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Tree of Life Wellness Center (Paranaque): Heal, Pamper and Treat Yourself

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Sometimes we become too focused on life’s routine that we forget to take care of ourselves. Admit it, you’re guilty of this too. Recently, I was invited to Tree of Life Wellness Center in Paranaque City. This center offers services that allows the body to heal itself naturally.

Tree of Life Wellness Center

Tree of Life Wellness Center promotes detoxification thru hydrocolonics (aka colon cleansing) and proper nutrition program. It’s ideal for:

  • People who want to relax and pamper themselves
  • People who want to live a healthier lifestyle by learning juicing and other nutrition programs
  • People who want to lose weight
  • People who are sick (including those with high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes).

P.S. I know I’ll get asked about this so I already asked the staff how well they treat cancer patients. Our guide/nurse for the day, Tricia, said that patients up to Stage 3 are enrolled in a 10-day program that promotes and jumpstarts their healing, with significant health improvement.


We were given an all-day access to the center’s facilities and here are the services we’ve tried:

Massage and foot reflex

Duration: 20 minutes each

For the massage, the center uses a massage chair equipped with 4 settings so you can adjust the movement as per your preference. There’s a setting that I like, which creates a rolling movement that puts pressure on the back. It’s very relaxing and I wish I was let to stay for longer.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - massage
Body massage.

Meanwhile, for the foot reflex, you’ll be given a clear pad and you have to stomp your feet on it. My sister and I skipped this one as we think it’s tiring. (My sister lasted for 1 minute before she opted for the massage chair instead.)


Duration: 20 minutes

This is a device that uses low-voltage audio pulses to kill destructive bacteria, parasites and viruses. You only need to sit and hold the grip — you’ll feel a tolerable electric current. After the use, you may notice darkening in the tissues applied around the grips.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - biozapper
My sister on a biozapper machine.

Waki Therapy

Duration: 1 hour

A device that creates various health improvements in the body, including blood circulation, metabolism, constitution, skin complexion and eye health. It has 3 rounds (20 minutes each): high potential therapy, negative potential therapy and optical therapy. You only need to sit on a pad and relax. You may feel sleepy afterwards.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - waki therapy
Waki therapy.

Ear acupuncture

Duration: 20 minutes

This involves inserting needles into specific points in the ear. It relieves stress and insomnia, promotes detoxification and helps with weight loss.

Honestly, this is the reason I was excited to visit the Tree of Life Wellness Center. I have acquaintances who have do acupuncture but I haven’t experienced one before. The inserting of needles hurt a little bit, particularly the last 2 ones which target the liver. My sister said she’s had acupuncture before and this one hurt a little more.

After removal, there was bleeding in my left ear from one of the needles. Our nurse said it’s bad blood from the liver.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - ear acupuncture
Ear acupuncture.

Infrared sauna

Duration: 20 minutes

This improves blood and oxygen circulation and helps with weight loss and detoxification. Their sauna can fit 2 people inside.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - sauna

These are just some of the services we’ve tried in Tree of Life Wellness Center. Services can be availed individually or as part of a package/program.

Our overall experience

We enjoyed our 1-day access to the Tree of Life Wellness Center.

From the beginning, we were welcomed and given warm tea. Then we were led to each service and given enough time to rest as necessary. For instance, the waki therapy usually induces drowsiness so afterwards we were given time to take a nap, as we wish to.

Kat at Tree of Life Wellness Center, Paranaque

I also enjoyed the snacks provided — a healthy salad and green smoothie. The salad was surprisingly filling and the almonds added texture.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - healthy snacks
Salad and green smoothie.

After our sauna, we rested for about 30 minutes to let our pores close and then enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. I feel that a day of pampering won’t be complete without taking a dip in the water. It’s refreshing and, to be honest, this type of facility is appealing to millennials like me.

Tree of Life Wellness Center - garden area
Tree of Life Wellness Center - pool and jacuzzi
Pool and jacuzzi.
Tree of Life Wellness Center - pool and jacuzzi

All in all, we spent a good 5-6 hours in the center.

The location of Tree of Life Wellness Center is a bit obscure, inside a subdivision in Merville. However, it’s definitely worth going to especially for people who want to allot 1 day to relax and heal themselves and those who are looking for natural healing methods for their conditions.

Practical Info: Tree of Life Wellness Center

How to get here

Address: 103 Washington Street, Merville Park Subdivision, Parañaque City

From Pasay or SM Bicutan, ride a jeepney to Merville (Paranaque). Then ride a tricycle to Gate 1 Merville and get off at the gate. Ride another tricycle to Tree of Life Wellness Center.

Services and rates

As said above, services may be availed individually or as part of package/program.

Individual service rates are as follows (updated as of May 2019):

  • Ceragem bed – P600
  • Biozapper – P500
  • Infrared sauna – P800
  • Ear acupuncture – P500
  • Body acupuncture – P1000
  • Carmen bees – P800
  • The King’s Method – P500
  • Ultrasonic for pain with hot compress – P1000
  • Coffee enema – P800
  • Juicing therapy and nutritional counseling – P3500
  • Online detox – P6000
  • Hydrocolonics – P3000
  • Vital C drip – P1800

For programs (in-patient or out-patient): it has health management, weight management and detox programs. Please inquire with the center directly about which program applies to you.

Wellness Party – every Saturday

If you’re interested in a package including services as we experienced above, you may join their Wellness Party every Saturday or form a group to schedule your own wellness party. Make sure to contact Tree of Life Wellness beforehand to confirm if they have a schedule on a particular weekend.


  • Diagnostic test
  • Waki therapy
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Chair massage
  • Detox seminar with food demo
  • Use of pool and jacuzzi

This package also includes a healthy meal. Rate is only P300 per person (enjoy 70% off).


For inquiries, booking and reservation, you may contact Tree of Life at the ff:

Facebook | Website | email: | mobile: 0916 595 8310 / 0999 464 0165

Disclaimer: Thanks Tree of Life Wellness Center for inviting me! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you have other questions about our experience in Tree of Life Wellness Center in Paranaque City? Let us know in the comments below!

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