Buhatan River Cruise in Sorsogon
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Buhatan River Cruise: A Must-Visit Eco-Destination in Sorsogon

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The Buhatan River Cruise (or Buhatan River Eco-Adventure) is one of the emerging ecotourism destinations in Sorsogon. It’s a must-do in your Sorsogon itinerary – whether you’re someone who simply wants to explore the best spots in the province or someone who’s interested in sustainable tourism. Those who are looking for a group- or family-friendly activity should also check this out.

Here’s our experience at the Buhatan River Cruise, including a guide on how to get here.

About Buhatan River Cruise

The Buhatan River Cruise started out as a project by the late environmentalist Gina Lopez, who was then serving as chairman of ABSCBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. This 2014 endeavor was initially supposed to only do clean-ups, but with the help and cooperation of the locals it was developed into an ecotourism site the following year.

The river cruise is managed by the locals, and they serve as the tour guides, boatmen, and staff.

Buhatan River Cruise in Sorsogon
The floating cabana.

Guests should first register at the Visitor Center, which is located along the highway. There you’ll find floating cabanas ready to take you along for a 3-km ride along Buhatan River for about 1 hour.

On the way, you’ll see nipa palms and mangroves, as well as different kinds of birds. At night, you can also enjoy firefly watching in the floating cabana.

Our river cruise experience

I visited Buhatan River in the summer of 2022 during the 6-Day Bicol Trip organized by the Tourism Promotions Board, along with other bloggers. This is one of the activities I was highly looking forward to because I like to quiet and relax and it would be my first time on a river cruise. (My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to Bohol the previous year, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic.)

Our group gathered at the Visitor Center. Before the river cruise, we watched a cooking demo of baluko (pen shell). We enjoyed baluko friend and cooked in coconut milk, as well as lumpia and finger food such as fresh pili nuts.

Buhatan cooking demo
Cooking demo of baluko.
Baluko dish
Baluko in coconut milk.

Then we went to our respective floating cabanas in the riverside. Our floating cabana is pulled by a motorized boat. The ride was smooth, and we were serenaded by acoustic singers.

We had a really good time — we chatted, too pictures of the cabana and the scenery, and ate fresh pili and peanuts. The almost-hour-long ride passed in a jiffy, and before we knew it, we were already heading back.

Kat in Buhatan River Cruise
Buhatan River Cruise in Sorsogon
Motorized boat pulling the cabana.
Live music in Buhatan River Cruise
Acoustic singing at the cabana.
Fresh pili nuts in Sorsogon
Fresh piili nuts.
Kat in Buhatan River Cruise
Enjoying the scenery. (Photo by Noel Amata)

We were too early to see the fireflies, but on our way back we saw a double rainbow in the sky.

I have a great impression on the Buhatan River Cruise. Although it isn’t as “exciting” as other activities in Sorsogon, I believe this is something that families in particular will enjoy.

How to get to Buhatan River

The Buhatan River Visitor Center is located along Marikina Highway in Barangay Buhatan, Sorsogon. It’s about 10-20 minutes away from the city.

To get here via commute, you can easily ride a jeep or charter a tricycle.

Buhatan River Cruise Rates

Here are the current rates (Updated as of 2022):

  • River Cruise – P3000 (good up to 10 pax), including snacks
  • Kayak – P300 (day) / P500 (night) per person for 1 hour

Travel Tips

Here are important travel tips before you go!

  • The Buhatan River Cruise has no standard opening hours. Simply let them know the time of your arrival. Aside from the daytime activities, there are also night kayak guided tours, from 6PM to 8PM.
  • The best time to go to here is around 4 or 4:30PM so you can enjoy the sunset along the bay and then see fireflies at night. As per the locals, there are more fireflies in summer.
  • You can order food at the Visitor Center. It’s highly recommended to give an advance order at least a day before to avoid waiting. (At the time of our visit, the floating restaurant at the end of the river has been closed indefinitely due to structural damage.) You can also buy pasalubong here.


For booking and inquiries, you may contact any of the following:

Have you been to the Buhatan River Cruise in Sorsogon? What was your experience? If you have comments or questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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