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Serenade by the Sea: Unwind in Palm Jumeirah’s Exclusive Vacation Rentals

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Palm Jumeirah compels real creativity with advanced engineering and a futuristic design. This resort is known as the world’s eighth wonder and is popular for its luxury showoff. For first-time visitors, it’s like paradise.

If you’re visiting this place, get ready to be amazed. Vacation rentals in Palm Jumeirah are some of the best in the world, there are more than enough world-class centers and places for trying out fun activities.

This guide will explain what you need to know about Palm Jumeirah. It also includes interesting facts about its development.

Why choose Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Dubai
(Photo by Palm Jumeirah)

This 17-fronded island is designed with stones and boulders from the mainland, while sands were sourced from the Persian Gulf. It took four years to complete its construction and six years to finish.

Palm Jumeirah is a project owned by Nakheel Properties, a government-owned company. It is a palm-shaped island that came about following the sudden boom in Dubai’s tourism industry.

Initiated in 2001, this fronded island is designed with endowed spines, fronds, and crescent. You can enter the resort via its trunk and explore the enormous environment. You’ll find many luxury hotels, saloons, malls, restaurants, bars, etc.

Interesting facts about Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Dubai
(Photo by Palm Jumeirah)

The resort is popular for its mind-blowing records. It is known in other parts of the world due to one or two key factors. Palm Jumeirah is:

  • Built with sand and rocks only — no steel or concrete
  • One of the largest artificial marinas worldwide
  • Endowed with a monorail that connects to Dubai’s coastline
  • As big as a football pitch, covering 5.72 square kilometers
  • Home to popular celebrities like David Beckham and Shahrukh Khan

How can I get a nice view of Palm Jumeirah?

You haven’t seen or heard enough. Hop on the Palm Monorail and stop at any of the pleasant destinations in the Palm. You can see Palm Jumeirah from almost every place in the city. Some nice viewing spots include:

The View at the Palm

Get a ticket to The View and have a lovely panoramic vision of Palm Jumeirah. From the 52nd floor, you can get a beautiful picture of this fronded island, its observation deck, exhibit area, and entertaining theatre.

Helicopter Sightseeing

For a bird’s eye view, book a helicopter sightseeing trip across the lovely spots in Dubai. Along with the Palm Islands, you can see other beautiful places, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek, and the Lake Towers. Remember to go along with your cameras.

5 Best Accommodations in Palm Jumeirah

Vacation rentals in the Palm Islands are surplus. You’ll find so many luxury hotels and accommodations of different levels. Namely:

1. Atlantis The Royal

Designed on the crescent of the Palm Islands and the Atlantis, this resort blends modern architecture with a futuristic design. There is free WiFi, exceptional room services, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a private beach, and a sky pool.

Some rooms have a minibar and kitchens for those who’d love to explore delicacies. Atlantis The Royal has the largest waterpark in the Middle East. It is one place to be whenever you visit the Palm Islands.

2. Kempinski Hotel

This landmark is located at the picturesque. It is an award-winning family resort with remarkable views of the lagoons or the Arabian Gulf. It also features a lush five-acre garden and a private Sandy beach with views of the Dubai skyline.

3. Harmony Vacation Homes

Harmony boasts of an outdoor pool and offers long-stay accommodation. All rooms have free WiFi and free parking lots for guests.

4. Dukes The Palm

Located within the Palm Islands, this suite compels a British pattern with a cosmopolitan style. Guests can lounge around the lazy river and participate in watersports on the beachfront.

5. Raffles The Palm

Get the best culinary experiences with Raffles. This suite boasts a 500-meter private white sand beach and an outdoor swimming pool offering city views. It is located on the western crescent of the artificial islands.

Things to do in Palm Jumeirah

Experiencing moments worth remembering in a lifetime. Try a few recreational activities in the palm islands. Things like:

  • Sky Diving from the skies of Palm Jumeirah
  • Speedboat cruising
  • Jet skiing
  • Visiting the Palm Towers
  • Booking the Palm Monorail, etc.


Palm Jumeirah is a beautiful resort and one of the most popular in Dubai. This artificial island has lovely views, luxury suites, and excellent chilling spots. It is built in such a way that pleases guests.

Nakheel properties have been serving tourists for decades. The Palm Islands is one of their wonders. It is where you can enjoy life and take a break from the outside world. It is where you live life, learn, grow, and try out new, exciting stuff. If you book a trip to Palm Jumeirah, get ready to be amused. Everything about the islands is mind-blowing. One more thing: remember to hold a camera.

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