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Phatchick (Skewered): Filipino-style comfort food at its best

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As I’m now a certified southie, I often go to Festival Mall to shop or dine out. All those times I wasn’t aware of Phatchick (formerly Skewered), a restaurant famous for their skewered meats. Phatchick is located in the G/F of Expansion Wing beside Gerry’s Grill and Peri-Peri (now closed), which is an area not a lot of people venture to.

Anyway, if you’re like me who’s looking for new restaurants to try in this mall, congratulations! You’ve found a gem in Phatchick.

Phatchick restaurant

Phatchick is a restaurant that serves modern comfort food in Filipino style. While most of its menu is Filipino food, you can also find other influences such as Spanish, Mexico and America. Their trademark dish is the skewered meats (which comes in different flavors) and some of their bestsellers include sisig and paella.

They also serve cocktail and other alcoholic drinks. They are open until early in the morning.

Location and ambiance

As said above, Phatchick is located in an obscure part of Festival Mall, Alabang. I think a simple poster in the mall doors can tremendously help mall-goers to be aware about this restaurant.

Anyway, the inside of the interior is very fiesta-like, with hanging colorful banners. There are fun graffiti and other decorations on the wall.

There’s a lot of tables and it can easily serve groups of customers. This is a good place for family meals, friend meetups and celebrations.


We get to try out some bestsellers and new dishes at Phatchick.

For appetizers, we had nachos. This is one of the best nachos I’ve tried, thanks to the delicious meat.

Phatchick (Skewered) - nachos

For the mains, we had tinapa rice (P389) and tapa rice (P299)., which are topped with fried egg and tomatoes. Serving is generous and can easily feed 3-4 people; toppings are plenty as well so you won’t feel bitin for ulam. Although I have a long-time love for tapa, I think this is the first time I prefer tinapa over it. Seriously, it’s is a very sulit, tasty dish to order especially if you’re in a group.

Phatchick (Skewered) - tinapa rice
Tinapa rice.
Phatchick (Skewered) - tapa rice
Tapa rice.

Next is the pakbet (P189), which has a mildly spicy sauce and fat pork slices. I like this one, even the pork which is saltier than normal. Given the ingredients, this may serve as your main ulam instead of just a vegetable side dish.

Phatchick (Skewered) - pakbet

The gambas al ajillo (P339) is also a winner. We all know that, by default, shrimp gambas are delicious. Serving is small though, I can finish this on my own.

Phatchick (Skewered) - gambas
Gambas al ajillo.

For meat dishes, we had wagyu corned beef kaldereta (P409). This one looks and tastes different from the usual kaldereta so I had to confirm from the staff what it is. It has a sweet, flavorful sauce whereas the ordinary kaldereta is more malinamnam. We also had BBQ rib steak with grilled corn and humba. The humba is sufficiently tender and juicy.

Phatchick (Skewered) - kaldereta
Wagyu corned beef kaldereta.
Phatchick (Skewered) - ribs
BBQ rib steak.
Phatchick (Skewered) - humba

Next is the Texas wagyu smoked brisket (200g – P489, 400g – P869, 600g – P1246). Yes, I deliberately dedicated a whole space for the smoked brisket because it’s so good. While I was eating it, I was awashed with gratitude over being a foodie blogger and being invited to taste wonderful dishes such as this one. It’s also one of the plates immediately emptied in our table.

Phatchick (Skewered) - Texas wagyu smoked brisket
Texas wagyu smoked brisket.

For groups, Phatchick also serves platters.

The seafood platter (P850) consists of grilled adobo panga, garlic clams and mussels, deep-fried calamares and crispy crablets. This is a seafood lover’s dream. I particularly enjoyed the clams and mussels, as well as calamares with the creamy dip.

Phatchick (Skewered) - seafood platter
Seafood platter.

We also had their signature fried chicken (half P269, while P499), served with fries. I think this is the only food in our table that I didn’t like and I expected a little more because it’s their signature fry. Well, it tastes just like ordinary fried chicken, something I can make at home. I didn’t try it with the sauces so I don’t know if that makes a difference. The fries were also too firm for my preference.

Phatchick (Skewered) - signature fried chicken
Signature fried chicken.

The chicken wings platter comes in different flavors (sriracha, adobo, buffalo wings), served with a side of thin, cripsy banana chips. I think this is a better dish compared to the signature fried chicken. The chicken wings are juicy and flavorful, and the chips are rightly done as well. By the way, the buffalo wings is really spicy given the moderate spicy tolerance of the typical Filipino, but it’s still worth a try.

Phatchick (Skewered) - chicken wings platter
Chicken wings platter.

Whew. We’re not finished yet!

For dessert, we had halo-halo frappe special (P199), topped with whipped cream. I like this one as it’s sufficiently sweet, although I think it’s too expensive for a halo-halo for one person.

Phatchick (Skewered) - halo-halo frappe
Halo-halo frappe special.

For the drinks, I tried the strawberry shake special (P189). This is a sweet, sinful, delectable treat. The long island iced tea (P279) was good as well and it’s served in a tall mug.

Kat at Phatchick (Skewered)

Phatchick (Skewered) - drinks
Funky mugs.

By the way, have you noticed how funky the wooden mugs are that they use? They also serve the drinks with a metal straw. Yay!


Phatchick (Skewered) at Festival Mall, Alabang

Overall, Phatchick comes as one of my top restaurants in the metro serving Filipino food (or Filipino-style food). The food is delicious, servings are typically good for sharing and it’s great value for money. If you’re stopping by Festival Mall, make sure to look for Phatchick restaurant!

Practical Info: Phatchick (Skewered)

Phatchick is more commonly known as Skewered (or Skewered by Phatchick). As of mid-2019, the restaurant is rebranding itself to Phatchick.

Location: G/F Extension Wing (Water Garden), Festival Mall, Alabang

To get here: From Festival Mall, get outside the Water Garden exit and you can see a row of restaurants on the right side. Phatchick is by the far-end, near Gerry’s Grill.

Opening hours: 10AM to 4AM

Suggested budget: P800 for 2 people

Contact: Facebook | Instagram


Disclaimer: Thanks Zomato for the invite! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Phatchick in Festival Mall, Alabang? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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