Who we are

Tara Lets Anywhere

Tara lets is an informal Filipino term meaning “Come on” or “Let’s go.” Tara Lets Anywhere is a travel blog by Filipino couple Katherine and Hali.

The authors


Katherine is a copy editor, writer and software engineer.

She is into eco-friendly and organic items and adores bohemian fashion. She frequently joins meditation and energy healing sessions and reads tarot cards occasionally.

She loves both cats and dogs. She has a cactus named Beth.

Along with Hali, she is an advocate of voluntourism and outreach activities in general.

<– She also loves this picture despite the glaring tan lines.





Hali is a freelance animator and awesome photographer. He likes to document his travels and outreach experiences.

He frequently sketches and is a big fan of comic books and superheroes. He claims to have a personal army of ants.

<– Kat also likes this photo because she was the one who took it and because she’s the one writing this about-us page.





Photos are credited to Hali, unless otherwise stated.

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