Mantigue Island in Camiguin
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Mantigue Island: An Underrated Tropical Paradise in Camiguin

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Mantigue Island is one of the must-visit attractions in Camiguin. This was our first stop during our island tour and we were so amazed by its snorkeling area that we were hyped up for the rest of our 3 days stay.

Here’s a Guide to Mantigue Island in Camiguin.

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Our visit to Mantigue Island

This island is part of our 2-day tour in Camiguin.

From San Roque Port, my friend Joemar and I rode a boat to get here. One thing that I noticed as we were nearing the island is that the water was so clear. I was tempted to stop for a photo even though there was literally nothing else in the picture but the water. Then our boat circled around the island so we can take more photos with Mount Timpoong — the highest peak in the island — in the backdrop, before finally docking on the shore.

Kat in Camiguin Island
Clear water surrounds the island.
Locals in Mantigue Island
Locals waving as we passed by.

The beach in Mantigue Island is beautiful. It was littered with dry seaweed which is natural given the tides, but generally it was clean.

Our tour guide Kuya Lehmann who came with us told us that the snorkeling area in the island is great, so we prepared our snorkeling gears and one of our boatman volunteered to guide us to the snorkeling area. He tied a buoy around his hips and we held onto it.

Kat and Joemar in Mantigue Island
Me and my friend Joemar.

The first several meters were sandy and then we came to the coral drop where there were colorful, healthy corals and various types of fishes. Around here, it’s possible to see schools of jack, barracuda, and other reef fish. We’d also seen a sea turtle flashed its head above the water before disappearing.

It also has some of the biggest table corals I’d seen — although the ones in the Giant Clam Sanctuary are definitely larger. There was also an area where there are giant clams.

Snorkeling in Mantigue Island
Snorkeling in Mantigue Island.
Snorkeling in Mantigue Island
Snorkeling in Mantigue Island - giant clams
Giant clams.

Overall, this is one of the best snorkeling areas I’d seen so far.

In my opinion, Mantigue Island is an underrated tourist attraction in Camiguin. Before our visit here, I didn’t hear much about it — most promotional materials focus on White Island, which is a naked sand bar. I’d pick Mantigue Island over it any day.

I highly recommend it to any visitors in Camiguin Island.

About Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island in Camiguin
Mantigue Island.

Mantigue Island Marine Park is a 4-hectare protected area located about 20-30 minutes away from the mainland in Barangay San Roque in Mahinog, Camiguin. It is also known locally as Magsaysay Island.

It used to be a fishing village home to a handful of families. After it was declared as a protected area, the residents were asked to relocated in the mainland.

The island is fringed with white-sand beaches. You can walk around the whole island in 20 minutes.

There is also a nearby coral drop where you can see various types of corals, tropical fishes, sea turtles, and stingrays. This makes it a great place for snorkelers and divers. For divers, it’s beginner friendly and there’s a lot of dive shops that arrange day trips in this island.

How to get to Mantigue Island

It’s easy to get to Mantigue Island.

  • From Mambajao, ride a motorela to the town of Mahinog. Ask the driver to drop you off at San Roque Port.
  • From the port, ride a boat to Mantigue Island. Travel time is 20-30 minutes.

In San Roque Port, you will find stores selling rashguards and snorkeling gears, as well as souvenirs. There are also local eateries where you can eat before or after your visit to the island. There is a restroom area where you can change clothes.

Mantigue Island is also included in the itinerary for island tour packages.

Mantigue Island Rates

Here are the current rates to Mantigue Island (Updated as of 2023):

Required FeesEntrace fee – P75
Boat fee – P750 (good up to 6 pax)
Environmental fee – P30
OptionalGuide fee (snorkeling) – P300
Snorkel and mask rental – P100
Cottage – P150 / Table – P100

*You also have the option to add P200 to the boat fee so the boat can go around the island and you can take picture of Mantigue Island with the mountains in the backdrop.

*Maximum of 3 hours stay. Additional P100 every additional hour.

Things to bring

Here are the things you should bring on your visit to Mantigue Island

  • Snorkeling gears
  • Drybag for your items
  • Reef-friendly sunblock

It’s also recommended to carry a trash bag with you.

Things to know before you go

  • There are cottages in the island where you can rest.
  • It’s best to bring your own food (no corkage fee). (Update 2022) There used to be restaurants in the island where you can buy food — however, after the pandemic they have been closed down and no updates as of this date.
  • Lifevest is already provided by your boat operators. Snorkel and mask is available for rent in the island. If you want to save on rental fees, bring your own snorkeling gears.
  • Overnight is not allowed in the island. The boats should leave the island by 5PM.
  • If you’re looking for other snorkeling spots in Camiguin, check out the Sunken Cemetery and Giant Clam Sanctuary.

Has this guide on Mantigue Island been helpful to you? If you have questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below!

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