Reasons Why Programmers Make Good Bloggers

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A lot of you don’t know this yet, but my day job is actually programming. Specifically, I’m a Java developer. I’m currently on a sabbatical so I’m spending my time on writing and other things, but I plan to get back on this soon.

Anyway, I realized that I have skills as a developer that are plenty useful as a blogger. Here are my thoughts on this!

1. We have time to write

If you’ve been assigned to a maintenance or support task, chances are you’ll experience a lot of downtimes. (I was also assigned to development projects and still had ample free time in-between actual work.) In most work environments, a downtime means you can do anything on your phone or laptop as long as you’re still able to start and finish work as necessary.

This free time can be used for blogging. It’s actually one of the reasons I started a blog. I was bored out of my wits and so I decided to start a new project.

I used my weekends and leaves for traveling and I would do the write-ups and photo-editing at the office.

I think I’m lucky to work in offices where we get this freedom, but I also talked with acquaintances in other companies and our experiences are usually the same.

2. We are succinct

If your blog is about relaying information, writing succinctly comes in handy. As programmers, we know how to get to the point, to answer questions, to provide solutions to problems.

I’m sure readers will appreciate this too!

3. We know how to maintain a website

Knowing how to code isn’t necessary to start a blog, but it’s dang useful. I know a lot of bloggers who have to hire developers to do various things, such as creating or tweaking a theme, transferring to a new hosting, etc. This costs money depending on what you want to be done.

I know HTML and CSS (obviously) so it’s easy for me to do minor changes in design as I please. I didn’t study PHP or WordPress Framework but it’s high-level language so I can follow it whenever I need to do actual changes in the code. I’ve saved a lot of bucks by doing stuff on my own.

About 2 years ago, I didn’t have anything to do at work so I made a program that automatically visit websites and check if a backlink exists. This is useful for keeping track of backlinks I’ve made thru exchanges or collaborations. I don’t have to scroll through hundreds of entries to check. Instead, I can just run this program and it will do the job for me in minutes. I do this every few months or so. Again, this is something that programmers/bloggers don’t usually do, it’s a custom job that proves being useful to me.

4. We know about scalability

I’ll admit this is something I haven’t thought of previously. In fact, this is something I only realized now as I look at the 300 or so blog posts I’ve written which it turned out aren’t optimized properly.

Applying scalability, each post should stand on its own, with readable parts. Sounds easy and commonsensical, right? Unfortunately, commonsensical things are often the things we overlook. I realized now that a lot of posts I’ve made are interdependent with each other, with long paragraphs and poorly divided sections. I also skipped on providing full information, as I thought people should be able to google them easily enough in other websites (wrong, wrong, wrong).

Honestly, I don’t know how I missed this for this past 4 years, but I’m glad I finally realized it!


What are your work skills that you use in blogging? Do you think your job helps you become a good blogger as well? Let me know in the comments below!


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