Kat at Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
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Blue Lagoon: The Gem of Palanan, Isabela

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Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Isabela. It’s located in Barangay Villa Robles in Palanan and it’s a favorite place to visit among locals and tourists alike.

Our trip to Blue Lagoon

I’d been wanting to see Blue Lagoon for a long time. Part of the reason is that only a few had been here due to the difficult logistics in traveling to Palanan. It’s in the coastal side of the province, separated by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range from the main roads.

I visited here as part of my 5 days trip in Isabela.

From Dicotcotan Beach where our group was staying, we took a boat to get to the town proper of Palanan. From there, we hired tricycles that will take us to the Blue Lagoon. We passed by a scenic river beside a wide grassfield and another clear stream from which carabaos were swimming.

River near Blue Lagoon, Isabela
River on our way to Blue Lagoon.
Carabaos near Blue Lagoon
A clear stream where carabaos are bathing.

Previously, visitors need to get off their vehicles from a certain jump-off point and trek for 15 minutes to reach the island. However, our rides were able to drop us off exactly at the lagoon so it was pretty much effortless going here.

As its name suggest, the Blue Lagoon is a lagoon with naturally blue water. Well, it was actually both green and blue, but it’s as clear as they say.

Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
The mysterious Blue Lagoon.
Cottage at Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
There are cottages where you can leave your things.
Kat at Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
Dream come true!

Fresh-water fishes can be spotted here, especially when undisturbed by people swimming in the area. The presence of the fishes suggests that the lagoon is connected to a larger body of water, although scientists and divers haven’t found this underground passageway yet. Also, no one knows the depth of the lagoon yet. The lagoon leads to a spillway going to Pinacanuan River.

I was giddy and excited when I saw the Blue Lagoon. We saw local kids swimming in the lagoon, while adults were chilling out in the cottages. The Blue Lagoon reminded me of Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi (Indonesia), an island filled with several crystal-clear lagoons just walking distance of each other. The Blue Lagoon in Isabela is also clear, although similar to a lake, if you snorkel in the middle you won’t see anything but light blue.

Kat at Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
(Photo by JV Francisco)
Group shot at Blue Lagoon, Palanan, Isabela
Fun group shot (Photo by JV Francisco).

It was nice to swim here and take endless photos. 2-3 hours will probably suffice for a visit. There’s a floating log in the middle of the lagoon which is a nice photo-spot.

How to get to Blue Lagoon

There are different ways to get to Blue Lagoon in Palanan, Isabela. Click here for a detailed guide on How to Get from Manila to Palanan.

Once you arrive in Palanan town proper, ride a motorcycle or tricycle to the Blue Lagoon. Tricycle fare is about P500 (good for 3 people). The public vehicles follow a standard rate so you don’t have to worry about overpricing.

Reminders and Tips

Here are some things to know before you go:

  • Bring your own snacks and water. There is no sari-sari store nearby.
  • Aside from swimming, you can also rent a raft in the lagoon.
  • It’s suggested to wear a vest in the lake. You can rent lifevests in the Palanan Town Hall before heading to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Practice the LNT Principle. Remember to take your trash with you!

Other places you can visit

While you’re in the town proper, you might also drop by the Palanan Town Hall, Aguinaldo Shrine, and St. Mary Magdalene Parish.

Go here for other tourist spots you can visit in Palanan.

Have you been to the Blue Lagoon in Palanan, Isabela? Let us know in the comments below!

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