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Calling all Kpop fans! KPub BBQ opens in Tiendesitas, Pasig

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Did you know that KPub BBQ is one of the pioneer unli-samgyupsal restaurants in the Philippines? I remember dragging my friend Steph to experience its 1 hour eat-and-run in BGC several years ago. Well, in celebration of its sixth year, KPub BBQ opens a new branch in Tiendesitas, Pasig.

I was invited to its media opening this July 2019. Here’s what you can expect in KPub BBQ Tiendesitas!

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas
Reception area.

This is considered to be KPub’s biggest branch, with 500 seating capacity. If you’re coming here in a group, you can also make use of its 2 function rooms for celebration or gathering.


KPub BBQ Tiendesitas has unique features you can’t see anywhere else.

One is its KPop decorations. If you’re a fan of BTS, Blackpink, Twice and more, you’ll love the postered wall featuring these groups and the massive Samsung 4K Ultra HD display up front showing music videos as you eat. Ain’t that a great way to feel like you’re literally in a concert?

Even if you’re not a KPop fan (which I admit I know nothing about), I’m sure you’ll still like the neon lights and party vibes in KPub BBQ Tiendesitas.

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas
KPub BBQ Tiendesitas has a whooping 500-seating capacity.
KPub BBQ Tiendesitas video wall display
This is the biggest video wall display in the Philippines.

Another feature is the Great Wall of Tsingtao, which is a wall of refrigerators filled with Tsingtao beer. Tsingtao is a German-style Pilsner and the #1 beer in Korea (also the second best-selling beer in the world).

KPub BBQ tsingtao beer
Tsingtao beer.


KPub BBQ Tiendesitas offers unlimited pork, beef and chicken. These come with various banchan and different BBQ sauces and special cheese dip.

And of course I have to try the food! There were different side dishes served to us, including: fried spring rolls, topoko (Korean rice and fish cake), fish fillet, japchae, jim dak (Korean-style adobo) and steamed egg. I like the fried spring rolls and japchae in particular. The steamed egg is interesting because it’s so smooth, I initially though it’s custard.

KPub buffet banchan
Buffet featuring banchans.
KPub buffet banchan

For the meat, our group had plain and marinated cuts. I find the marinate in KPub BBQ on the sweet side, so I preferred the plain beef cuts — which was really good by the way. We had it with a delicious cheese dip, which is a combination of mozzarella and another type of cheese.

KPub BBQ Tiendesitas unli meat and banchan
KPub BBQ meat and cheese
With plain beef and pork and cheese dip.
KPub BBQ grilling meat

I love the environment here in KPub BBQ Tiendesitas. I only have a minor issue with the grill because it’s too far and too low and the heat goes on one side of the table. Unlike in other table settings, we only had one person doing the grilling because it was difficult for us to reach the meat.

Other than that, going here is a fun experience.

Kat at KPub BBQ Tiendesitas

By the way, these are the unli-meat rates: P499, P599, P699, P749 and P899. Unlimited refill is up to 1 hour, except for the P899 promo which has no time limit. To clarify: the time limit is for orders, you can still enjoy your food after that time. There are also ala carte items available.

About KPub BBQ Tiendesitas

Address: Building B, Level 2 Food Village, Tiendesitas, Ortigas East, Pasig City

Other branches:

  • Top of the Glo in Glorietta
  • Garden Restaurant in Trinoma
  • The Fort Complex in BGC
  • The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu

Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 12:00 MN

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Thanks KPub BBQ Tiendesitas for inviting me! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to KPub BBQ Tiendesitas? Let us know your experience below!

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