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Joliant Restaurant: Great Filipino Restaurant for Families

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Joliant restaurant is one of those restaurants which made me think, “Why haven’t I heard about this place before?” It’s definitely somewhere I would bring my family over. Joliant restaurant serves your beloved Filipino favorites, including fried chicken, sisig, sinigang and more. What makes them stand out is the quality of their food — because let’s admit it, not all Filipino restaurants are created equal — and the unbelievably affordable prices of their menu.

Serving in Joliant restaurant is typically good for sharing. As such, it’s a place where friends & families can gather to bond and enjoy good food.

Our food trip at Joliant

I was invited along with other bloggers in Joliant restaurant’s branch in BF Homes, Paranaque, where we get to taste some of their bestsellers.

We started with appetizers: chicken skin (P120) and nachos (P175). The chicken skin is crunchy and very tasty — it’s probably the best chicken skin I’ve had. We actually asked for another plate of this. The nachos has a filling tomato dip which I like.

Joliant restaurant - chicken skin
Chicken skin (P120).
Joliant restaurant - nachos
Nachos (P175).

We then moved on to some of their bestsellers: spicy garlic chicken (P280), buttered chicken (P280) and kare-kare (P260).

Both the chickens were good. It’s my first time to eat buttered chicken and this is definitely my favorite among the mains. It comes with a gravy dip, but personally I prefer it without since the chicken is sufficiently flavorful. By the way, the buttered chicken is best consumed immediately after serving because the butter tends to change the taste after a while.

My blogging fellows were leaning more towards the spicy garlic chicken, which is also good. Spicy and garlic = winning combination.

The kare-kare looked flat, but taste-wise it’s okay.

Joliant restaurant - spicy garlic chicken
Spicy garlic chicken (P280).
Joliant restaurant - buttered chicken
Buttered chicken (P280).
Joliant restaurant - kare-kare
Kare-kare (P260).

We also had patatim (P560) and sinigang na tanigue (P280). The patatim was sufficiently tender and had a delicious sweet sauce to complement it. My blogging fellows liked it so much that it was finished to the bone. Meanwhile, the sinigang na tanigue has a flavorful broth that goes well with the other fried food. The sinigang is only good for 2-3 people though, so if you’re a bigger group and you want soup for everyone, you might need to order more than 1 bowl.

Joliant restaurant - patatim
Patatim (P560).
Joliant restaurant - sinigang na tanigue
Sinigang na tanigue (P280).

We were also served chopsuey (P220), which is another bestseller. It’s nice to have a vegetable dish when you’re having a feast like this. The serving is very generous and 1 order of chopsuey was enough for our group.

Joliant restaurant - chopsuey
Chopsuey (P220).

Lastly, we had pinaputok na tilapia (P220). If you’ve been following our adventures, you’ll know that I love pinaputok na tilapia and always order this whenever we’re on a beach trip. This one is different with previous ones I’ve had because it has a thicker sauce. It complements the seasoned fish and the dipping soy sauce.

Joliant restaurant - pinaputok na tilapia
Pinaputok na tilapia (P220).

For dessert, we had buko pandan salad (P59). Buko pandan salad is another favorite of mine so I was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately it’s too sweet for me. It’s probably the only dish I didn’t like here. (But because I’m a sucker for buko pandan salad, I still finished my bowl. It’s like a reflex. I see a buko pandan salad, I eat it.)

Joliant restaurant - buko pandan salad
Buko pandan salad (P59).

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the food offered in Joliant restaurant. As I said in the beginning, I’m surprised that this had gone off my radar for a long time considering my quest to find the best Filipino restaurants out there. It’s a restaurant I would bring my family over for casual get-togethers or even when we’re celebrating a small occasion.

Practical info: Joliant restaurant

We dined in at Joliant restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque. Aside from its menu, it also offers affordable barkada packages starting at P485 good for 2-3 people. This branch also has a function room which can be used for private events. Acoustic band plays at night every Friday to Sunday.

Filipino food at Joliant restaurant

Suggested budget for 2 people: P500-600


  • Tomas Morato, Quezon City
  • Moonwalk Village, Paranaque
  • BF Homes, Paranaque
  • Better Living, Paranaque
  • Boni, Mandaluyong

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Group shot in Joliant restaurant

Disclaimer: Thanks Zeus of The ODS for inviting me to this event and Joliant for the complimentary meal! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you tried eating at Joliant restaurant? What other Filipino restaurants do you recommend?

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