P299 only? Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet, a Korean buffet restaurant in Las Pinas

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet review
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Korean buffets have been in existence for as long as I can remember, although it’s only recently that it’s making its rounds in the social media. Here’s our review of a Korean buffet in Las Pinas — the Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet differs in that it offers a very affordable rate of P299 per person for their buffet option. This includes 10 different Korean dishes and unlimited yakiniku (a Japanese term for grilled meat), along with desserts and drinks. Other Korean buffets in Manila usually cost P300-600 per person.

The restaurant seems to have many fans and mostly positive reviews. So, I invited Hali over to dinner so we can experience it ourselves.

Note: Our visit is dated 2017 and Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet has since renovated and updated their price list. Their menu offerings are now: P299 for all meat, P399 for all meat + tempura, P449 for all meat + seafood.

Dinner at Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet

We drove to the main branch of Yakiniku Buffet on a weekend for their dinner schedule. The traffic from Alabang to Las Pinas was terrible, so instead of the usual 45-minute drive, it took us 2 hours to reach the restaurant. We missed our reservation spot.

We arrived at about 6PM, and this was when people started trickling in. We were lucky the get the one remaining table inside.

Sigsaga buffet table
Buffet table with about 10 dishes, as well as soup, desserts and salad.

The main branch occupies a one-story room. I’ve read reviews that their space is small, but only realized what people mean when we were seated inside. There were maybe 10 tables in all, so it easily gets full. The place doesn’t have proper ventilation either, and in a grill restaurant that’s usually a no-no. There were fans inside, but in our corner there wasn’t any. I was sweating halfway through our dinner.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet space
The restaurant has about 10 tables only.
Couple shot at Sigsaga buffet
Here’s us while grilling beef yakiniku. 🙂 As you can see, I’m incredibly sweaty from the heat.

Once we were settled in our table, a server gave us 2 platters of beef strips and beef filling wraps (crab meat wrapped with beef) for grilling with 3 different sauces. We also got food from the buffet, which included the usual jap chae (stir-fried glass noodles), kimchi, bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), tang-su-yuk (sweet and sour pork with vegetables) and bul-dak (spicy chicken).

They also have baby potatoes cooked in butter, korean pancakes, California maki and desserts including buko pandan and a chocolate fountain for marshmallow bites. There are also lettuce leaves available for the grilled meat.

Overall, Hali and I were both surprised that the food is actually good. I guess despite the good reviews online, we were a skeptical because of the cheap price and the small space, which feels really crowded especially when the guests are lined up in the buffet table.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet grilling
Grilling beef yakiniku.
Sigsaga buffet grilling
Servers are normally the ones to grill the yakiniku strips, although you can also do it on your own if you want to.
Sigsaga buffet table
From right to left: kimchi, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, bulgogi, bul-dak (spicy chicken).
Sigsaga buffet table - close up
Jap chae, baby potatoes, korean pancake.

My favorites are the beef yakiniku (wrapped in lettuce leaves and dipped in a sauce) and beef filling wraps, fried rice, bul-dak and marshmallows coated in chocolate. The chocolate doesn’t taste like those cheap ones filled with too much sugar. Hali was laughing at me because I was lining up in the chocolate fountain along with kids.

I also liked buko pandan even though it lacks coconut strips and is basically green gulaman in cream, simply because it’s a favorite dessert. In addition, Hali likes the baby potatoes.

Sigsaga chocolate fondue
Chocolate fondue where you can dip in marshmallows.

Meanwhile, I don’t care much about the jap chae, which is done better in other restaurants, and the pancake. I’d forgotten what korean pancake tastes like and am not sure if it’s done right in this buffet restaurant, but it tastes normal.

We spent about an hour here. Even though it’s a buffet restaurant, Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet isn’t really a place where you can have a long meal, unlike in bigger restaurants where you can chat and stay as long as you please.

First of all, there’s the issue of space. We were lucky to get an empty seat, but outside we saw a long waiting line shortly after we arrived. We were very conscious about staying longer than necessary. Second, the fact that there was no proper ventilation (and not even an electric fan in our corner) meant that we were sweaty all throughout the dinner. Third, there are limited choices in the buffet table and you can already have a bit of everything on your first course.

Instead, I think guests should treat Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet as you would any other restaurant. Get your fill and then go.

Overall, Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet is a great choice for those with friends or families looking for a good Korean dinner at an affordable price. At P299, their rate is pretty much unbeatable given the food quality.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet review

So here’s a summary of what we think about Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet.


  • Good-tasting and affordable
  • Servers are very attentive, buffet food is immediately refilled


  • As it’s located in Las Pinas, it’s a bit of a hassle to visit. From Alabang, the road going to Sigsaga Korean Buffet restaurant is always congested with traffic
  • Small place, lack of proper ventilation

Practical Guide: Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet has a rate of P299 per person, including drinks. They also have a separate shabu-shabu good for 2 people for P299 and a platter of shrimp tempura for P129.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet main branch location
Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet main branch.

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet has 2 branches, both located in Las Pinas, Philippines:

  • Main Branch: Lalaine Bennett St., BF Resort Village (near clubhouse)
    Contact number: 0956-510-1728
  • Branch 1: One Princeway Bldg., BF Resort Dr., BF Resort Village (across Metrobank)
    Contact number : 0956-510-1727

How to get to Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet: From Alabang, ride a bus to Baclaran or Sta. Cruz or a jeepney to Baclaran or Zapote. Get off at Cecille’s. Ride a tricycle to the restaurant.

If you have your own ride, you can simply type in Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet in waze.

Operating hours: Lunch 11AM-2PM, dinner 5PM-9PM.

Tip: Reserve in advance through their mobile number or Facebook page especially during weekends. Give an allowance of P30-45 minutes if you’re living outside of Las Pinas in case you get stuck in traffic.

You can find them in Facebook here.

Have you been to Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet? Please post them in the comments section below. 🙂

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