Why Leyte’s Kalanggaman Island is an example of tourism done right

Kalanggaman Island beach

Kalanggaman Island in Leyte is one of those local spots that had benefited from the recent tourism boom, which had attracted both foreigners and locals to the Philippines, thanks to Facebook and other social media. Two years ago not many had heard of Kalanggaman Island, and now it’s one of the most visited destinations in summer. […]

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Biri Island, Samar: From the battle of the gods

Biri Island, Samar

The views in Biri Island, Samar, surpassed my expectations. I’d visited Kapurpurawan rock formations in Ilocos years ago and was not impressed, though perhaps this is caused by my take-pictures-and-go touristy attitude then rather than a quality-focused backpacking I do nowadays. Anyway, before going to see the Biri rock formations, I thought we were just […]

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Bacon and Matnog, Sorsogon: Revisiting an endearing province

Revisiting Matnog, Sorsogon

I don’t normally bother going back to places I’ve already seen unless there is a key feature that I’ve missed (Maligcong rice terraces, we will be back). Sorsogon is an exception, as it has a special place in our hearts. We stopped here in Bacon and Matnog, Sorsogon, during our road trip from Manila to Leyte. Last year, Hali […]

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Holy Week Caravan: Road Trip from Manila to Leyte

Road trip from Manila to Leyte

This road trip from Manila to Leyte is the longest Hali and I have been on so far, starting from Buendia and ending in Kalanggaman Island. This was planned for the Holy Week, so we’d have ample time on the road without using up all our office leave credits. I actually considered other destinations — some friends were […]

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Balabac, Palawan: A memorable summer

Punta Sebaring in Bugsuk Island, Balabac, Palawan

Balabac, Palawan, gave us a novel summer experience. I’m not just saying that to stir up hype or exaggerate. It’s different from the usual summer escapades, for many reasons. You’d be surprised to know that the amazing beaches we discovered are only one of these reasons. This is despite the many stories and controversies surrounding Balabac, […]

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A guide to island hopping in Balabac, Palawan

Balabac island hopping - Candaraman Island

Balabac has so much to offer in terms of island hopping experience. There is a total of 31 islands in Balabac, Palawan. Many of these are home to communities that constitute the 20 barangays in this municipality, and many still that offer pristine beaches for those seeking off-the-beaten summer destinations. Hali shot too many beautiful […]

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Balabac, Palawan: Travel guide to the Last Paradise (Updated 2018)

Balabac Palawan travel guide feature

Yes, a Balabac Palawan itinerary and travel guide! Last 2015, Hali and I were exchanging stories with a 60-year-old fellow traveler, who then told us we should visit Balabac. For the uninitiated, Balabac group of islands is a relatively unknown summer haven for backpackers seeking unspoilt beaches and preserved local culture. It is located at the southernmost tip of Palawan in the […]

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Finding Love on the Road

Aguid rice terraces in Sagada

Excuse me for a while as I discuss, not destinations we’ve recently explored or discovered, but a topic that is nonetheless close to my heart: love. My friends would often joke about the perks of traveling, specifically meeting a special person unexpectedly on a seemingly ordinary out-of-town (or country) trip, a common fantasy likened to […]

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