Siargao’s Pride: Magpupungko Pool and General Luna

Magpupungko Pool and General Luna in Siargao
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Ever since I’d seen a a video of Siargao from One Way Ticket, I’d been excited to visit Magpupungko Pool. Hali, meanwhile, was excited to surf in the world-famous Cloud 9 in General Luna. So you can imagine how looking forward we were to these visits.

Magpupungko Pool

Magpupungko Pool is located inside Buddha’s Surf Resort in Pilar, Siargao. It is about a 2-hour ride from our homestay in Del Carmen. For those who are commuting, to get here you can flag a motorcycle from General Luna. It will cost you about P1000 or less for a round-trip fare.

There is a cheap entrance fee of P50, and tables and cottages are offered at reasonable rates as well. I think the resort is still on its developmental phase; the rest rooms are still under construction.

Magpupungko Pool stands true to its promise. From afar it looks just a regular pool beside the beach, but as you get near you’ll start to appreciate how the rock formations serve as a natural pool during low tide, the picturesque view offered by stones peeking from the water and the clear emerald water.

You can even see fishes inside the natural pool.

Magpupungko pool, a must-see among Siargao island tourist spots
Magpupungko Pool stands true to its promise as one of the must-visit places in Siargao. (Photo credit to Hali)

There was never a dull moment when we were at Magpupungko Pool. We swam and took group shots underwater. I think this place is non-threatening to newbie swimmers; the pool isn’t that wide and you can easily swim to nearby rocks when necessary.

Magpupungko Pool in Siargao
Floating, dreaming. (Photo credit to Hali)

I am thoroughly in love with this place.

Magpupungko Pool in Siargao
Look at that, the water is so so clear. (Photo credit to Hali)
Magpupungko Pool in Siargao
Magpupungko Pool in Siargao. (Photo credit to Hali)
Group shot in Magpupungko Pool
With our Alon ng Pag-asa family. 🙂 (Photo credit to Hali)

There’s also a huge rock that you can climb if you want to cliff dive (Hali says it’s not cliff diving because the rock is too low). It goes without saying that the best time to go here is during low tide; otherwise the pool won’t be visible.

Cloud 9 Resort, General Luna

After lunch time, we went to the boardwalk on Cloud 9 Resort in General Luna — for surfing, of course.

During our visit, surfing activities had already started past 1 PM, at high tide. For P500 we get a surfing board and an instructor for an hour. Most of us split this hour with a buddy.

Outside the resort, there are also a number of shops selling souvenirs, shirts and surfing-related items such as boards and rash guards. Most people buy pasalubong here.

Cloud 9 in Siargao
Facing this iconic pathway that represents one thing Siargao is most famous for… surfing!
Cloud 9 in Siargao
Sightseeing around the resort before surfing time. (Photo credit to Hali)
Waves in Cloud 9, Siargao
Waves were huge even during low tide. (Photo credit to Hali)

I had never tried surfing in Baler or La Union, so I asked Hali how is Cloud 9 different from the ones he’d been to. He said in General Luna it’s possible to surf far from the shore, and the sea water is definitely clearer compared to the two mentioned. This surfing haven also hurls consistent big waves, the very reason Siargao is a regular host for global surfing competitions.

I meant to surf, but I was not feeling well. Hali pushed through alone. (Hali, sometime in the future you will see me on a surfboard, don’t worry. Also you will be humbly amazed by my natural water skills and will probably call me a “water goddess.”)

Surfing in General Luna, Siargao
Hali riding the waves.

The sunset caught up with us, and it was beautiful. A large rainbow showed up in the middle of the sea before we were all dowsed with heavy rainfall. We went home still damp.

This visit to two of Siargao Island’s best spots marked our last day in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.


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Must-see places in Siargao: Magpupungko natural pool and Cloud 9

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  1. This is a very informative post! 🙂 From GL, the P1000 fare going to the Rock Pool – is this per head? Do they have tricycle where in 4 people can fit for the same price? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi Jai, the P1000 rate is per habal-habal. I read that you can haggle it down to P700-800. I’m not sure if there are tricycles servicing the area. We haven’t seen any or read about it online. 🙂

      1. I didn’t realize I commented here before! 🙂 I just want to ask again though. What time do you suggest we leave for Magpupungko?

        1. It depends where you are coming from and what time it will be low tide. During our visit, low tide was before lunch time (around 10-11AM). I don’t know if that changes! 😀 I suggest you just ask around when you’re there.

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