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23 BEST Albay Tourist Spots + Things to Do

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Are you looking for an adventure-filled vacation? Look no further than Albay, Philippines. This beautiful province is located in the Bicol region and is known for its stunning landscapes, delicious food, and warm hospitality. We think that Albay is one of those provinces you won’t feel tired visiting again and again! Aside from its nature attractions, it also hosts a number of hotels, resorts, and campsites, some offering a view of the Mayon Volcano.

The capital of Albay Province is Legazpi City and here you can visit a number of nature, cultural, and historic attractions. Further towns also have their own charm and offer various adventures, such as island hopping, caving, and more.

If you’re wondering what to do in Albay, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll guide you to the best Albay tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Mayon Volcano

Kat in Mayon ATV ride

Mayon Volcano is undoubtedly one of the most famous Albay Province tourist spots. This active volcano is known for its perfectly symmetrical cone shape and is considered one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. The volcano is often shrouded in clouds and it is often said that those who are able to see it in entirety are lucky!

Currently, due to its active volcanic activity, hiking the volcano isn’t allowed. However, you can still enjoy the view of Mayon Volcano from different view points in Albay. Better yet, go on a Mayon ATV ride for a thrilling adventure and get close to the base of the volcano.

2. Cagsawa Ruins

A trip to Albay isn’t complete without visiting Cagsawa Ruins, the remnants of an eruption of Mayon Volcano in the past. Located in Daraga, this former Franciscan church was built in 1587 but was buried by the volcano’s eruption in 1814. Today, the surviving belfry has become a landmark and tells a story of resilience amidst catastrophe.

This spot offers a unique backdrop for photos, blending history and natural beauty with Mayon Volcano often visible in clear weather. Don’t miss out on the local handicrafts sold by vendors surrounding the site, as well as Bicol delicacies such as sili ice cream, pili, and more.

3. Daraga Church

An architectural marvel with historical significance, Daraga Church (formally known as the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria) is one of the most iconic Albay tourist spots.

Built on top of a hill in the 18th century by Franciscan missionaries, the church offers a panoramic view of the Mayon Volcano. The church’s façade is an exquisite showcase of intricate stone carvings and elaborate baroque architecture. Inside, visitors are greeted by a calming ambiance, beautiful religious art, and stunning stained glass windows.

Daraga Church was declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Historical Institute in 2007. This church is not just a place of worship, but also a testament to Albay’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

4. Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard is another must-visit tourist attraction in Albay Province. This incredibly picturesque coastal road offers breathtaking views of the Albay gulf, set against the majestic backdrop of the Mayon Volcano.

Stretching over 2.2 kilometers, the boulevard is a favorite spot among locals for leisurely strolls, early morning jogs, or a chill evening hangout with its vibrant local food scene. But that’s not all — this bustling strip is also a hub of activity, hosting several events and festivals throughout the year.

Visit Legazpi Boulevard to see its stunning vistas and an opportunity to mingle with the locals.

5. Sumlang Lake

Balsa ride in Sumlang Lake

Located in the town of Camalig, Sumlang Lake is a peaceful and picturesque spot that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. It’s also one of the best view points of Mayon Volcano!

Its man-made lake offers a relaxed setting for leisure activities like fishing and boating. You can also explore the area by bike or kick back, enjoy a picnic by the shore, or visit one of the many stalls around the lake where you can learn traditional weaving, cooking laing, and other industries in Albay.

Don’t miss out on the on-site restaurant offering Bicolano dishes and snacks and a souvenir shop where you can buy clothes, bags, and other woven products.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a quick adventure, Sumlang Lake should definitely be on your Albay itinerary.

6. Quitinday Hills

Quitinday Hills - one of the best attractions in Albay Province
Quitinday Hills.

For nature lovers, the Quitinday Hills is a must-visit destination in Albay. This exhilarating tourist spot is comprised of numerous rolling hills, mirroring the iconic Chocolate Hills of Bohol, and offers a stunning view of Mayon Volcano.

Traversing to one of the hills is easy as it only takes half an hour, with the reward of breathtaking panoramic views and picture-perfect moments at the summit. The best time to go here is before sunrise or before sunset for the views.

7. Cagraray Eco-Energy Park

Cagraray Eco-Energy Park is one of the most popular Bacacay Albay tourist spots. Spanning 110 hectares, it is the first ecological park in Albay Province, ideal for those who are looking for a blend of adventure and relaxation.

The eco-park’s centerpiece is the amphitheater, a majestic structure inspired by the grandeur of Roman architecture, with the view of the ocean at the background. There is also a chapel that you can visit.

Prior to the pandemic, the eco-park also offers various activities such as wall climbing, rappelling, ziplining, horseback riding, and more. However, as of this writing (October 2023) these activities have not resumed yet. That saying, you can still visit the park for photos.

8. Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Next on our list of the best Albay tourist spots to visit is Ligñon Hill Nature Park. Situated in Legazpi City, this pristine park offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Mayon Volcano and the surrounding area. The park is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring activities such as ziplining, hiking, and even a Japanese tunnel dating back to World War II for history buffs. Its peak provides a remarkable viewpoint for sunrise and sunset, making it an essential stop for photographers and nature lovers alike.

To get here, you need to trek for about 15 minutes to reach the summit where the park is located.

9. Vera Falls

Immersed in the heart of Malinao’s verdant wilderness, Vera Falls is a hidden gem among Albay’s tourist spots. Standing 25 meters in high, this waterfall has a cool, refreshing basin perfect for swimming and a lush surrounding that will make you feel relaxed.

This waterfall is also easily accessible, although it is not advisable for the elderly due to the boulder surrounding it. From the parking lot, it takes a short walk to reach the waterfall. There are small stores near the area, as well as homestays where you can stay overnight.

Vera Falls is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. A visit to this natural sanctuary provides a revitalizing experience that you simply can’t miss when you’re in Albay.

10. Mayon Skyline View Deck

Sky signage near Mayon Planetarium
Sky signage going to Mayon Planetarium.

Situated in the charming town of Tabaco City over an hour’s drive away from Legazpi City is the Mayon Skyline View Deck — one of the best viewing spots on Mayon Volcano and the closest you can go to the volcano in a car.

Perched high on the slop of the majestic mountain, the Mayon Skyline View Deck enchants visitors with its breathtaking panorama of Albay’s skyline, the captivating Mayon Volcano herself, and surrounding lush forestry. On clear days, you can gaze upon the perfect cone shape of Mayon, a sight that leaves everyone in a state of awe. More than just the view, the location also houses a mini-museum, a planetarium, and a park, offering visitors a blend of natural beauty and educational information.

11. Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Underground River - one of the best Albay Province  tourist spots
Jovellar Underground River.

Venturing off the beaten track will lead you to another of Albay’s hidden gems — the Jovellar Underground River.

The best way to explore the Jovellar Underground River is to take a balsa ride to the 180-meter-long cave to appreciate the beautiful teal-colored water and the natural stalactites, stalagmites, and other rock formations inside. The balsa’s route ends in a spot with smaller waterfalls where you can swim and even cliff jump.

The community managing the Jovellar Underground River takes care of this nature spot in Albay, hence the clear, refreshing water inside. It’s a testament not only to the diversity of the tourist spots in Albay but also to the sustainability efforts of the town.

12. Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

One of the most popular Albay Province tourist spots, Hoyop Hoyopan Cave is a multi-level cavern adorned with stalactite and stalagmite formations. Its name, derived from the Filipino word “hoyop” or “blow-blow,” vividly describes the cool breeze that sweeps through the cave’s chambers.

This cave has interesting history. It is said to be around as early as 3,000 B.C. to 4,000 B.C. It became a refuge during the Japanese war and is now a popular spot for tourists seeking a glimpse of prehistoric art and fossilized seashells. You can take a 30-minute guided tour inside the cave to learn all about it. Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave promises a fascinating journey back in time and an enchanting exploration of Albay’s underground splendor.

13. Solong Eco-Park

Located in the serene town of Camalig, Solong Eco-Park is another gem that adds to the charm of Albay. This park is known for its outdoor activities, namely, trekking, caving to explore the Crystal Cave (also referred to as Solong Cave), and picture taking with the famous hills of Camalig at the backdrop. Even though it is a nature park, this Albay tourist attraction is ideal for all ages.

If you’re looking for a tranquil spot to reconnect with nature, Solong Eco-Park is an ideal destination in your Albay expedition.

14. Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park

Kawa Kawa Natural Park - one of the best Albay tourist spots
Kawa Kawa Natural Park.

Taking its name from its unique cauldron-like shape, Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park in Ligao City is another gem in the diverse array of Albay Province tourist spots.

This 236-meter high hill is not just a sight to behold but also a spiritual pilgrimage site, featuring larger-than-life statues depicting the Stations of the Cross. Walk on its 500-meter pathway, leading to the hill’s crater, referred to as “nature’s amphitheater.” From the top, the panoramic view of the surrounding towns and the stunning sunset are a sight to remember.

Due to its unique topography, it’s also a favorite spot for adventure seekers, housing activities like bike zip lines and rappelling.

Whether you’re in search of a spiritual journey, an adventurous escapade, or simply a moment of tranquility, Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park delivers an experience worth your visit.

15. Quitinan Hills

Quitinan Hills is another hidden gem that you shouldn’t miss. Located in Camalig, it is one of the best places to view Mount Mayon. Come here early in the morning or during sunset for spectacular photos of the volcano, along with the vast green field and free-ranging horses and sheep. For those who want to stay a bit longer, there are also activities you can do here including horseback riding.

This site is also open for overnight camping. Open cottages and patios are available for day trippers. The farm has basic amenities, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

16. Muladbucad White Beach

If you’re craving for a day in the beach, chances are you’ll be planning a trip to Misibis Bay or perhaps to the neighboring province of Sorsogon. But Albay also has its share of white-sand beaches, one of which is Muladbucad White Beach.

Located in the town of Manito about an hour away from Legazpi City, this beach is a favorite among locals since it is easily accessible by car, not to mention its dazzling white sand and clear water. Enjoy the salty water, soak up the sun, and appreciate the starfishes that garnered its name as a starfish sanctuary.

If you wish to stay overnight, there is a nearby resort that offers affordable nipa-style rooms.

17. Lake Danao Natural Park

Lake Danao Natural Park is one of the underrated attractions in Albay. Nestled in the town of Polangui, it features a small crater lake and a renowned fishing ground. It’s home to sinarapan (rare tabios), the world’s smallest fish, as well as various flora and fauna.

To get here, you need to trek for 30 minutes across carabao trails and abaca plantations. Amidst the lush greenery, the lake offers a tranquil retreat for visitors.

18. Palipasan Beach

There’s no need to take a flight to Hawaii when you can find black-sand beaches here in the Philippines! Because of the presence of Mayon Volcano, you can find a handful of black-sand beaches in Albay, the longest of which is Palipasan Beach in Sto. Domingo.

Palipasan Beach features a black-sand shore, which is caused by the natural erosion of volcanic rock over a long time. The black sands, along with the clear ocean and lush surrounding, creates a wonderful sight to behold. This beach is a great place for swimming and skateboarding, with a few resorts catering to overnight guests.

19. Albay Farmers Bounty Village

Albay Farmers Bounty Village is one of the most underrated Albay Province tourist spots. This 15-hectacre agricultural complex provides training to local farmers. It is also open to visitors who are interested in farming practices and products.

Here you can go on an educational tour around the facilities, visit the Bee Farm home to stingless bees, and take pictures in the sunflower maze. You can also buy organic health and wellness products to take home.

20. Island hopping

Vanishing Island in Malilipot, Albay
Vanishing Island.

Most of the established tourist spots in Albay are land attractions — a lot of people don’t know that this province also offers its own island hopping adventure! There are different jump-off points for the island hop including the port in Tabaco City, where you can take a whole day visiting various islets and coves.

These include the Vanishing Island, which is only visible during low tide; Pinamuntogan Island; Maliktay; Guinanayan Island; and San Miguel Island. Don’t forget to bring a sunscreen as you enjoy the white-sand shores of the islands and of course a camera to take snaps of the Mayon Volcano while you’re on the boat!

21. Visit unspoiled beaches in Rapu-Rapu

The coastal town of Rapu-Rapu is one of the hidden gems in Albay. It isn’t as commercialized as other island destinations yet, so it’s ideal for those who want to enjoy a relaxing getaway and discover new places.

Rapu-Rapu is composed of three islands: Rapu-Rapu Island, Batan Island, and Guinanayan Island. Charter a boat to explore the pristine, white-sand beaches in Rapu-Rapu Island, snorkel and dive at Guinanayan Island, and explore caves and waterfalls in Batan Island. There are so many things you can do here, so make sure to allot a few days to explore the town!

22. Sample Bicolano cuisine

How to make pinangat
Pinangat – a Bicol delicacy.

Whether you’re on a day trip or a multi-day tour around the province, one of the best things to do in Albay that you shouldn’t miss is to try Bicolano food!

Bicolano cuisine is known for its unique blend of spices, coconut milk, and other local ingredients. Some of the popular dishes here include bicol express, a delightful stew of pork, shrimp paste, and chili simmered in coconut milk; pinangat, made from dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk; and for dessert, pili nuts and sili ice cream.

Visiting Albay isn’t just a feast for the eyes but a culinary journey that will satisfy your taste buds.

23. Staycation at Misibis Bay

Misibis Bay Beach Resort
(Photo by Misibis Bay Beach Resort)

One of the best things to do in Albay is book a staycation at Misibis Bay. Located in Bacacay, this resort offers a luxurious getaway with its stunning views of the ocean and boasts multiple amenities such as a spa, water sports activities, and fine dining restaurants.

You can also take a day trip to nearby islands and explore the pristine beaches and coral reefs. Adventure seekers are also catered for with options like jet-skiing, wind surfing, and ATV rides.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil beachfront retreat, a family getaway, or a fun-filled vacation, Misibis Bay Resort is a must-visit spot in your Albay itinerary.

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How to get from Manila to Albay

Traveling from Manila to Albay is both convenient and straightforward, with various travel options available to suit different preferences.

By air: The quickest way to reach Albay is by plane. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia all operate daily flights from Manila to Legazpi City, Albay’s capital. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour.

By land: Several bus companies offer daily routes from Manila to Albay, such as DLTB Co. and Penafrancia Tours (bus stations located at PITX, Alabang, Cubao). The bus journey takes around 9 -12 hours, depending on the traffic and weather conditions.

For a more flexible and personalized trip, you may also opt to drive from Manila to Albay. The drive takes approximately 10 hours via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway. Remember to prepare for toll fees and ensure your vehicle is in good condition for the long drive.

How to get around Albay

The easiest way to visit the tourist spots in Albay is to charter a private car or book a packaged tour. Alternatively, you can also take public transport such as jeepneys and tricycles. If hailing taxis or tricycles for private rides, make sure to ask and/or negotiate for the price first to avoid excessive fees.

Where to stay in Albay

The capital of Albay Province is Legazpi City, so it is a good starting point for exploring the province. It’s also convenient as it is home to various commercial establishments, such as shopping, restaurants and bars, and more.

For those who prefer to stay in the beach, Bacacay is home to several beach resorts including the famous Misibis Bay Beach Resort:

Here are the best Albay resorts and hotels:

There is a reason that Albay is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. It’s a magical place pulsating with natural beauty, rich culture, and hidden gems that await your discovery. It’s also accessible via air and land and is connected to several provinces, such as Sorsogon, Camarines Sur, and Camarines Norte.

From the breathtaking Mayon Volcano to the natural parks, beaches, and falls, Albay paints a vibrant narrative of an authentic Filipino experience. While these Albay Province tourist spots are indeed stunning, they are but a peek into what awaits you in Albay.

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