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A tarot reading experience with Master Hanz Cua

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Have you tried a tarot reading session before? Here’s my experience with a known tarot reader & feng shui expert Master Hanz Cua.

What is tarot reading

Tarot reading is basically the art of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future.

The session usually starts with a general reading. You are asked to draw a certain number of cards, traditionally using your left hand or whichever is the non-dominant one. The tarot reader will interpret the cards to gain insight about your current life.

The general reading is followed by a Q&A where you can ask for follow-up questions about the reading or other topics that haven’t been discussed.

If you’re new to tarot reading, here are useful resources:

I’m kind of a “veteran” when it comes to tarot reads. I started going to tarot readers sometime in 2012. Most of the time, I go when I have a pressing issue and I want insight or answers, and sometimes I just go for fun.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people: readers who use tarot, oracle and sometimes even ordinary deck; people who can communicate with spirit guides or angels; and people who can access the Akashic Records to know about past lives.

I also know how to read cards, but I’m not very good at it. In fact, I would really like to learn but it’s been a frustrating pursuit so far.

My tarot reading session with Master Hanz Cua

A few days ago, I received a text for a free tarot reading by a professional tarot reader in Manila, Master Hanz Cua.

Master Hanz Cua is actually pretty famous since he’s a fixture in a local morning show and radio programs. He’s possibly the most famous one I have consulted. (Thinking about it, the readers I go to are ordinary people so unless you’re a regular client, you won’t be familiar with their names.)

So before anything else, let me say that this session is shorter than normal. The reason is that we had a miscommunication and the schedule was reserved for 2 people instead of 1. Master Hanz Cua has good grace to still accommodate me.

That aside, here are predictions/insights on my reading:

  • Moving on. This is my first card. Master Hanz Cua asked me if there’s anything in my life that has just ended and I said I’d recently tendered my resignation in my company. He said I’m at the peak of my health and that my current energy is about taking time off for myself. This makes sense, as I’d been on leave for several weeks now.
  • A new opportunity for my boyfriend. I said he’d just started in a new project, so I clarified if this is something else together. He said no, the “new” energy refers to the current project.
  • He asked me if I’m a loner at work. I wanted to laugh at this part because there is truth to it. To be clear, I’m not a loner. But I’m an introvert who prefers a small circle of friends and deep connections compared to the shallow office acquaintances, so there are times when I am alone. I’d also been told that I can be intimidating.
  • He said I’m intelligent and skilled and that I’ll find it easy to get a new job, whether it’s local or abroad. Well, ever since I’d updated my profile in job search engines I’d been getting calls almost every day, although none that I’d accommodated yet. Overall he has very positive predictions for me career- and money-wise.
  • He said Hali is my soulmate. I’m not sure about this one. I love Hali and all that, but he doesn’t feel familiar as soulmates often do. I am defining soulmate as someone you’ve met in a previous lifetime. I’ve had a soulmate relationship prior and it felt very different.
  • I got a fertility card, which refers to pregnancy. I almost always get this in readings and I really don’t understand why, so I just ignored this part.

For the Q&A portion, I asked about our blog, specifically if we’ll be able to monetize it successfully. He said yes, although he warned us about “taking things easy.” That makes sense. Bloggers who earn usually dedicate a lot of time to their websites and as Hali and I have full-time jobs (plus Hali has other side hustles besides), we often have to set blogging aside or cancel travel trips.

I also asked what he sees in this place I’m eyeing for work. He said chances are high I will get a job offer, although I have to be wary of any form of betrayal. (Update: I’ve arrived in Malaysia the same year and am doing fine. I’m not sure about the betrayal part, but I had a falling out with a friend whom I helped settle here.)

He has answered all my questions in the general reading, so I really didn’t have much left to ask. I’m also quite content with my life currently and have none to very few issues so I wasn’t left hanging.

What I think about the session

So, what do I think of Master Hanz Cua? I think he’s okay since he has immediately touched on my immediate concerns.

In comparison with other readers I’d been to, he talks about the general feel of a life aspect or issue. He doesn’t give much specifics and you often have to fill in some information. Some clients prefer to divulge as little as possible to know if the tarot reader is good, so in a way this might be off-putting.

He also focuses on the present, with limited predictions for the future. Then again this may be due to our short session.

I think he’s ideal for those who are looking for practical or knowledgeable advice since he’s adept into numerology and feng shui. For example, those asking what are the best dates for getting married, setting up a business, which career decisions to take, or whether a person is compatible with them.

Master Hanz Cua is on the higher end in terms of professional rate, at P3000 per session. Again, I think he’s fit for those who are looking for more than just hula (prediction) but rather solid advice based on feng shui, numerology and birth charts.

At the end of our session, he gave me a free bracelet for safe travels and two charms to be hang inside a room, for travel and prosperity luck. I love the feel of the aquamarine bracelet. 🙂

Here are the things that I personally would like to see in future sessions:

  • Privacy. His assistants are in the same room, so it might be awkward especially for those who are their for personal problems.
  • More future predictions. This is one of the things I like about tarot reading. It can be major events or random bits that will make me look back and say, “Uy, it happened.”

Book your session with Master Hanz Cua

Tarot sessions cost P3000 and include a healing afterward.

Aside from being a professional tarot reader in Manila, Master Hanz Cua also does feng shui, numerology, palm reading and face reading. He also offers monthly and annual forecasts.

He also offers crystals and charms for various uses. This is especially useful for those who want to enhance their luck in specific aspects of life.

Crystal bracelets sold in Master Hanz Cua's store
Various crystal bracelets.
Buddha statues
Various Buddha statues.

You can find him at LG3 Cityland Shaw Tower at St. Francis corner Shaw Boulevard. To commute from EDSA, get off at Crossing and then turn right to Shaw Boulevard. From the entrance in LG3 floor, turn right and you can find his office at the far end.

You can also text him at 09228290382 or visit his Facebook. Appointments are necessary.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Master Hanz Cua for the session. As always, thoughts and opinions are mine. 🙂

Ever had your fortune read? Let me know your experience in the comments section below!

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  • Passerby

    Thanks for this review! Do you mind sharing the contact info for readers you can recommend to first timers?

    • Katherine

      Hi Passerby! Unfortunately, I don’t have their numbers anymore. If it’s your first time and you’re in Manila, you can go to Seeker’s Cove in Robinson’s Galleria. 🙂 Their readers are good and friendly enough.

  • Chel

    Oh wow, that’s quite a bit pricey no? But at least he answered your questions x Don’t think I’ll give this a try though 🙁

    • Katherine

      Haha yes. I think his clientele talaga is upper middle class, business people and showbiz personalities. I think if for business advice reasonable naman ang rate niya. Sa pagkakaalam ko kasi mga feng shui consultation and such mahal talaga.

      Before him, the most expensive I’ve paid for a reading was 1k (Tara, Nathan… forgot the others). I also had a reading pala with Velanthas at 2k iirc, but it was more in-depth. Sayang she’s stopped reading na.

  • Adrenaline Romance

    Sheila and I are not superstitious, but this looks really fun! I tried that once with a local reader, and you get the jitters when she says, “In 5 days, you will (insert prophecy here).

    • Katherine

      Ah yeah. That’s what missing in our session actually, specific details.

      I know someone in Makati who does that. She’s good – and accurate – in near-future predictions up to 3 months. Not much help in Q&A though because you only get to ask yes or no questions.

      • Adrenaline Romance

        Hehe! I know. We just love the feeling when the “mananabtan” will say, “Oh, you will receive money in five days” or “Someone is missing you.” LOL! 😀

  • mumwrites (@vixquips)

    We always look forward to Master Hanz’ early morning horoscope although I have not been on a tarot card reading before. It does sound interesting, though, and it will be quite an experience to try it even for once in your life. I might have to think twice, though, as 3K is not really that cheap.

    Should be interesting to learn more about tarot reading to serve as a guide in decision-making, especially for major decisions we have to make. Thanks for sharing your lovely experience.

    • Katherine

      True. Usually local readers ask for P300-1000 per session and foreign readers ask for $25 or above, so Master Hanz Cua is really on the pricy range. That’s why I recommend going to him for really important issues. I sometimes go for a reading just because I want to lol.

  • Cykaniki

    I haven’t been to tarot reading but I’m interested on how he answers your questions, it seems he’s sure and, you were able to describe the whole process. Sometimes I’m tempted to have one, but I’m too shy to undergo such process, maybe in the near future

  • thatguywithstories

    I like the style with which you described the entire experience. Several years ago, I had gone to meet a palm reader and he said those things to me which were known to me only. I was amazed. Truly amazed. Perhaps all these people like the tarot readers and palm readers possess an extraordinary sense of intuition. Don’t you think so?

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