Hydro Pub: A cool new restobar in BF Homes, Paranaque

Hydro Pub menu - nachos
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This March, Hali and I were invited on the soft opening of Hydro Pub, a restobar in Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque. Interestingly, the manager of Hydro Pub previously worked for Central, which is another popular bar frequented by young professionals for after-work drinks.

Hydro Pub is small and there are only several tables, but what it lacks in space it made up for the setup & design, as well as food and drinks. I was really impressed with the high-quality screens, lights & sounds inside. A platform was also setup for a DJ.

We took a seat by the door. Here are some of the food we sampled.

The nachos came with cheese and tomato dip. I love its generous toppings and that it has slices of chili for a little spicy kick. We also got fried spam (interesting), pizza (good, there was no leftover slice left) and different flavors of chicken wings. If you’re going here, I suggest getting the sriracha-flavored chicken wings because it’s the best taste-wise and the flavor gets through the meat, not just the skin. For me this is followed by regular, ranch dressing and then teriyaki flavors.

Hydro Pub menu - nachos
Hydro Pub menu - pizza
Hydro Pub menu - fried spam
Fried spam.
Hydro Pub menu - chicken wings sriracha flavor
Sriracha flavor.

For the drinks, we had Sexy Beach, Blue Lime and a tower of Tidal Wave. My favorite among these was the Tidal Wave because it doesn’t just have different layers of colors, it changes flavors too. The bottom ones have this delicious, a bit fruity flavor. The Sexy Beach tastes sour like a margarita and the Blue Lime is very suave to drink. My boyfriend Hali likes Sexy Beach the best.

Hydro Pub alcoholic drinks
Sexy Beach (green), Blue Lime and Tidal Wave.

Food & drinks at Hydro Pub, Paranaque

I easily get tipsy after a few glasses and after a while I was ridiculously smiling. Having good food & drinks and good company made me happy.

Group shot at Hydro Pub, BF Homes, Paranaque

Couple shot at Hydro Pub, Paranaque
Me and Hali.

Soon after, a DJ came up the stage to dish out and perform some songs. Some of us in the group were also allowed to sing. It was very cool.

DJ at Hydro Pub

Overall, I like the Hydro Pub restobar and think that’s a great after-work or weekend tambayan especially if you just want to chill with your friends or officemates. It also opens until early in the morning, which is a plus point. Furthermore, it’s close to other restaurants & cafes in the area, so if you want to grab something else it’s easy to do so.

Hydro Pub officially opens in public in March 29, 2019.

Hydro Pub, BF Homes (Paranaque)

Hydro Pub is just across Super Bagnet.

Address: 51 D Aguirre Street BF Homes, Parañaque

Schedule: 6PM to 4AM

Websites: Facebook


Disclaimer: Thanks Zeus of ODS for organizing this event and Hydro Pub for inviting us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Hydro Pub? What other restobars in BF Homes or anywhere in the South would you recommend?



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  1. OMG, winner ang nachos! It looks like a great place to unwind. I used to frequent BF in my youth, but we’ve moved farther kasi. But I still have friends in BF, mahila nga!

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