Suijin Japanese Restaurant in Cavite
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Authentic Japanese Flavors at Suijin Japanese Restaurant in Cavite

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I love Japanese food. Whenever I spot a new Japanese restaurant or I visit one of the numerous buffets in Manila, I always make sure I get a nice plate of sashimi or a hot bowl of ramen. For people like me, one of the restaurants I recommend is Suijin Japanese Restaurant in Cavite.

Suijin is new, as they had just opened this November 2021. What I like most about is its authenticity — in fact, the owner himself is Japanese, so the flavors in the dishes are as close to the real thing outside of Japan!

I visited here with my boyfriend Hali. We had the restaurant’s best-seller dishes.

One of the first items served to us is salmon sashimi. The sashimi is so fresh and delicious! I couldn’t have enough of it. Even Hali who claims not to be a fan of sashimi ate more than his share.

Kat in Suijin Japanese Restaurant
Time for sashimi!
Suijin Japanese Restaurant - sashimi
Salmon sashimi.

We also had tonkatsu, which was perfectly crispy outside and definitely one of our favorites. The chicken karaage was yummy, with or without rice. Then there’s also shio saba, which is grilled mackerel. It’s a simple yet flavorful dish served with soy sauce and lemon. This is new to me — I usually skip ordering it in other restaurants because I prefer to spend my money on sushi and sashimi, but I’m glad that I’ve finally tasted it. Even though it’s simple, it tastes fresh and flavorful.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant - tonjiru
Tonkatsu, chicken karaage, and shio saba.

For the side, we had miso soup and cucumber salad.

We were also given a bowl of tonjiru, which is similar to miso soup but has pork and vegetables. This soup was very good. I was curious about the slices of konnyaku because it was my first time having it and I couldn’t tell if it was fish fat or jelly. Turns out it’s yam cake! I would order this as a main because it was very filling.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant - tonjiru

Lastly, we had temaki sushi. Temaki sushi literally means hand-rolled sushi. This is a great dish to order if you’re in a group. The nori sheets, sushi rice, and fillings are served in separate plates and everyone can make their own sushi! One of the staff demonstrated how to make it. First, grab a nori sheet and then add a little sushi rice and then whatever fillings you like. We had as much fun making it as tasting our creation.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant - temaki sushi
Temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi).
Suijin Japanese Restaurant - temaki sushi
How to eat temaki sushi.

By the way, we also had tea. I like how the hot tea is served, the setup was very cute. Just the perfect start and end to a great Japanese meal.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant - tea
Cold and hot tea.

In general, here are the things that I liked.

  • Accessibility. It’s very accessible and the complex has ample parking space so those who drive their own car won’t have any problems with parking. Hali and I always go in his car and we avoid commuting (due to traffic and for sanitary reasons), so parking space is often a big deal for us.
  • Cleanliness. The restaurant including the toilet is very clean, which is a very important consideration especially nowadays.
  • Interiors. The restaurant has minimal style. I like the small touches like the wet hand towels they prepare in the table so you can easily wipe your hands.
  • Food. The food is delicious and sure to satisfy fans of Japanese food like me.

Overall, I highly recommend Suijin Japanese Restaurant especially for those living or commuting in Cavite. Next time you’re in the area, don’t forget to check it out!

Couple shot in Suijin
Hali and I.

About Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Suijin is located at Remington Building in Carmona, Cavite (just beside Puregold).

Opening hours: 11:30AM to 9PM daily

Suggested budget: P1000 for 2 people

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Have you been to Suijin Japanese Restaurant in Cavite? Let us know your experience below!

Disclaimer: Thanks Katrina of Happy and Busy Travels for the invite and Suijin for feeding us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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