Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
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Guisi Lighthouse: Charming Ruins in Guimaras

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The Guisi Lighthouse is one of the places I was excited to visit in Guimaras. I saw great IG photos of visitors here and apparently this is also a popular pre-nup location.

The Guisi Lighthouse is located in Guisi Beach, about 45 min to 1 hour away from Jordan Wharf (Guimaras Port). It’s an 18th century landmark and it’s considered the second oldest lighthouse in the country. During the Spanish colonial times, it was known as Faro de Punta Luzaran.

Hali and I visited here during our half-day land tour in Guimaras. It’s often the first stop during the tour since it’s the farthest away, although from Raymen Beach Resort where we stayed it was only 15-20 minutes away.

Our tour guide dropped us off near the lighthouse. We walked to it and passed by the beautiful rocky shores of Guisi Beach. I would learn later on that there are resorts located along Guisi Beach, which is ideal for those looking for secluded resorts in the province.

Guisi beach in Guimaras
We passed by the beautiful Guisi beach on our way to the lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)

The old lighthouse now stands in rot and rust. There is a newly built lighthouse in one of the broken-down rooms in the ruins.

There is a signage forbidding tourists to climb the lighthouse. However, our tour guide said that the lighthouse is built strong enough and can still accommodation 1-3 people. I didn’t want to get rust on my hands and arms so I stayed in the ruins while Hali climbed upstairs. He said it was dizzying and a part of the flooring at the top already gave way. From the top of the lighthouse, there is a breathtaking view of the surrounding seascape.

Guisi lighthouse in Guiimaras
At the top of the Guisi lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)

Afterwards, we took our time taking photos in the ruins. The walls are old and covered with vines. There are large windows facing the beach, and this is one of the best spots for taking photos.

Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Tree roots over the walls add charm to the walls in the old lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
How can you not fall in love with this place? (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Strolling across historical grounds. (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
And much photo-ops! (Photo credit to Hali)

There was another couple on the visit with us and the woman asked if we were during a pre-nup shoot because I was wearing a dress. (It was actually a beach dress.) It’s understandable that this is a favorite pre-nup location among couples visiting the island.

Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Another take. (Photo credit to Hali)

How to get to Guisi Lighthouse

The Guisi Lighthouse is the farthest land attraction from Jordan Wharf. Travel time is around 2 hours.

The easiest way to visit here is via a land tour.

For commute, here are the directions:

  • From Jordan Wharf, ride a “Nueva Valencia” jeepney and get off at the intersection going to Guisi Beach. Travel time is 30-45 minutes. Fare is around P40 per person.
  • From the intersection, ride a habal-habal to Guisi. Travel time is 10 minutes.
  • Walk for 5 minutes to the lighthouse.

Where to Stay

If you plan on staying overnight, you can find resorts along Guisi Beach.


Kuya Cherald (tour guide in Guimaras) – 09084748122.

Rates for land tour in Guimaras: Tricycle – P1200, multicab – P2000, jeepney – P2500, van – P3500

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