Best Pangasinan tourist spots and things to do in Pangasinan
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20 BEST Pangasinan Tourist Spots + Things to Do

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Located in the northern region of the Philippines, Pangasinan is a province known for its islands and beaches, cultural heritage and history, and delicious local cuisine. It’s about 3-5 hours drive away from Manila and is one of the best road trip destinations for long weekends and holidays, especially among families.

Head to its capital, Lingayen, to see its famous beach and city attractions such as museums, parks, and local markets. For nature attractions, visit Bolinao — a coastal town that boasts some of the most beautiful tourist spots in Pangasinan. Dasol offers underrated beach destinations, ideal for families and friends.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey through the best Pangasinan tourist spots and activities, so you can plan your next vacation accordingly.

1. Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands in Pangasinan

Hundred Islands National Park is the crown jewel of Pangasinan and hence a must-visit when you’re in the province. The park consists of a mesmerizing archipelago of 124 islands and islets scattered in Lingayen Gulf. This protected area is known for its emerald waters, vibrant marine life, and unique limestone formations.

Among the islands, Quezon Island is the most developed, offering amenities such as picnic huts, snorkeling, and even ziplining for the adventurous. Other must-visit islands include Governor’s Island, Pilgrimage Island, and Children’s Island.

Alaminos City serves as the gateway to this natural wonder, where you can rent a boat and embark on an island hopping adventure. Day tour and overnight stays are available.

2. Manaoag Church

Pangasinan is not only about natural beauty — it also holds significant religious and cultural sites.

Manaoag Church (or Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag) is a revered religious site built in the town of Manaoag. According to local lore, a farmer saw an apparition of the Virgin of the Rosary in the area and since then the church receives thousands of local visitors and pilgrims each year.

In 2011, the Roman Church granted Manaoag Church a unique spiritual affinity to the Basilica of Sant Mary Major, which means that visitors get a full indulgence similar to when visiting a papal basilica in Rome. Locals also refer to Manaoag Church as the “Catholic Mecca” of the Philippines.

Due to its religious and cultural significance, Manaoag Church is one of the must-visit Pangasinan tourist spots.

3. Patar Beach

Patar Beach is one of the treasures of Bolinao. It is famous for its fine white sands and crystal-clear waters. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and catching a picturesque sunset.

Aside from its natural beauty, this Pangasinan attraction is also popular due to the budget-friendly cottages and picnic areas alongside the beach. There are also various resorts adjacent to the beach that you can rent overnight.

4. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.

The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is another one of the tourist attractions in Pangasinan that you shouldn’t miss! At 101 feet high, it is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines, next to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte.

For a little bit of history: This lighthouse was built in 1903 during the American Period. It stands atop the Punta Piedra Point, a hill top offering a panoramic view of the West Philippines Sea.

Today, you can visit the Cape Bolinao lighthouse to take pictures, appreciate the coastal views, and buy souvenirs. It is a short drive away from Patar Beach.

5. Cabongaoan Beach

Death Pool in Pangasinan
Up close, the pool is deep. It fills up with water from the ocean waves.

Cabongaoan Beach is one of the tourist spots in Pangasinan that experienced a boom in popularity in the recent years after it went viral in social media. And we agree that it deserves the spotlight!

Located in Dasol, this beach features a rocky, whitish-sand shore where you can swim and sunbathe. Budget-friendly cottages offer a respite from the summer heat and grounds for pitching tents. The highlight of this beach is a natural rock pool called the “Death Pool,” where you can take IG-worthy photos.

Aside from this, there is also a cliff diving site in the beach area.

Caboangaon Beach is a short drive away from Tambobong Beach and it is possible to visit both on a weekend.

6. Tambobong Beach

Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan
Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan.

Located in Dasol, Tambobong Beach offers a quiet beachfront, perfect for unwinding on a weekend. Its shore is ideal for swimming and other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and diving. It also serves as a jump-off point for island hopping in Cabacungan Cove and Colibra Island.

There are several resorts along the shores of Tambobong Beach, offering various types of accommodations. Spend the night in a standard room or rent an outdoor cottage where you can grill, bond together with your friends, and sleep inside a tent outdoors.

7. Balingasay River

Balingasay River is one of the must-visit Pangasinan tourist spots especially for families and those who want to experience relaxing in a river cruise.

The river is said to be the cleanest river in the Ilocos Region. The best way to experience this is to head to the Sungayan Grill — a floating restaurant that serves delicious seafood boodle fight and other local cuisine and offers a 1-hour river cruise, where you can appreciate the cleanliness and beauty of the river and its surrounding greeneries. Alternately, you can also hire a motor boat instead.

Other activities in the river include swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.

8. Bolinao Falls

Bolinao Falls - one of the best Pangasinan tourist spots

Bolinao Falls is a series of three waterfalls hidden amidst the lush greenery in the town of Bolinao, Pangasinan. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, picnicking, and appreciating the beauty of the countryside.

The first waterfall features the highest water cascade at about 20 feet. Here you can swim, cliff jump, and enjoy the sun while lying down in a bamboo raft. For those with children, the second waterfall is more accessible, with a wide basin and deep pools for swimming. The third one is a combination of the two — with a wide basin for swimming and high cliffs for cliff diving and jumping.

This Pangasinan tourist spot is often included in a Bolinao day trip itinerary.

9. Enchanted Cave

Enchanted Cave is perhaps one of the most unique attractions in Pangasinan. It features a cave with a crystal-clear underground pool, beautifully lit, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Swim and snorkel to explore the cave’s mysterious chambers.

If you’re a non-swimmer, worry not! Lifevests are provided by the park.

Aside from the cave, this tourist spot in Bolinao also features an outdoor swimming pool for kids and adults, pavilions for relaxing and picnicking, and a bonsai garden.

10. Lingayen Beach

Lingayen Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in Pangasinan. It features a 12-km-long shoreline filled with fine, gray sands. Some attest that the sands here are finer that those in White Beach, Boracay.

A lot of tourists who visit here are local families who want a casual beach day. There are outdoor cottages along the shore where you can stay for the day, as well as budget-friendly resorts and inns.

Where to stay: The First Islatel

11. Tondol Beach

Located in Anda, Tondol Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Pangasinan. It is known for its white sand, with a distinct sand bar that appears during low tide. It’s also common to see starfishes and crabs in the beach.

Tondol Beach is a good family-friendly destination. Its ankle-deep water is suitable for kids and there are various resorts along the shore where you can book a cottage for a day trip or a room for overnight accommodations.

12. Panacalan Island

Complete your beach hopping tour in Pangasinan and visit Panacalan Island in the town of Anda.

Similar to Tondol Beach, Panacalan Island features a white-sand beach and a sand bar, which changes shape depending on the season (similar to Higatangan Island in Biliran). The waters around the island are protected and makes for great snorkeling. You can spot fishes, starfishes, sea urchins, and other species.

13. Bolinao Church

Another historical gem, Bolinao Church (or St. James the Great Parish Church) features beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture and heritage. It was constructed in the late 16th century in dedication to St. James the Great, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. The church is made of black corals and has since survived various natural and man-made calamities.

Bolinao Church is located at the heart of Bolinao town. You can visit here first thing before heading to other tourist attractions in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

14. Sunflower Farm at Tayug Eco-Park

Sunflower Camp at Tayug Eco-Park
(Photo by Sunflower Camp at Tayug Eco-Park)

Want to visit a flower farm? Then check out the Sunflower Farm at Tayug Eco-Park in the town of Tayug, Pangasinan.

This sunflower farm is considered the first of its kind in the Philippines. Located in a 3-hectare property in the middle of rice fields, the farm features beautiful sunflower plants that bloom in the summer season and other ornamental and edible plants. There are also other photo spots where you can take snaps for the gram. Since you’ll be walking around an open area, make sure to bring sunscreen and water.

15. Sky Plaza

The Sky Plaza is one of the hidden gems of Pangasinan. While it is not that well known outside of the province, it is a favorite destination among locals as a pilgrimage and nature site.

The park is located atop a hill in the town of Natividad, offering a pleasant view of its surrounding mountains and valleys. Within the park, you can find a grotto of the Virgin Mary, a large 30-foot Holy Cross, and a 40-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer (also called “Ayat ni Apo Jesus” or God’s Love).

There are also picnic areas, hiking trails, and a zipline where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the area.

For those looking for a destination for outdoor activities for the family, the Sky Plaza is one of the top Pangasinan tourist spots that you should visit.

16. Maranum Falls

Aside from beaches, Pangasinan is also home to several waterfalls where you can swim and cool off especially during the summer.

Found in the town of Natividad, Maranum Falls is a beautiful stream with a wide basin. Its name is derived from the Ilokano word “maranum,” which means many waters. Indeed, the water at Maranum Falls does not dry out even on the summer months. Getting here is a short 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot. To preserve the cleanliness of the waterfall, food and other items such as cigarettes are not allowed to be brought in. However, you can bring water with you.

17. Interact with animals at Farmcradle

Farmcradle is an agritourism site located in Balungao, Pangasinan. It’s a farm facility ideal for families and kids — here you can visit various types of farm animals, including chickens, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, ostrich, camels, and rabbits.

You can also engage in fun outdoor activities such as golf cart tour, ATV ride, and team-building activities such as obstacle course and bike zip line. Aside from these, the farm also offers rooms for overnight accommodations and a shop for their organic products.

18. Heritage walk at Lingayen

For history lovers, one of the best things to do in Pangasinan is doing a heritage tour at its capital city — Lingayen.

You can visit the Provincial Capitol — a building built in 1918 featuring neoclassical architecture, the Urduja House, the Colegio del Santissimo Rosario Ruins, Sison Auditorium, Malong Building, and Palaris Building. While here, don’t forget to check out the restaurants to taste some delicacies in the province.

19. Visit a salt farm

Did you know that “Pangasinan” came from the word “panag asinan”? And so it makes sense that one of the best things to do in Pangasinan is visit a salt farm.

Pacific Farms Inc. in Bolinao is the largest salt farm in the whole country, supplying about 15,000 metric tons of salt every year. You can visit the salt farm for a day tour to see the whole process of making salt and enjoy local dishes at the site.

If you’ve already been to most tourist spots in Pangasinan and are looking for a new activity to add to your itinerary, consider a tour in a salt farm.

20. Enjoy Pangasinense cuisine

A visit to Pangasinan is incomplete without savoring its delectable cuisine. Don’t miss out on trying the famous milkfish prepared in various ways such as bangus sisig or bangus sa tausi.

Don’t forget to buy pasalubong such as puto (rice cakes), tupig (grilled glutinous rice with coconut strips), pindang (dried fish), and bagoong (fermented shrimp paste).

How to get to Pangasinan

Pangasinan is about a 3-hour drive away from Manila. However, if you’re heading to farther destinations such as Bolinao, the ride will take about 5 hours.

There are different bus companies in Pasay and Cubao with direct routes to Pangasinan.

That concludes our guide to the best Pangasinan tourist spots and things to do! Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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