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The Beer Factory (Eton Centris, QC): Trendy drinks and great food

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I usually write wholesome food reviews, but every once in a while I also like to pop in features about cool resto-bars in the metro. Personally, the combination of good food and chilled alchoholic drinks never fails to put me in a good mood. This month, I checked out The Beer Factory in Eton Centris, Quezon City.

The Beer Factory is an award-winning bar in Malaysia. It opened its first outlet here in the Philippines in 2018 in Greenfield, Mandaluyong, and followed it with a second branch in Eton Centris.

The Beer Factory offers beers and cocktails. They also have a wide selection of food including burger, pasta, chicken wings and pizza.

Location and ambiance

The Beer Factory can easily be found in Eton Centris, just walking distance from MRT Que Ave. It’s in a 2-story building with a trendy industrial design.

The second floor features neon lights and window glasses, which set ups a great mood. This floor is open on evenings only. Overall, it has a fun ambiance — perfect for after-work drinking sessions or hanging out with friends.

The Beer Factory in Eton Centris, Quezon City
The Beer Factory in Eton Centris, QC.
The Beer Factory in Eton Centris, Quezon City
Second-floor interior.
Kat at The Beer Factory, Eton Centris


Boba Beer Series

For a limited time, The Beer Factory offered the Boba Beer Series. Basically, boba pearls are added to their regular alcoholic drinks. You can choose among: Guinness Milkshake (P249), Strawberry Lime Cider (P199), Watermelon Beer (P199) and Butter Beer (P249).

The boba pearls surprisingly work because the drinks have a sweet flavor, but with a kick. I love the Strawberry Lime Cider which has a very fruity taste. Accordingly, this is also their bestseller. The Guinness Milkshake comes second — the combination of Guinness beer and cream is always a winner.

Other alcoholic drinks

One of the unique items you can order at The Beer Factory is the Heineken tower. You can’t find this anywhere else in the country. The tower was a gift by Heinekin to The Beer Factory for winning the Heineken Best Bartender Award.

The Beer Factory - Heineken tower
Heineken tower.

They also offer the Supersized Cocktail (starting at P1799+) at 2 liters, in different flavors. This is one of their popular items since aside from enjoying a delicious drink, you can mix the ingredients yourself. (Instagrammers, this is for you!)

The Beer Factory - Supersize cocktail
You can mix the Supersize Cocktail on your own.

For the cocktails, I tasted various drinks including Midori Sour (P180), Mojito (P200) and Whiskey Sour (P250). I love the presentation and flavor of mojito and the midori sour was quite good as well.

The Beer Factory - mojito

I notice their cocktails do not have strong alcoholic content, which in my opinion is good since you can enjoy more drinks without getting drunk.


The Beer Factory has great food, so you can visit here for food tripping as well.

For appetizers, they have Dog Food (P299) which includes duo potatoes and nachos topped with beef bolognese, mayo, and cheese sauce. It’s called Dog Food because accordingly it’s messy to eat. This is good and it’s large enough for sharing.

The Beer Factory - dog food
Dog food.

For the burgers, they have Factory Monster (P215), Food Coma (P215) and Moo Oink (P235). The Factory Monster is their bestseller. It has beef patty and egg omelette. Now, I’d always thought that egg feels a bit out of place in a burger, but the omelette here works fine. In fact, this is my favorite burger as well.

The Beer Factory - burgers
Factory Monster and other burgers.

My second best is Moo Oink which has beef patty and lechon kawali. Meanwhile, Food Coma is perfect for those who love meaty burgers as it has beef patty and pork bacon.

The Beer Factory also offers Malaysian tapas aka pulutan. The Salt & Pepper Crispy Mushroom which consists of deep-fried shimeji mushroom is a crowd-pleaser because it’s tasty and guilt free. They also have Pork Satay, which is traditional satay with peanut sauce, and Nam Yee Pork Belly, which is bite-sized pork cuts.

The Beer Factory - salt & pepper crispy mushroom
Salt & pepper crispy mushroom.

Of course, beer won’t be complete without chicken wings. You can order Chicken Wings (P270, 6 pieces) in different flavors: Salted Egg, Spicy Spiracha and Balinese BBQ. I highly recommend the salted-egg chicken wings because they use real salted-egg sauce, not powder.

The Beer Factory - flavored chicken wings
Flavored chicken wings.

For pastas, they have Bacon Aglio Olio, Bacon Carbonara and Beef Bolognese. Their pasta plates aren’t teeming with toppings but still flavorful. I like the Beef Bolognese and the Bacon Aglio Olio, which has a little bit of spicy kick.

The Beer Factory - pasta
One of their pasta plates.

Finally, you should try out their TBF Fourplay Pizza (P600). It’s a combination of four flavors: Beef Margarita, Aloha, Magic Mushroom and Bacon & Ham. The crust is thin and well cooked. The Magic Mushroom flavor is a must-try in particular.

The Beer Factory - TBF fourplay pizza
TBF Fourplay Pizza.

The Beer Factory has a wide selection of food to accompany your drinks. Although the brand itself has Malaysian roots, the menu is ideal for local & international taste as well. Moreover, the prices here are affordable.

Overall, The Beer Factory is one of the best bars you can frequent in the north.

About The Beer Factory

Here are the branches of The Beer Factory:

  • Greenfield, Mandaluyong
  • Eton Centris, Quezon City

I dined in at Eton Centris branch.

Eton Centris opening hours: 11AM to 4AM


For inquiries or other information, you may contact The Beer Factory – Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Thank you Beer Factory for feeding me! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to The Beer Factory? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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