Samgyup Hunting (Las Pinas): Just Plain Ole’ Good Samgyupsal

Grilling meat at Samgyup Hunting
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Undoubtedly, there’s so many samgyupsal restaurant nowadays where we can satisfy our craving for grilled meat. Each one is trying to outdo the other to get more customers, so it was refreshing to me to discover a samgyupsal restaurant that’s pretty standard but still satifies your Korean BBQ craving. Here’s my review of Samgyup Hunting in Las Pinas.

Samgyup Hunting

So, first, let me tell you how I discovered Samgyup Hunting. I was with fellow bloggers doing a restaurant review for Southside Grill in Las Pinas (which you should definitely check out by the way, if you like unli crabs and seafood) and this just was along the block. After the food event, Mikhaela (of Kimchi Adventures) and I decided to check it out.

Kat and Mikhaela at Samgyup Hunting
Me and Mikhaela.

Here’s what I like about Samgyup Hunting. It’s a good, no-frills samgyupsal restaurant. The inside of the restaurant is spacious and the tables are not crammed together, the menu is short and straightforward.

For the side dishes, Samgyup Hunting serves lettuce, kimchi, japchae, fish cake, garlic (Mikhaela says it’s for grilling as well), baby potatoes, corn and fruit cocktail. I love the last options in particular since these aren’t common. We also had soup, which is flavorful and mildly spicy with lots of vegetable slices.

Samgyup Hunting - side dishes
Side dishes.
Samgyup Hunting - soup

For the meat selection, Samgyup Hunting offers the following flavors (pork or beef):

  • Plain
  • Bulgogi
  • Salt and pepper
  • Spicy
  • Yummy curry

I like that their menu contains thin slices. While I do love my occasional cuts of thick meat, samgyupsal is really about having paper-thin slices of meat that easily absorbs the flavor of marinade and cooks easily. It’s refreshing not to be overwhelm with too many choices or wait for too long for the meat to cook. I almost felt like having a samgyup-at-home experience (though honestly I haven’t had an actual one).

Our first order was beef in salt & pepper and bulgogi. The salt & pepper to me was too salty (almost similar to bacon), so I dared not dip it into olive oil. The bulgogi was flavorful and delicious though, and you can tell that it was properly marinated.

Samgyup Hunting - salt and pepper beef
Salt and pepper beef.
Samgyup Hunting - bulgogi beef
Bulgogi beef.

We then had beef in plain and yummy curry, as well as pork in plain. I know a lot of people prefer flavored cuts, but again the plain ones are the best ones for a samgyupsal meal. The curry flavor was good as well.

Samgyup Hunting - curry beef
Curry beef.
Samgyup Hunting - plain beef
Plain beef.
Samgyup Hunting - plain pork
Plain pork.

Among these, my favorites are plain pork, plain beef and bulgogi beef. Sadly we were too full to try the spicy flavor, maybe that’s for next time.

Grilling meat at Samgyup Hunting
Here we go!
Grilling meat at Samgyup Hunting
Grilling meat at Samgyup Hunting

Overall, we enjoyed our samgyupsal meal here at Samgyup Hunting. Although the menu isn’t extensive as other popular restaurants, the food is good, it’s cheaper and essentially it’s good value for money. If there’s anything I didn’t like, it’s the exhaust system. There are no exhaust tubes, but there are exhaust windows in the ceiling which means there are times you’ll be covered in smoke before it gets vacuumed. It’s tolerable but of course it’ll be better if this is improved.

If you’re going out here with friends, make sure to try out their videoke too.

About Samgyup Hunting

Samgyup Hunting is just across SM Southmall and next to Southside Grill.

Samgyup Hunting Korean BBQ Restaurant
Samgyup Hunting at Las Pinas

Address: Manila Doctors Village Access Road, Alabang – Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas

Rates: Mondays-Thu P349 per person/ Fri-Sun P399 per person

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday – 12 noon to 3AM / Friday to Satuday – 11AM to 5AM

Contact: Facebook

Have you been to Samgyup Hunting? Let us know in the comments below!

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