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5 Must-Do Activities on Your Visit to Australia

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Excited for your much-awaited Australian vacation? Then start planning to ensure you’ll make the most out of your time in this beautiful country. There is more to the Land Down Under than its mainstream attractions, so doing researches, reading blogs and watching travel videos will help you create the perfect itinerary.

Since Australia is known to be a vast country, it offers tons of things to see and do to all its visitors. You will never go wrong choosing it as your travel destination because it never disappoints anyone. Whatever city you opt to go, Australia gives you an unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

With this, here are a few of the top things you should try out in this lovely country:


1. Dive with the white sharks in Port Lincoln

Great white shark

Experience being underwater with the great white sharks in Port Lincoln. If you are up for a one-of-a-kind adventure, then this is perfect for you. You will be able to swim with these sharks, which is truly a thrilling experience. Simply contact Adventure Bay Charters or Calypso Star Charters for your chosen great white shark tours. It is surely an activity worth sharing once you get back home.

2. Go food tripping around Tasmania

Fresh lobster in Australia

Are you a foodie? Well, Tasmania is one of the ultimate destinations for all food lovers out there! It boasts tons of delicious local produce for everyone who is up for a foodie road trip. There are a lot of gourmet towns and stores where you can try different types of food as well. In addition, Tasmania is home to Tamar Valley, the island state’s leading wine region. Never pass up the chance to taste Tasmania’s signature wine variety, Pinot Noir. It is definitely a must-try when in town!

3. Ride the water slides and roller coasters in Gold Coast

Feel like a kid again in Gold Coast and enjoy the thrilling water slides and roller coasters here. Visit the awesome theme parks and have a fun day with your loved ones. It is the ideal place to simply enjoy and not worry about anything. Nothing beats being a kid once again, especially if you are feeling exhausted and just want to loosen up even for a short while.

4. Check out Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, Australia

In case you want to go nature tripping, visit Lord Howe Island. This World Heritage-listed spot is one of the greenest regions on earth. You will certainly be one with nature once here, so be sure to respect everything and soak in the breathtaking scenery. You will see a rare collection of marine life, plants and birds. A trip on this island is absolutely worth your time because it lets you appreciate nature’s beauty.

5. Go on an iconic road trip

Driving in the outback, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Australia

One of the best ways to explore Australia is to go on a road trip. Take out your map and plot the route you want to take. The Great Ocean Road takes you to the scenic coastlines as well as its extension The Discovery Coast, the Gibb River road to the wilderness, and the Big Lap to everything that’s great about Australia — from its capital cities, rainforests and the outback as well as beaches and rocky landscapes. Allot at least several days to months depending on which road you wish to follow.


Australia has a lot to offer to every traveler from across the globe. You just have to plan your escapade well and enjoy every moment. You deserve to have a wonderful vacation from time to time, so grab the opportunity to head to the Land Down Under. Also, you may read more Aussie adventures here for other remarkable activities to try while in Australia.

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