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RoyalTea: Our new favorite milk tea with New Zealand cheese froth!

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Can’t get enough of milk tea? We got you, fam. RoyalTea, a popular brand from China, opens its first store here in the Philippines at WH Taft Residences, Malate, Manila. Their signature tea drinks are topped with thick, creamy 100% authentic New Zealand cream cheese. This is perfect if you want a savory-salty finish to your favorite tea drink.

I attended their exclusive soft opening and here are some things I took note of:

Their tea drinks are made with quality ingredients

RoyalTea uses only premium, fresh and natural ingredients to create their teas. In particular:

  • They use fresh milk
  • For the cheese froth, they use 100% real cream cheese
  • Fruit teas are served with actual fruit pieces. Do you see the photo of a fruit tea below? Those are real orange slices!
  • Pearls are created by batches daily to ensure freshness
RoyalTea - making fresh batch of pearls
Staff making our order from a fresh batch of chewy pearls.

Different options to choose from

Although milk teas are indeed gift from above, every now and then we like to try something different. So it’s good that RoyalTea has a varied drink selection:

  • Cheezo series — RoyalTea’s signature line. Tea, fruit juice or smoothie topped with New Zealand cheese.
  • Fruit Tea series — Fruit juice mixed with green tea, ideal as refreshment especially on hot days.
  • Brown Sugar series — Milk, milk tea or chocolate with caramelized brown sugar crystals and brown sugar syrup, with soft pearls.
  • Milk Tea series — Black tea fused with New Zealand fresh milk, with soft pearls or boba.
  • Custard series — Milk tea or chocolate mixed with New Zealand fresh milk and layers of creamy custard.
RoyalTea milk teas
Cheezo Milk Tea, Cheeze Milk Tea with pearls, traditional Milk Tea.
RoyalTea Fruit Tea series
Fruit teas.
RoyalTea Custard series
Custard Cake Milk Tea and Custard Cake Coco.
RoyalTea brown sugar milk tea
Brown sugar milk tea.

I have tried several drinks and my favorites are the Cheezo Milk Tea (traditional milk tea with cream cheese) and Brown Sugar Milk Tea with pearls. I like that their milk teas are just sufficiently sweet, even at 100% sugar level, unlike other milk teas where the sweetness overpowers the tea flavor.

Other drinks I’ve tried:

  • Grapefruit Smoothie Cheezo — Refreshing grapefruit with salty cheese top — without a hint of bitterness!
  • Cheezo Matcha — Creamy matcha-flavored drink. I actually like my matcha drink bitter and stronger, so I’m not very keen on this one.
  • Custard Cake Milk Tea — A dessert-like drink. It looks so yummy and is one of the drinks that immediately caught my eye. If you want a sweeter, heavier drink this one’s for you.
  • Orange Fruit Tea — Refreshing and looks instagrammable too.
  • Mango Mania — A new product yet to be released. Sweet slices of mango with creamy milk tea is a perfect combination.

Aside from the above, I love that their Cheezo and Fruit Tea series are served in reusable, spill-proof cups. The cups can be used for up to 5x and can be recycled as a pen holder or pot for small plants. Any effort from stores to promote sustainability is a plus point for me!

Kat in RoyalTea - Malate branch
Enjoying a Cheezo Milk Tea.
RoyalTea brown sugar milk tea

There’s still a lot of drink choices I haven’t tried, so there’s definitely more reason to be back.

Fair-priced menu

RoyalTea teas are offered in reasonable prices. In fact, they are even cheaper than other milk tea stores. For instance, their Cheezo is priced at P110-120 and their Millk Tea at P95-105 (large size).

It’s ideal for students and everyone else who are in a budget. (Let’s admit it, guys, this milk tea addition can be heavy on the budget too.)

RoyalTea Philippines menu
RoyalTea - brown sugar milk tea instruction
Or shake the milk tea upside down!


Address: WH Taft Residences, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Contact: Facebook | Instagram


Disclaimer: Thanks RoyalTea for inviting me! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you tried the milk teas at RoyalTea? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments below!

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