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19 Unforgettable Day Trips From Warsaw

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Warsaw is one of the most popular cities in Poland. The city was famously rebuilt in the 1950s after the war and hence the best things to do in Warsaw includes visiting historical buildings and modern skyscrapers, as well as different arts and museums, and parks. It receives fewer tourists than Krakow, so it can feel more genuine especially if you prefer less touristy destinations. Moreover, it offers a lot of interesting day trips. Auschwitz and other tourist attractions in Poland can be visited as day trips from Warsaw.

Here we’ve compiled the best day trips from Warsaw that you can book for a quick break from the city.

1. Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny - one of the best day trips from Warsaw

One of the most vibrant cities you can visit on a day trip from Warsaw is Kazimierz Dolny. It features beautiful Rennaissance architecture, scenic landscapes, and thriving art community that is visited by artists and writers from all over the world.

Head to the town center and explore the market square, town hall, and streets filled with historic houses and cafes. Visit the 14th-century castle ruins and the Three Crosses Hill, which offers a panoramic view of the Vistula River and the surrounding country side. Finally, explore its many art galleries, workshops, and studios and take home cool art pieces.

Aside from these activities, you can also join the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, which is held annually every summer in dedication to cinema and other forms of art.

2. Torun

Clock tower in Torun, Poland
A clock tower in Torun.

Torun is one of the best day trips from Warsaw. A charming city known for its medieval architecture, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Poland. It is also the birthplace of the world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

The best way to experience Torun is to take a leisurely stroll around Torun Old Town, where you can admire Gothic-style buildings established in the Middle Ages still standing today.

Other interesting highlights include the Town Hall and the Tuba Dei cathedral, which offer a panoramic view of the city; various museums including the Nicolaus Copernicus House and two museums dedicated to gingerbread (a signature treat produced since the Middle Ages); and old city walls constructed in the 13th century.

At night, check out the planetarium where you can learn more about the cosmos, universe, and stars.

3. Zelazowa Wola

Chopin house in Poland
Family house of Chopin.

Zelazowa Wola is a charming village located near Warsaw and is known as the birthplace of the world-renowned composer Frederic Chopin. Here you explore the modest cottage where he was born to view personal memorabilia and learn about his life and music. On summer months, you can attend open-air concerts held in the park to listen to talented pianists performing Chopin’s music compositions.

Aside from the attractions dedicated to Chopin, this village also has a park and gardens where you can relax and have a picnic, as well as walking and cycling trails where you can enjoy a good exercise while discovering the local flora and fauna.

4. Lodz

Lodz - one of the best city day trips from Warsaw

The third largest city in Poland, Lodz offers a rich industrial heritage, remarkable architecture, and vibrant culture. Back in 19th century, it had a large textile industry that made the city extremely wealthy. As a result, rich mill owners and industrialists were able to built opulent palaces and mansions across the city, and some textile mills and factories still remain to this day.

Lodz is best visited over a weekend so you time to explore the city well, but you can also do a self-guided tour for a day. Some interesting spots to include in your itinerary are the Piotrkowska Street, the longest commercial street in Europe home to many local and international brands; Manufaktura and OFF Piotrkowska, which are previously used as textile mills; the Historical Museum of Lodz, which features an impressive Neo-Baroque façade; and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

It’s also worth exploring Litzmannstad, a Jewish ghetto established during the WW2.

5. Auschwitz

Auschwitz in Poland

Auschwitz is one of the most famous dark tourism sites in the world, a poignant reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II. It was the largest concentration and extermination camp during the war, where more than 1.1 million people — mostly Jews — were murdered. Today, Auschwitz is open to those who want to take a look back at history and pay respect to the victims of war.

This complex was established in 1940 and consisted of three main camps: Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, and Auschwitz III-Monowitz.

Visiting here isn’t for the faint of heart. Auschwitz tours are conducted by expert guides who will tell you about its history and show you the actual gas chambers, barracks, crematoria, and other sites. You can also visit the Auschwitz Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the memory of the victims of Holocaust. Its main exhibition is located in Block 27 and includes personal belongings, photographs, and documents from the victims. The museum also has a bookstore, a café, and a memorial site where you can pay your respects for the victims.

You can book Auschwitz tours through the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum’s official website or through various tour operators. A tour of Auschwitz from Warsaw can be planned by yourself, but considering the distance, it’s suggested to book an organized tour instead. A day trip to Auschwitz will take around 18 hours, so prepare for a long day.

6. Krakow

Main market square in Krakow - one of the best day trips from Warsaw
Main market square in Krakow

Krakow is one of the best city breaks in the whole of Europe. This city features an interesting history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food and drinks. It’s feasible to visit this as a day trip from Warsaw, since most of its popular attractions can be visited on foot in Old Town.

The main market square in Krakow is the largest in Europe. Here you can visit St. Mary’s Basilica — a Gothic church with stunning exteriors, beautiful wall paintings and stained-glass windows, and a tower were you can enjoy sweeping views of the city.

Nearby you’ll find the Cloth Hall, a market place which has been in operation since the 13th century and where you can pick up interesting souvenirs; the Rynek Underground Museum, where you can learn about the history of Krakow; and the Wawel Castle and Cathedral.

If you have more time, check out the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, which is considered one of the best galleries in Poland.

7. Wieliczka

Wieliczka salt mine - one of the best attractions near Warsaw
Inside the Wieliczka salt mine.

Wieliczka is a small town home to the Wieliczka Salt Mine — one of the oldest salt mines in the world dating back to the 13th century and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can explore underground chambers and tunnels, admire the religious sculptures carved from salt at St. Kinga’s Chapel, and see the fascinating underground lake located over 100 meters below the surface. There is also a museum where you can learn all about the history of salt mining.

Aside from the salt mine, you can also explore the town center by foot to see the town square, Saltworks Castle, Franciscan Monastery, St. Clement’s Church, Graduation Tower, and Health Resort.

Wieliczka is close to the city of Krakow, which is why you can find organized tours combining both destinations in a day.

8. Kampinos National Park

Kampinos National Park in Poland
Kampinos National Park.

Located just 40 minutes away from Warsaw, Kampinos National Park (also known as Puszcza Kampinoska) is the perfect day trip for those who love the outdoors. It is one of the largest national parks in Poland, with about three-quarters of the area covered in lush forest, mainly pine and oak. It’s a great place to commune with nature and observe wildlife — it is home to about 16,000 species of animals and sightings of deers and elks are not unusual.

Here you can engage in walking, trekking, or cycling. You can explore the length of the park through half- or whole-day hikes, or take the more adventurous trail from Dziekanow Lesny to either Brochow or Zelazowa Wola.

This park is also a popular spot for barbecues on sunny days and a particularly love place to visit during the spring and autumn months.

It’s worth noting that it can be crowded especially on weekends, so plan your visit accordingly.

9. Bolimow Landscape Park

Bolimow Landscape Park is another relaxing day trip from Warsaw. Established in 1896, it’s a protected landscape covering over 23 thousand hectares. This place offers easy paths for walking, cycling, and horse riding, as well as beautiful forest areas including large clearings and fields of lily of the valley. It’s also easy to spot various animals and birds, such as beavers, fallow deer, elk, and others – making it a paradise for animal lovers.

The park also has established educational paths where you can get to know more about the flora and fauna thriving in the area.

There’s a 4-kilometer-long beaver refuge path, the 10-kilometer Zyrardow Trail where you can see peat bogs and meadows, the 15-kilometer trail in the Rawka Valley where you can see the insects in the park, and the 4-kilometer trail in the Grabinka Valley which is ideal for forest hiking.

Kayaking in the Rawka River is another fun adventure that you can do in the park. It’s suitable for all ages.

After you’ve recharged your batteries at the park, come check out other interesting attractions including the town of Zyrardow which served as the former industrial hub of Poland, the Museum of Western Mazovia, the railway station, the manor house in Radziejowice, the war cemeteries, and more.

10. Masurian Lake District

Masurian Lake District
Masurian Lake District.

Located 3 hours away from Warsaw by car, Masurian Lake District is an adventure lover’s paradise. It has over 2000 lakes, lush forests, organic farms, historic castles, and charming resort towns. There is so much to do here that you might just consider staying longer than a day!

The best activities in Masurian Lake District include kayaking in the Krutynia River, sailing and fishing in the country’s biggest lakes, and hiking or cycling through the dense forests. You can also explore the area by renting a skipper or booking a boat tour that will take you to the best spots in the region.

While in Masurian Lake District, it’s imperative to visit the lakeside towns. Wegorzewo, Gizycko, and Mikolajki are the prime towns you should visit.

11. Bialowezhski National Park

Bisons in Bialowieza Forest
Bisons in Bialowieza Forest.

This list of the best Warsaw day trips won’t be complete without Bialowezhski National Park — a remnant of a lowland primeval forest in the historic times and the last preserved deep virgin forest in Europe. In 1976, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is currently under Poland and Belarus.

Bialowezhski National Park is about 4 hours away from Poland, so consider booking an organized tour that will let you visit the highlights of the park with convenience. Start your day tour with a guided tour around the preserve and then proceed to the European Bison Reserve Show to see bisons in person — the symbol of the Bialowieza Forest.

You can also explore nearby attractions including the oldest building in Bialowieza, the Park Palace, and the Orthodox Parish of St. Nicholas. To recharge your energy, don’t forget to make a stopover at a local restaurant for a traditional lunch.

12. Naleczow

Naleczow spa resort in Poland
A spa resort in Naleczow.

Naleczow isn’t as popular as other cities in Poland, but don’t let that fool you! Located in the Lublin Province, this city is known for its healing water and spa treatments. It’s one of the best day trips from Warsaw for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In the 18th century, it was discovered that the city is home to natural healing water, which is rich in bicarbonates of carbon and iron, as well as therapeutic mud. This led to the development of a health resort, which is visited by those who want to relax and those with serious circulatory problems.

When in Naleczow, you can also visit the Malachowski Palace, an 18th-century Baroque-Classicist building which was once home to the owner of whole region.

13. Wilanow Palace

Wilanow Palace - one of easy day trips from Warsaw
Wilanow Palace.

Next in our recommended Warsaw day trips is Wilanow Palace. This former royal palace is located in the suburbs of Warsaw and is reachable by a half-hour bus ride from the city center.

Wilanow Palace is known as the “Versailles of Poland.” It was built in 1677 as a property of King John Sobiesk III. It features a beautiful building with Baroque interiors and French outdoor garden.

Here you can visit the royal rooms including the King’s Room and Queen’s Room, the King’s Library, the Grand Vestibule where you can see various artworks and ceiling decorations, the Etruscan Cabinet which holds a unique collection of ancient amphorae, and the Museum which holds paintings from various foreign artists.

After you’re done exploring the palace, head to the gardens for a leisurely stroll before heading back to Warsaw.

14. Lowicz

Lowicz is a sleepy town located at the edge of Bolimowski Landscape Park. Although it doesn’t boast grand infrastructure commonly found in cities in Poland, it offers a laid-back countryside experience for those who just want to unwind. It is also less touristy compared to main cities so you can better enjoy your visit.

The highlights of this town include the open-air museum of Lowicz Village; the Arkadia romantic garden which features Roman temples, ruins of old mansions, and an aqueduct; and the 18th-century Nieborow Palace.

15. Lublin

Lublin City
Lublin City.

Dubbed as “Little Krakow,” Lublin is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It’s an ideal day trip from Warsaw especially for those who want to explore more of the history of the country.

While Warsaw served as the economic powerhouse of Poland, Lublin was the royal capital and a significant center of trade and academia in the past. It also has more well-preserved buildings compared to the capital, with a blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles.

Explore Lublin by heading to the old town to see its charming cobbled streets, historic buildings, and landmarks. Notable attractions include the 13th-century Lublin Castle which is now open as a museum, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, and the Museum of Lublin which offers a comprehensive look at the city’s history and culture or the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. Start to unwind at the city’s beautiful parks including the Saxon Garden and Botanical Garden.

Lublin is also known for its vibrant nightlife. You can find plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, as well as live music, theater, and dance performances.

16. Majdanek

Majdanek Concentration Camp

One of the best day trips for history lovers is Madjanek. The Majdanek Concentration Camp is located close to the city center of Lublin, so you can include it in your visit as well.

It is one of the remaining Nazi concentration camps in the country, with over 70 buildings including gas chambers and torture rooms. It is now used as a state museum visited by both tourists and families of victims who want to pay their respect. It is an alternative to Auschwitz for those who prefer a quieter and less touristy historical destination.

17. Zegrze Lake

Escape warm summer days by visiting Zegrze Lake, located about an hour away from the city of Warsaw. This man-made lake serves as a water reservoir and a summer playground of locals who want to enjoying a refreshing swim in its sandy beaches.

Aside from swimming, there are many watersport activities that you can do here including kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, motorboating, and fishing. Marinas and rental services are also available for exploring the lake.

18. Bagno Calowanie

Bagno Calowanie is a great option for a short trip. Located in the Mazovia Landscape Park, it is known as one of the largest peat bogs in the area. It’s a favorite weekend destination of locals who want to take a short hike, enjoy a picnic, and let their kids play and observe animals in their natural habitat.

This ecological park offers a 500-meter educational trail and an observation tower overlooking the swamps and which can be used for bird watching.

Not only is the Bagno Calowanie a home for valuable flora and fauna, it’s also a site of archeological significance – numerous traces of reindeer hunters dating back in the Ice Age were found in its dunes, as were old traces of settlement in the Mazovia region dated about 13,000 years ago.

19. Sierpc

Sierpc in Poland
Outdoor museum in Sierpc.

One of the lesser visited day trips from Warsaw, Sierpc is a small town located in the Mazovia Region with charming local attractions and rural sights. Its main highlight is the Museum of Mazovian Countryside, a large outdoor museum where you can see peasant houses and other buildings such as a wooden chapel, windmill, and blacksmith’s shops, as well as gardens and farm animals. Other attractions include open parks, the town hall, and the market square.

Do you have other recommendations for Warsaw day trips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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