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Kitchen Central review | Kitchen Central Staff House
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Freakshakes are those messy Instagram-worthy shakes topped with various goodies such as jellies, pretzels and chocolate sticks, fresh strawberries or other fruits, and much more. Freakshakes originated in Australia, and in the Philippines we simply call them… shakes. Right? We should start calling them “freakshakes” simply because it sounds better and it properly depicts the overloaded goodness and calories this dessert/drink combo gives. Anyway, this is a review of one such restaurant that offers freakshakes in Metro Manila — Kitchen Central Staff House.

Kitchen Central is a new line of restaurants offering not just freakshakes, but colorful burgers and various pasta as well. Their first branch was located in Sto. Nino, Taguig, and it was such a hit that it quickly sprouted other new branches in other locations.

Couple shot at Kitchen Central

Kitchen Central Staff House is their newest branch, located in Pembo, Makati. It’s about a 10-minute walk from SM Aura or Market Market.

Freakshakes and burger at Kitchen Central

First of all, Kitchen Central isn’t one of those big fancy restaurants. It’s more low key (at the moment), and it’s one you go to for a good meal, when you want to hang out with friends or treat your family outside. It’s among the many small-time businesses making their name in today’s social media game.

I’d been to maybe two of its branches before, and I’d forgotten how affordable the food can be. Shakes in cute mason jars are priced starting at P75 and overloaded options at P100 above, pasta at P75 and burgers starting at P100.

Kitchen Central Staff House
Kitchen Central Staff House.

The branch at Kitchen Central Staff House is an open-spaced restaurant, located in the busy, narrow road of Sampaguita Street in Pembo, Makati.

I went here with my family, and we ordered burgers, fries, mac ‘n cheese and carbonara pasta and of course shakes.

Kitchen Central carbonara
Kitchen Central pasta and burger
Mac n’ cheese + classic jograts burger (with half-eaten fries).

The burgers are enjoyable especially given the price (starting at P100). We were actually surprised that it tastes good, considering that you usually have to go to expensive burger joints to get decent buns.

Carbonara is a reasonable choice from the pasta selection, while the mac n’ cheese for me is ordinary. The nachos platter is a crowd favorite (it comes in a huge stack), although it wasn’t available when we dined in. Update: We’d gotten a taste of their nachos! It’s new in that the chips are thin and come with a barbecue sauce; the ground meat is great. The portion is huge, I suggest ordering it as part of your main because it’s difficult to finish it as an appetizer/post-meal snack. Overall it’s a recommended entry in the menu.

Shakes at Kitchen Central Staff House
Berry Strawberry and Kitkat Craze. Shakes at mason jars are priced at P75 each only.
Kitchen Central shake - nutella fudge
Nutella Fudge.
Kitchen Central shake - death by chocolate
Death by Chocolate.

The shakes in mason jars are amazingly good and affordable at P75 each. Hali liked his Berry Strawberry and my niece her Nutella Fudge. I had a Death by Chocolate, which is one of their bigger-sized shakes at P180, although a little too sweet for my taste. (In other occasions, I had also ordered Nutella Fudge and Mango Graham, both of which I liked.) In general, the shakes are a definite must-try.

Don’t forget to bring a nice camera because the shakes are prepared exactly for your Instagram feed.

Overall, Kitchen Central is a great option if you want a good casual meal with affordable prices or want to try something different (colorful burgers, freakshakes).

Like I said earlier, I also appreciate that it’s one of those businesses that had started from scratch and had grown due to its massive fan base, great thanks to Facebook for spreading news. Kitchen Central is a restaurant loved by the locals. We read about residents of Taguig happy to hear about this branch opening close to home, and it seems a lot of their guests are residents within the area.

Several months back, Hali and I were talking about how great it is that more people are becoming empowered to start their own businesses. It’s great for us consumers too because it encourages competition and innovation… and we get more choices instead of the usual mainstream restaurants we see in malls.

Practical information: Kitchen Central Staff House

Kitchen Central Staff House is located in 102 Sampaguita St., Pembo, Makati. It’s about a 10-minute walk from either SM Aura or Market Market.

Kitchen Central also has branches in the following locations in the Philippines:

  • Makati (Kitchen Central Staff House, Pembo)
  • Makati (Kitchen Central Makati, Pio del Pilar – near Makati Square)
  • Mandaluyong (main branch)
  • Ortigas
  • Taguig
  • Paranaque

How to get to Kitchen Central Staff House: From Market Market, walk toward the corner of Sampaguita Street. (It’s the one on the right of the intersection in the overpass, whereas Market Market is on the left.) Walk for 5-10 minutes or ride a tricycle to Kitchen Central. If you have a Waze, just type in Kitchen Central Staff House and tadaaa…


  • This isn’t a fast food restaurant so expect food to arrive about 15-20 minutes after ordering.
  • Parking space is limited to 2 vehicles only. I suggest parking your car in SM Aura or Market Market and commute from there. There are available spaces on the road side, but the street is too narrow that it might be a hassle for everyone else.
  • If you’re living anywhere in Taguig, it’s cheap booking here via Uber or Grab. I was able to book for an Uber pool for P60 only. 🙂

Operating hours: 3PM-11PM (store hours depend on branch; other branches open at 12 noon)

Suggested budget: P150-200 per person

Contact information: Kitchen Central Staff House: Facebook page


Note: Unfortunately, (as of November 2018) this branch is already closed.

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  1. Those freakshakes are really tempting and I would love to try it. I like how they came up with this kind of idea, though there are already a lot of establishments who are doing the same thing, but this one seemed to be really different, especially how the name was formulated and it looks like really luscious. I wish we can have this in Cebu. I actually have just heard about it.

    1. Lai, that’s true. But I really like the shakes here. The combinations of shake and add-ons are just right. In other restaurants, they just top off the shakes with whatever, so the shakes would look great but not necessarily delicious. Also, the pricing is unbeatable. The shakes are sold at P75+ only.

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