
Ishiaya Grey's Cafe - wasabi latte
Wasabi latte.

Contact: Ishiaya Grey’s Cafe – Facebook

Blinkx Samgyeopsal Korean BBQ and Hotpot

Blinkx is a newly opened Korean restaurant offering unlimited samgyupsal and shabu-shabu. It’s located on the rooftop of Hotel 808, which gives it a great ambiance and a good view of Mayon Volcano in the mornings. It’s also open air, so the smoke from grilling meat isn’t a problem.

Blinkx samgyupsal and shabu-shabu
Rooftop restaurant.

Offerings in Blinkx include different types of pork, beef, and chicken for the samgyupsal grill. They also have a hotpot with beef and chicken soup where you can put in various types of wontons, dumplings, and tofu, as well as vegetables.

They also offer ready-made dishes such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and desserts such as kakanin and marshmallows.

With its great ambiance, good food, and reasonable rates (P299 on Mon-Thu and P499 on Fri-Sun), Blinkx is definitely one of the must-try restaurants in Tabaco City.

Blinkx samgyupsal and shabu-shabu
Spicy meat.
Blinkx samgyupsal and shabu-shabu
Samgyupsal with egg.

Contact: Blinkx Samgeyopsal Korean BBQ and Hotpot – Facebook


Captivitea is a local cafe in Tabaco City, which offers various types of milk teas and coffees. Some of their best items include wintermelon milk tea (bestseller), kitkat milk tea, and orea strawberry rock salt cheese.

Captivitea is located at same building as Blinkx and the owners are the same. Hence, if you dine in at Blinkx, you can still order drinks from Captivitea and the staff will give it you. Isn’t that neat? (Samgyupsal x milk tea is the dream!)

Captivitea in Tabaco City
Captivitea - milk teas
Milk teas.

Contact: Captivitea – Facebook

Amore Coffee Shop

Amore Coffee Shop is a small yet cozy coffee shop in Tayhi, Tabaco City. One thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting here is the laing pizza. Laing is a staple food in Bicol and it’s refreshing to see this used in a pastry rather than as a typical ulam. For the drinks, I recommend their irish coffee.

Amore Coffee Shop - laing pizza
Laing pizza.
Amore Coffee Shop - irish coffee and dessert
Irish coffee and dessert.

Contact: Amore Coffee Shop – Facebook

Cuppa Delights

Cuppa Delights is a stall offering milk teas, soft served milk teas, frappes, and mango shakes (called mango obsession). Their bestseller is the soft-served milk tea, a sweet concoction topped with chewy pearls. It’s perfect for summer and hot days.

Cuppa Delights has very reasonable menu prices: milk teas are P75 (tall) and P90 (grande) and soft-served ice creams are P55-60 (tall) and P65-70 (grande). No wonder this is a favorite tea stop in Tabaco City!

Cuppa Delights is located at the 2nd floor of LCC City Square.

Cuppa Delights - ice cream
Soft-served milk tea with pearls.
Cuppa Delights - mango shakes
Fresh mango shakes.

Contact: Cuppa Delights – Facebook


DJC serves typical rice meals, but what they’re really famous for is their halo-halo. Their halo-halo is topped with generous dollops of ube halaya, leche flan, and grated cheese. The cheese gives it a mix of sweet-salty flavor.

DJC halo-halo

You can find DJC in the town center. There’s also a bigger branch in Tiwi.


What other restaurants, cafes and food stalls would you recommend in Tabaco City? Let us know in the comments below!


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