Taking photos in a trip
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5 Best Ideas to Keep Your Travel Memories Fresh and New!

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As a travel enthusiast, it’s important to have something to remember your travels by. A reminder of your countless adventures (or mis-adventures) and fun! However, time can blur out details — which is why it’s important to keep your travel memories in other ways.

In this post, we have brought together the best ideas to preserve your travel memories. Read on!

1. Scratch off maps

Scratch off maps

Scratch off maps are a fun and interactive way to keep track of your travels. These maps are like traditional travel maps, except that there is a foil layer on the top. You can scratch away the foil from places you have visited to reveal the true color underneath.

There are different scratch off maps that you choose from. You can buy ones for a specific country or even a world map, especially if you like flying off to other countries. Scratch off the places, frame your map, and display it in your favorite room of the house. Not only will it remind you of your travels, it will also inspire you to discover new places!

Please note that scratch off map comes with a dedicated scratching tool, so you shouldn’t use fingernails. In case the tool becomes missing, you can use push pins instead. Scratch-off map kits also come with memory stickers, magnifier strips, educational cards, and much more.

2. Fill a Shadowbox

A shadowbox is basically an enclosed glass case in which you display items related to a particular theme and hang them on the wall. You can also call it a three-dimensional version of scrapbooks. A shadowbox, or memory box, is an outstanding way to relish memories while enhancing home decor.

Since it requires items in a thematic grouping, you can put all those souvenirs to use and create an artistic shadowbox. You can display photos, postcards, tickets, decorations, and special collectibles. However, be selective about the things you choose.

Most shadow boxes measure 36”x24”, 10”x10” or less. You may find larger versions, but you will no longer be able to hang them. Nonetheless, it’s best to choose items that instantly click memories in your mind.

3. Travel slideshow

Taking photos in a trip

Make your memories timeless with a travel slideshow! A travel slideshow is a series of images or video clips that you combine in a presentation. It is typically a short movie, which offers the viewers an actual insight into your travels.

A travel slideshow is a great way to relive experiences. It is also an exciting way to share the journey with friends and family. You can post the slideshow on social media platforms or send it privately to your beloved ones. You can also buy a frame for digital slideshows and display it in your living room.

Try to keep your slideshow short and precise. Do not exceed 5 to 10-minutes and add attractive effects, transitions, or songs. Learn more about how to make a slideshow with music and pictures right here!

4. Scrapbooking


If you have an artistic or creative side, why not create a travel scrapbook?

Get a large-enough journal and fill it with photos and various items you’ve collected during your travels, such as tickets and postcards. Besides pasting, you can also draw sketches of unique things witnessed along the way. Or write a few snippets of important events that you remember but have nothing to represent.

5. Travel journal

Travel journal

A travel journal allows you to note down even the most intricate and finest details of your travel experiences. You can document everything, ranging from places you visited to people you met. Writing all these events helps you relish them later in life.

Now, you don’t have to be quite fancy. It’s okay to use a simple pocket journal since it will be private to you. Also, it makes note-taking easier during travels. However, if you prefer showcasing the writings to people or like being fancy, there are many structured journal options available too. These travel journals feature dedicated space for photographs, lists, daily entries, calendars, and much more.

There are so many ways to keep your travel memories fresh and new! We hope that the ideas above helped you turn these memories into a timeless beauty.

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