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7 Practical Travel Tips to Egypt You Should Know Before Your Visit

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Egypt is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world, with centuries of history to explore. There are many historical sites that will leave you breathless and wondering how humans were able to create such spectacular structures. 

For those looking for more than just ancient ruins, there are plenty of beaches and resorts on the North Coast which offer peace and tranquility away from the noisy city streets.

As you’re planning your trip be sure to check out this article on important travel tips to Egypt!

1. Book your trip in advance to get the best prices

Visitors to Egypt should book their trips in advance if they want the best prices. If you want a cheap trip, it’s a good idea to plan your trip at least six months in advance.

If you’re going during the high season, which is from December through February or March, then you should plan out your itinerary about three months in advance. You will get better deals on flights and hotels if you book earlier than that though because there are more people looking for rooms and tickets last minute. 

The cheapest place to stay is around Cairo because it has plenty of options for visitors on all budgets. Luxury resorts can be found along the Red Sea Coast where many tourists go when visiting Egypt.

2. Make sure you have all necessary documents to enter Egypt

Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

Traveling to Egypt can be a great experience, but it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary documents before getting on your flight. If not, you could wind up stuck at the airport for hours or even days! 

Make sure to obtain a visa for your trip to Egypt. Eligible citizens can submit an online form 7 days prior to their Egyptian trip and obtain their visas online. The online application can be made here:

Travelers can choose either a single-entry or multiple-entry permit depending on their particular travel needs. Both visa permits enable making a business or tourism-related trip. 

3. Choose the best time of the year

The best time of year to visit Egypt is different for everyone. The weather can be very hot and dry during the months of May through September, so if you’re not a fan of heat then visiting in this time frame may not be ideal. 

However, if you do enjoy warm weather then this would be a great time to visit as it’s before the peak season starts in October and November when prices are much higher.  

The temperatures will drop off significantly around December into January which makes them popular times for families with children to travel due to fewer crowds at attractions and lower hotel rates.

If you don’t mind cold weather or want to see some amazing Christmas decorations throughout Cairo then traveling from late December through January could make sense for your trip!

4. Get familiar with the Egyptian culture

Hieroglyphics in Egypt

Many people are intimidated by Egyptian culture because it seems so foreign to them. However, if you know a little bit about what goes into their culture and traditions, traveling to Egypt will be much easier for you. 

Egyptians love family and friends. This means that they may invite you over to their house without warning or notice. If this happens, make sure to bring something with you as a gift! 

You should also know that Ramadan is an important time of year in the Muslim world. During this time, many locals fast between sunrise and sunset every day for 30 days. This does not mean that they do not eat or drink at all during these hours, but when out with your new Egyptian friends, try not to eat in front of them. 

5. Don’t forget sunscreen

Desert in Egypt

When traveling to Egypt, it’s important to remember that the sun is much stronger than probably you are used to in your country. Even if you can’t feel the effects of the sun right away, make sure to wear sunscreen every single day.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; even during the winter months, the rays will still be strong enough for your skin. To be safe, you may want to bring extra bottles with you!

6. Pack good walking shoes or sandals 

Travelers should bring good walking shoes when visiting Egypt. The city is filled with majestic sites that are well worth seeing, but many of these locations can be found in the desert where it’s hot and there is no shade.

Without proper footwear, you’ll find yourself stopping often to switch out your socks or sneakers for sandals (or vice versa), which will slow you down on your travels. Pack a pair of each so that you’re prepared to take on all the beautiful places this country has to offer!

7. Have some bottled water with you at all times

With its hot and humid weather, you should always try to keep hydrated when exploring outside. The water in Cairo is generally safe to drink, but anywhere else in the country it’s not recommended to drink the tap water.

Instead, you can purchase bottled water for cheap in stores. For a more sustainable trip, it’s best to bring your own reusable water bottle. Treat your water with purifying tablets or simply have it refilled with purified water in your hotel.

Traveling is one of the best ways to explore new cultures and learn about different people. There is so much to explore in Egypt, including a rich history dating back thousands of years or some sandy beaches on the Mediterranean coast. The Egyptian people are warm and welcoming, which makes it easy to enjoy your time here while learning about their culture at the same time.

If this country piqued your interest , do not hesitate to apply for an e-visa and start making your Egyptian dream come true!

Do you have other suggested travel tips to Egypt? Let us know in the comments section below!

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