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Southside Grill (Las Pinas): Resto bar with unli crabs menu

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My ears immediately perk up when I hear the word “unli crabs”, so when I learned about Southside Grill in Las Pinas, I knew I had to go. Along with other bloggers, we went here to taste their bestsellers and deliver a review to you.

Southside Grill, Las Pinas

As its name suggests, Southside Grill is a local pub catering to working professionals in the area. It offers grilled food and sizzlers, as well as alcoholic drinks. However, it’s also a foodie’s haven especially since it also serves delicious seafood. What’s more: every Friday and Saturday, you can eat unli crabs for P550 only!

Ambiance and location

Southside Grill is just across SM Southmall so it’s very accessible. The restaurant is actually just small, with several tables inside and in the alfresco area. Don’t expect something grand, but if you’re here for good food and drinks, you won’t be disappointed.

Kat in Southside Grill, Las Pinas

Southside Grill in Las Pinas

(It’s also beside other foodie restaurants such as Samgyup Hunting for samgyupsal.)


First, we had some of Southside Grill’s appetizers and pulutan: kani dynamite cheesesticks (P115), pork sisig (P220) and streetwise platter. The streetwise platter includes BBQ, isaw and hotdogs and is usually served with alcoholic drinks. I like the kani dynamite in particular especially since it has a spicy kick.

Southside Grill - kani dynamite
Kani dynamite cheesesticks.
Southside Grill - pork sisig
Pork sisig.
Southside Grill - streetwise platter
Streetwise platter.

Last item in the pulutan is the bucheron. This is a new item in their menu. It’s a great chicha, a bit on the spicy side.

Southside Grill - bucheron

Next is buttered chicken (whole, P485). Buttered chicken has been my favorite since my visit from Joliant’s Restaurant, so I enjoyed this one. Of course, it’s best eaten immediately after serving because the butter changes its taste afterwards.

Southside Grill - buttered chicken
Buttered chicken.

We also had grilled salmon (P310). Salmon tasted fresh, though I wish the serving was bigger.

Southside Grill - grilled salmon
Grilled salmon.

For veggies, we had grilled talong and okra with bagoong (P130) and kangkong. I like that the vegetables tasted fresh, especially the kangkong which was still crispy.

These are ala carte items. If you’re in a group, you might want to avail any of their platters: all-meat platter, inihaw platter and seafood platter.

Next on our table is the seafood dishes. The buttered garlic shrimp (P435) was so good. The shrimps were fat and flavorful.

Southside Grill - buttered garlic shrimp
Buttered garlic shrimp.

And then here’s what we were waiting for: the crabs! We had ala carte Heart Attack Crab and Singaporean Chili Crab (P600 each). The crabs are big and stuffed with meat inside. I love the Heart Attack Crab with its aligue sauce in particular. I could eat it all day. The Singaporean Chili Crab is also good, especially if you want a mildly spicy/sweet sauce to go with the crab. The sauce has a strong flavor, which tends to overpower the mild taste of the crab meat. Personally I’d rather get a little of it only or consume it with rice.

Our group was torn between the Heart Attack Crab and Singaporean Chili Crab, but whatever your preference is, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the crabs in Southside Grill.

Southside Grill - Singaporean Chili Crab
Singaporean Chili Crab.
Southside Grill - Heart Attack Crab
Heart Attack Crab.
Southside Grill - Heart Attack Crab
Look at that.
Southside Grill - seafood dishes
Came here for this.

If you want to avail of their unli crabs promo, visit on Friday and Saturday. Rate is P550 per person. For the unli option, the crabs are steamed and served with Singaporean chili sauce or vinegar. The crabs are also smaller compared to ala carte but still a good size for you to enjoy the meat inside. It’s best to make a reservation for the unli crabs option so the staff can prepare sufficient fresh stock of crabs.

For the drinks, we tried Sex on the Beach (P120) and Black Russia (P115). The Sex on the Beach looks deceiving — it looks like your regular cocktail, but a glass can give you a light buzz (at least I had, but then I have low alcohol tolerance). The Black Russia is delicious with its coffee liquor taste. Since I’m young I prefer cocktails like Sex on the Beach better, but if you’re feeling tito/tita, short drinks like the Black Russia might be more enjoyable.

Here’s my verdict

Southside Grill may seem like your ordinary local pub, but the food is surprisingly good. The dishes I enjoyed the most are: buttered chicken, buttered garlic shrimp and Heart Attack Crab. For the drinks, both the alcohol drinks we’ve tried are recommendable.

Whether you’re just looking for a drink for the day or a foodie who wants to discover a new joint for grilled food or seafood, you’ll have a good time in Southside Grill.

Practical Info: Southside Grill

Other things you need to know:

  • Unli crabs is during Friday and Saturday, at P550 per person. Reservation is a must.
  • Live band every Wednesday and Saturday, open mic every Friday.

Address: Manila Doctors Village Access Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas

Southside Grill is just across SM Southmall. It has a parking space good for 4 cars; the rest can get paid parking in Hotel Dreamworld.

Opening hours: 5PM to 3AM


Contact: Facebook | Instagram


Disclaimer: Thanks to Sir Jay of Southside Grill for feeding us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Southside Grill in Las Pinas? What do you think about the food? Let us know in the comments below!

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