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The charming ruins of Guisi Lighthouse in Guimaras

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The Guisi lighthouse is one of the places I was excited to visit in Guimaras. I would’ve insisted that we visited this province just to see this one. I know that I’ve stated previously how I’m not into old lighthouses, but this might just change that. Or perhaps it’s not the lighthouse per se but the ruins of the old building beside it.

When we were walking toward the lighthouse, we passed by the beautiful rocky shores of the Guisi beach. Apparently, there are resorts located in Guisi beach, although we did not check these out.

Guisi beach in Guimaras
We passed by the beautiful Guisi beach on our way to the lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)

Guisi lighthouse is an 18th century piece. It goes all the way back to the Spanish colonial times, when it was known as Faro de Punta Luzaran, and is considered the second oldest lighthouse in the country. The old lighthouse now stands in rot and rust; there is a newly built lighthouse in one of the broken down rooms.

There is a signage forbidding tourists to climb the old lighthouse, but our tour guide said that the lighthouse is built strong and can still accommodate 1-3 people. I didn’t want to get rust on my hands and arms so I stayed in the ruins while Hali climbed upstairs. He said it was dizzying, and a part of the flooring at the top already gave way. However, there is a redeeming breathtaking view of the seascape below.

Guisi lighthouse in Guiimaras
At the top of the Guisi lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)

The walls of the ruins in the Guisi lighthouse are old and clasped by numerous thick tree roots. The large windows are facing the beach.

Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Tree roots over the walls add charm to the walls in the old lighthouse. (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
How can you not fall in love with this place? (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Strolling across historical grounds. (Photo credit to Hali)
Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
And much photo-ops! (Photo credit to Hali)

We chanced upon a couple when we visited here, and the woman, seeing that I’m wearing a dress, asked if we would be doing a pre-nup shoot. I suppose people in the past have chosen this place as a venue for their pre-wedding memorabilia.

Guisi lighthouse in Guimaras
Another take. (Photo credit to Hali)

The Guisi lighthouse is the farthest land attraction from Jordan Wharf. As such, it’s recommended to visit this as part of a land tour, since commuting to places in Guimaras via tricycles can be expensive when done separately. For tours, you can go to Guimaras tourism office near the port or contact Kuya Cherald (see below).


Kuya Cherald, Guimaras tour guide, 09084748122 (P1200 for land tour via tricycle)


P.S. This post is part of our 5-day Antique-Iloilo-Guimaras trip. See other places we’ve been to in this trip.

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