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13 Things to Do in Camiguin Island You Shouldn’t Miss

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It’s amazing to think that a small island province can pack so much activities. In Camiguin, you can just relax at a beachfront or mountain resort or explore its many nature attractions! Here are the best things to do in Camiguin Island.

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1. Taste the original pastel

(Photo credit to Vjandep Pastel)

Mindanao’s favorite pastel originated from Camiguin Island.

Pastel is a soft pastry filled with yema (sweet custard). Other fillings include strawberry, ube, macapuno, and even durian. Buy it as your snack or pasalubong from your trip.

2. Sunbathe in White Island

Hali in Camiguin
My boyfriend Hali in White Island.

White Island is one of the most recognizable spots in Camiguin, as it’s often used in tourism campaigns. Hence, one of the best things to do in Camiguin is visit here!

This island is a shoe-shaped sand bar a few minutes away from the coast in Barangay Yumbing in Mambajao. The shape of the island shifts according to the wind directions. This is a popular spot in Camiguin Island for swimming and sunbathing. The island faces the ocean sea so the currents here are strong, although the other side of the island is relatively shallow and calm — perfect for children or idle swimmers.

As there is no shade in the island, make sure to bring sunhats or rent an umbrella from one of the locals. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

Entrance fee is P50, boat fee is P450 (good up to 4 pax).

3. Take a refreshing dip in a cold spring

Sto. Nino Cold Spring in Camiguin
Sto. Nino Cold Spring.

There are a handful of natural springs in Camiguin Island. One of the most visited is the Sto. Nino Cold Spring. The water in this spring resort flows down from Mount Mambajao. It’s cool and clear, with schools of small fishes in the water.

Another cold spring you can visit is the Saay Cold Spring.

4. Snorkel in Mantigue Island

Kat and Joemar in Mantigue Island
Me and my friend Joemar in Mantigue Island.

Mantigue Island is a marine sanctuary where you can see a variety of corals, tropical fishes, sea turtles, and even stingrays. There is also an area where you can see giant clams.

From the shore, you only need to swim several meters to see the surrounding coral garden. Snorkeling gears can be rented from the island operators and a guide is also available to take you to the best underwater spots.

I am amazed with the marine life we’d seen here. The corals were colorful and healthy. It has one of the biggest table corals I’d seen.

Entrance/environmental fee is P30 per person, boat fee is P600 (good up to 6 pax).

5. See the giant clams in the Giant Clam Sanctuary

Giant Clam Sanctuary in Camiguin
Giant Clam Sanctuary.

The Giant Clam Sanctuary is undeniably one of the best attractions in Camiguin. It’s home to over a thousand giant clams.

When you get inside the sanctuary, you can proceed to the clam laboratory where you can view young giant clams in man-made aquariums. Then you can also snorkel in the surrounding shore to see the giant clams, with the biggest species spanning as much as 4 feet in length.

Aside from snorkeling, you can also swim in its white-sand beach and enjoy a seafood lunch in its seaside restaurant.

Entrance fee is P25, clam viewing fee is P150.

6. Diving

There are numerous dive spots in Camiguin, ideal for both beginner and advanced divers. Located in Bohol Sea, you can expect to see beautiful corals and diverse marine life, as well as interesting topography caused by volcano blocks under the sea. Camiguin is also a good choice for muck diving.

For beginners, the best dive spots are Mantigue Island, Sunken Cemetery, and Tangub Springs. Advanced divers can head to Burias Shoal, Jicduf Shoal, Old Volcano, and Black Forest.

Diving can be done all year round. Best conditions can be seen from November to April.

7. Chase waterfalls

Tuasan Falls in Camiguin
Tuasan Falls.

There are 3 waterfalls you can visit in Camiguin Island: Tuasan Falls, Katibawasan Falls, and Binangawan Falls.

Tuasan Falls is about 25 meters high, and it’s located along the mountainside with no establishments in sight. Despite its small height, the water here is strong and it’s enticing to take a short dip.

Katibawasan Falls meanwhile is the tallest waterfall in the island at 70 meters high. The flow of the water here is weak, but you can still swim at the man-made basin below.

Binangawan Falls is a lesser-known waterfall, located in the midst of a jungle in Sagay. Currently, it’s not yet developed so you may need a local guide to point you to its exact location or you can just follow the trail if you’re feeling adventurous.

From the main road, trekking here takes about 30 minutes. Be careful on the drive to the jump-off point because of steep road conditions.

8. Zipline in Taguines Lagoon

Zipline in Taguines Lagoon, Camiguin
Ziplining over the water.

This is a 700-meter zipline that crosses Taguines Lagoon, a man-made lagoon built for fish breeding.

To avail this activity, head to J&A Fishpen Resort which is the one that handles the ziplines. Rate is P400 per person.

Once you’re done, you can also swim in the lagoon or spend the afternoon in the inflatable floating playground in one of the resorts in the area.

9. Trek to the summit of Mount Hibok-Hibok

Mount Hibok-Hibok is the only remaining active volcano in Camiguin Island. Its last eruption was in 1950s. Today, it’s a popular hiking spot in the island.

The usual jump-off point is Ardent Hot Springs. From there, trek for 3-5 hours to reach the summit depending on your pace. The summit offers a view of the Ilihan Crater and White Island, as well as neighboring islands of Siquijor, Bohol, and Surigao.

Due to minimal light pollution in the island, you can also see the Milky Way on a clear sky.

You can do this as a day trip from Mambajao. If you want to see the sunrise at the summit, start your trek at 2AM and you can return back down at 10AM. This is preferable especially if you want to avoid the heat during the day.

Registration fee is P200 per person, guide fee is P1200.

10. Enjoy a hot drink on the mountainside

Blackmountain Cafe in Camiguin Island
At a mountainside cafe.

Take a break from your island tour for a mug of hot coffee or sikwate in Blackmountain Cafe, which is located on a mountainside overlooking the summit of Mount Hibok-Hibok.

There are alfresco tables where you can enjoy your visit or you can lay down in a mat on the grass.

On a good day, you can clearly see the mountain from the cafe. On other days, it’s foggy but still worth visiting becaus of the nice, chill ambiance.

There is another nearby cafe you can visit called Nanaw Cafe.

11. Have a staycation in a resort

Kat in Bintana sa Paraiso - Binunsaran
Pool in Bintana sa Paraiso – Binunsaran.

There are various resorts you can find in Camiguin.

If you want ocean views, head over to Tongatok Cliff Resort or Bintana sa Paraiso – Naasag. If you want to stay in a mountainside, book a room in Volcano Houses or Bintana sa Paraiso – Binunsaran.

We stayed in Bintana sa Paraiso – Binunsaran for 2 nights and it was a lovely place. On a clear day, you can see the White Island from the resort and for the rest of the time it was foggy that we felt lazy and relaxed, just looking at the surrounding forest and drinking hot coffee.

12. Sunset viewing

One of the most popular sunset viewing spots in Camiguin Island is the Sunken Cemetery. Most day trippers visit here as the last stop in their itinerary.

Another one is called the Secret Spot, which is a seaside location surrounded by boulders and volcanic rocks. The water here is hot, as locals say there is a natural hot spring sprouting from the underground to the open sea. It’s located beside the Sea and Sun Resort. You can ask the local for directions.

13. Join the celebration at Lanzones Festival

The Lanzones Festival is an annual festival held every 3rd week of October. This month is also the harvest time for lanzones, one of the fruit products of the island.

The festival runs for 3 days. You can attend trade fairs, concerts, pageants and a streetdance competition.

That ends our list of the Best Things to Do in Camiguin Island. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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