5 Ways to Make Long Flights More Comfortable

How to make long flights comfortable
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In the build-up to a holiday, there is usually a period of time that fills hours, perhaps days with frantically whirring around trying to make sure you’ve remembered to get everything on the to-do list done.

This is obviously going to create stress for the vast majority of people. So, once you’ve got the necessary bits and pieces done and dusted, you can now get excited about kicking back and relaxing on your flight.

However, there are some people who struggle to reach a state of comfort that will leave them content by the time that they step off the plane. Long flights can be tricky to master when it comes to staying comfy, especially if you don’t catch them often.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some top tips that will let you ease into prime comfort during your flight.

1. Think about the seats you pick beforehand

Picking a seat is a very personal choice. If you want to gain maximum comfort, it’s best to opt for the seat that best suits your needs.

Do you want to avoid having a frequent toilet visitor scrambling over you? If so, then get the window seat, that way you can also use the side of the plane to lean your head against and drift off. Alternatively, you might be the type of person who prefers to have quick access to the toilet or to use the extra access to the aisle to your advantage to obtain some extra legroom, for example.

If you want to recline, think about the row behind the exit row where you won’t have someone reclining in front of you. Whatever your choice, make sure you get the seat you most prefer in plenty of time before your flight or someone might get in there before you. It’s just about being as prepared as possible to optimize your own comfort.

2. Pack a personal blanket

People who take long flights on a regular basis will be able to tell you that it can occasionally get a little chilly as a result of being inactive on the plane, as well as the constant flow of air conditioning in the cabin.

Blankets don’t always come as part of the service on flights or, if they are, they aren’t too much help to you. Therefore, a great way to make yourself very comfy and cozy is to take a lightweight blanket with you that you have at home.

By doing this, you will not only know that it will keep you warm as you’ve used it in the past, but you will be able to benefit from a home comfort in the form of a blanket that comes complete with smells that you associate with relaxing and being at ease.

3. Switch seats

So, in the first point, we mentioned being as comfortable as possible in a seat that you know will suit your needs. However, if you’re on a flight that has a free aisle, for example, then taking up three seats to lounge on is always more enjoyable than sitting in the one seat, right?

Simply lift up the armrest and lie down across a full row with your blanket over you, if you’d like and hey presto, you’re in full chill mode. What’s more, if you speak to cabin crew when the flight looks a little quiet, there may even be the opportunity for you to switch up to first class at no extra cost.

4. Take a good travel pillow

The sleepadvisor.org often discusses the fact that a high-quality travel pillow can frequently be the difference between sleeping like a baby and remaining uncomfortable for a lengthy flight.

So, discard those free cushions you get on long flights because, well, in all honesty, they’re not well padded, they’re flat and they’re usually too small to stay where you want them to!

Specially designed travel pillows, on the other hand, give you plenty of comfort through their ample neck support, which is an instant hit for anyone looking to unwind on a journey.

5. Get your flight fully rested

One of the best ways to help to guarantee ease of comfort on a long-haul flight is to board your flight being fully rested. Forget the idea of getting loads of sleep during the flight because, invariably, this simply does not happen as there are too many distractions and disturbances unless you are a heavy sleeper.

Yes, you’ll be on the flight for enough time to get a few snoozes in and get some slight periods of rest, but it’s always much better to enjoy some sleep-banking in the run-up to your flight and this will help you to feel relaxed and prevent short-tempered agitation that comes with having reduced levels of rest.

Flight Delays and Travel Insurance

In the event that your flight deferred your carrier or visit administrator needs to care for you while you hold up at the air terminal. You should stay in contact with your airline for the most recent update. If you previously got your trip secure with travel insurance, at that point, you may likewise have the option to guarantee further compensation from your travel insurance provider.

Notwithstanding your airline committed to take care of you, most travel protection approaches give spread to travel delay, which gets pertinent if your flight is deferred by over 12 hours because of the strike, hostile climate or mechanical breakdown. Travel delay spread, for the most part, appears as a fixed advantage to assist you with covering extra costs, for example, nourishment and drink while you hold up at the air terminal.

Some insurance companies likewise gives you the choice to ‘surrender’ your vacation and make a case to recover the expense of available flights and settlement following a postponement of 12 hours or more.

What are your tips to make long flights comfortable? 🙂

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