Kambal Busay Falls in Zoe's Resort, Sorsogon
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Chasing Waterfalls in Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park (Sorsogon)

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Just when I thought I’d already seen what’s there to see in Sorsogon, I found out there’s a new attraction to discover. Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park is an eco-tourism site in Bulusan offering natural sights (including 3 waterfalls), outdoor activities for adventure-seekers, and laid-back facilities for visiting families and children.

I visited this place in the summer of 2022, with other bloggers during the Exciting Bicol Trip organized by the Tourism Promotion’s Board. It was part of our itinerary in Bulusan.

Our visit to Zoe’s Resort

Our van drove across a long rough road before getting to the inside of Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park. Then our group met local guides, who explained to us what to expect on our visit. There are 3 waterfalls in the resort (Kambal Busay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls), and we would be visiting the first two.

From the main area, a 160-step rocky staircase leads down to Kambal Busay Falls. The climb down was easy, although I was still careful because of the uneven steps. I was greeted by a beautiful waterfall — about 30 feet high, the water flowing down against boulders at the bottom. There isn’t a clean basin to swim in, but you can still enjoy the cool water as long as watch your steps. There is also a rope that you can hold onto so you can stand directly under the falls.

Kambal Busay Falls in Zoe's Resort, Sorsogon
Kambal Busay Falls.
Kambal Busay Falls in Sorsogon
Kambal Busay Falls.

I was honestly surprised that I didn’t hear about this before. I’m guessing it will be a popular tourist spot in Sorsogon soon enough. It can easily rival other more famous ones like Kawasan Falls in Cebu.

None of us wore swimming attires, so we just stayed long enough to appreciate the waterfall and took pictures. Then we went to the next nearby waterfall, the Hidden Falls.

Kambal Busay Falls in Zoe's Resort, Sorsogon

From Kambal Busay Falls, it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach Hidden Falls. The trail is somewhat easy, but it’s still helpful to have a guide because of the slippery rocks and boulders. We simply followed the water trail in the canyon. At the end of it, there is a short set of bamboo stairs to a huge boulder, where visitors can take a peek of the waterfall.

Trail to Hidden Falls in Zoe's Resort
Trail to Hidden Falls.

The Hidden Falls is small and literally hidden inside a cave-like entrance. The fall’s current is strong and pools in what looks like a deep basin.

Hidden Falls in Zoe's Resort, Sorsogon
Hidden Falls.

I was part of the last group to reach Hidden Falls, which was a blessing because the place is too small to accommodate a large group. I stood in line to get to the picture-taking spot. I asked the local guide to take pictures using my phone, and even though he was kind enough to do so, the pictures were all blurry. I asked another person to do it instead. I suggest double-checking your photos if you go here as well because it’s a bit of a pain to come back.

As with the previous one, we only took pictures here. I think the current here is too strong for a safe swim, but I’ve also seen pictures of locals doing it.

There is a third waterfall called Hulugan Falls (also known as Naglahaw Falls among locals, from the word “naglalahao” or “to fall down”). Several rivers and tributaries from nearby localities and even water from the crevices of Bulusan Volcano converge and fall down from the 23-feet-high stream.

We didn’t go to Hulugan Falls because it’s on another route. It’s also the farthest away – about 1 kilometer away from the entrance of the park. You can get there by riding a 4×4 which will bring you to the trail head or trekking all the way for about 30-45 minutes.

Our visit to see the waterfalls in Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park was short and sweet. I was happy to visit another good spot in one of my favorite provinces in the Philippines.

How to get here

Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park is located in San Roque, Bulusan, in Sorsogon Province. It’s over an hour away from Sorsogon City.

From Sorsogon City, ride a jeep bound for Bulusan and then hire a tricycle to the eco-park. Or you can ride a bus to Irosin instead and then hire a tricycle from there.


Here are the facilities inside the eco-park:

  • 2 Outdoor pools (cold spring and the “Bloody Pool”)
  • 3 Waterfalls (Kambal Busay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls)
  • Alfresco cafeteria called Scad Kapehan
  • Sari-sari store
  • Open cottages

The park is open daily from 6AM to 6PM. There are no overnight accommodations.


Here are the current rates for Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park (Updated as of 2022):

Entrance fee (includes access to swimming pools)Adult – P150 / Seniors and PWDs – P120 / Children – P100
ActivitiesGuide fee for trekking: P350 for 10 people

ATV ride to waterfalls: P150 per 15 minutes
Tractor ride to waterfalls: P50 per person
AccommodationsOpen cottages: P350 – 2000 depending on size and capacity

Travel Tips

  • Wear comfortable footwear for trekking.
  • Kambal Busay Falls and Hidden Falls are easily accessible and only require short trekking. However, the climb back up to the resort’s main area can be tiring. So make sure that you are physically fit.
  • You can buy food and refreshments such as fresh buko juice in the cafeteria.
  • Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park is only 10 minutes away from Bulusan Lake, so it makes for a good side trip destination.


For reservation and inquiries, you can contact Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park in their Facebook or website.

Have you explored the waterfalls in Zoe’s Resort and Eco Adventure Park in Sorsogon? If you have comments or questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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