Hand-pulled beef noodles at Noychi Dimsum Express

Noychi Dimsum Express: Authentic hand-pulled noodles in the south

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I received an extended invite to Noychi Dimsum Express, a Chinese-Filipino restaurant in Las Pinas. I almost said no because, based on my experience in food blogging, small businesses tend to come and go and sometimes blog features can’t make a difference. At the last minute though, my schedule freed up, so I thought I’d see it anyway.

I’m going to spoil it ahead and tell you that this restaurant, which is tucked away in a residential area in Las Pinas, is one of the best Chinese-Filipino restaurants you can find. It’s also the only place in the south where you can enjoy hand-pulled noodles. No need to venture to Binondo, folks!

Noychi Dimsum Express is a Chinese-Filipino restaurant which started last December 2018. The owners took years to perfect their recipes, eventually opening a stall in Mercato before starting their own business.

Ambiance and Location

Noychi Dimsum Express is located in BF Resort Village in Las Pinas. It can be easy to miss as it’s small and it’s along a residential road.

The interior is clean and cozy, fitting about 10 people maximum. There’s a flat TV for entertainment and a self-service area with the utensils, tissue and drinking water.


When you’re here, you shouldn’t miss ordering their hand-pulled noodles.

We watched in awe as their cook prepared and hand-pulled the fresh noodles. To give you a little background, hand-pulling is a tradition from Lanzhou in Northwest China. Cooks undergo training to learn this art, and the fact that it’s a more meticulous process compared to using ready-made packaged noodles means it’s pretty uncommon.

Hand-pulled noodles at Noychi Dimsum Express

Hand-pulling ensures that the noodles is perfectly consistent, chewy and fresh.

Because the noodles are hand-pulled upon order, I thought we’d have to wait for a while to get our orders. But it only took about 10 minutes before we were served bowls of warm noodles.

The beef noodle (P150) has a rich, flavorful both and comes with beef chunks and lobster balls. It’s really good and it easily beats the ones sold in more popular restaurants. Meanwhile, the wonton noodle (P130) has a light broth made from pork, served with pork kuchay dim sum.

Noychi Dimsum Express - beef noodles
Beef noodles.
Noychi Dimsum Express - wonton noodles
Wonton noodles.

The noodles are perfect as meals, snacks or warm food during cold weather. Serving for a noodle dish is good for 1-2 people (depending on whether you’re a heavy eater).

We also got several of their bestseller sides. In Noychi Dimsum Express, it’s not just the noodles that are made fresh but also the wraps used in the dim sum.

We had steamed pork dumplings (P90) and fried pork kuchay (P80). The steamed pork dumplings is tender and yummy. It’s easily my favorite. The fried pork kuchay is also good, especially if you want to have veggies in the mix.

Noychi Dimsum Express - dumplings
Steamed pork dumplings and fried pork kuchay dumplings.

We also had pork siomai (P65). Again, this is better than your average siomai as there’s flavor in each bite.

Noychi Dimsum Express - pork siomai
Pork siomai.

Next is lumpiang shanghai (P90). The rolls are perfect — not too salty or over fried. Apparently, this is one of the most-requested items in their menu. My friend Lee of Travel and Much gushed about it a lot. It’s certainly one of the items you shouldn’t miss in Noychi Dimsum Express.

Noychi Dimsum Express - lumpiang shanghai
Lumpiang shanghai.

Lastly, we had chicken feet (P70). I’ve stopped eating chicken feet since I realized that I was eating chicken feet, but I did try this one — it’s very tender, with a sufficiently sweet marinate.

Noychi Dimsum Express - chicken feet
Chicken feet.

For the rice meals, we tried lechon kawali (P70). It’s normally served with plain rice, but you can upgrade to chow fan instead. The lechon kawali was perfectly cooked and crispy.

Noychi Dimsum Express - lechong kawali
Lechong kawali.

Overall, I am a huge fan of Noychi Dimsum Express. The food is fresh and delicious, and despite the fact that the noodles and wraps are made upon order, you don’t have to wait long because serving time is just 10 minutes or so. For the price, everything is very sulit! You don’t need to empty your pockets to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine or venture into places like Binondo for real hand-pulled noodles. Noychi Dimsum Express has it for you.

Kat at Noychi Dimsum Express in Las Pinas
Yum yum!

(I’m already urging Hali and his mom to go back here.)

Practical Info: Noychi Dimsum Express

Noychi Dimsum Express serves ala carte and combo meals.

Address: Charina Zaragosa, BF Resort, Las Pinas

To get here, ride a trike from Mitsubishi Motors to the restaurant or you can simply walk (10-15 min).

Schedule: Tue to Fri 12PM-10PM / Sat to Sun 12PM-11PM / Closed on Mondays

Contact: Facebook | mobile: 09778415484

Disclaimer: Thanks Zeus of The ODS for the invite and Noychi Dimsum Express for feeding us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you tried hand-pulled noodles? Do you have other recommendations for restaurants that make this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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