5 Ideas For A Nice Staycation

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Staycations are becoming the “norm” nowadays. While exploring the outdoors is fun, sometimes you just feel the need to stay indoors and relax. Sometimes it may even be necessary. So here we’ve compiled starter ideas on how you can enjoy a staycation!

1. Make a plan

The best staycations don’t just happen on a whim. If you’re planning a staycation, it’s best to make a list.

If you’re staying at home, list the activities you want to do — whether it’s just ordering food delivery & watching movies or starting a weekend-long art & crafts project.

If you’re driving out for a weekend, check that all your appointments are done so you can enjoy your trip worry- and guilt-free. Also make sure to change your oil and detail your car so you won’t encounter any problems on the road.

2. Stay at home

You can enjoy a staycation while staying at home too. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Set up your house so it’s creates a relaxing (and luxurious) atmosphere. Clean up, set new bed pillows and curtains, put fresh flowers all over the rooms, and put scented candles in your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Invest in quality bed. One of the best things about staying in a hotel when you’re traveling is the comfy bed and plumpy pillows. So why not invest in these items at home? After all, a good rest day starts when you wake up. Here are the best mattresses to choose from.
  • Have an at-home spa treatment. There are spa treatments you can do at home if you have essential oils and other items. If none, you can always book for a spa service. Pamper yourself with a milk or aromatherapy bath, rejuvenating facial mask, or refreshing foot mask.
  • Have a lazy day with breakfast in bed and get food delivered in the evening.
  • Re-create a dish from one of your trips. Plan a special menu that captures the cuisine and culture of a favorite destination. You can even have a theme night or two and really get into the swing of things with music and movies from the destination of your choice.

Depending on your preferences, there are many other ways for you to enjoy a staycation at home.

Pizza delivery at home
Pizza delivery at home.

3. Set up a tent in your backyard

If you really want to experience the “outdoors”, set up a tent in your backyard, roast hotdog and marshmallows, and stare at the stars.

4. Take a local excursion

A staycation is a great way to discover local spots you haven’t checked out yet. Rediscover your home town as a “tourist” and go to nearby places you have always wanted to visit but never found the time for.

Discover new shops and restaurants. Go to places you can’t visit during regular weekdays, such as weekday farmer markets. If you want to add a bit of culture, make sure to check out arts & museums, live entertainment such as plays, and other local events.

Take an afternoon out in parks. If you’re living near a national park, you can plan a day trip for sightseeing and trekking.

Visit museums.
Biltmore Estate Drive park
Stroll along parks.

5. Have a socially silent off-grid day

A great idea for a staycation is to have a quiet day, unplugged from all of life’s distractions.

Clear your social calendar and your to-do list for a day, and turn off your wi-fi router (if you dare). Try to remove all the social media distractions and technological conveniences and just be at peace and enjoy some ‘lo-fi’ comforts like reading a book, listening to music, or relaxing in the sunshine. Maybe try meditation or yoga to take your socially silent day to the next level.

The best thing about having a staycation is there is so much you can see and do and it is entirely up to you. These ideas are just a start. Why don’t you get planning your staycation today?

If you have other recommended ideas for staycations, let us know in the comment section below!

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