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11 Easy Photography Tips for Eye-Catching Photos

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Photography is becoming increasingly available for everyone. In fact, last 2021, more than 1 trillion photos were taken and that was just the beginning. So now is the perfect time to brush up on the photography techniques you use and make your photos stand out. Whether you are a beginner in photography or you want to take memorable photos on your next vacation, this blog post is for you.

There are numerous ways to improve the look of your photos and enhance their quality. This guide leaves nothing out from following the rule of thirds to creating depth to eliminating distracting backgrounds.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the best photo techniques you should follow for great photos to showcase your talen.

1. Follow the Rule of Thirds

Landscape - rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most well-known techniques in photography. It is all about the composition of the photo. To follow the rule of thirds, all you have to do is divide your canvas into nine squares.

Imagine two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, and avoid placing your subject in the middle. Instead, place it off-center, at one of the intersections of the lines. This way you can make images that are much more appealing.

2. Use the Subject’s Eye Level

Burger - food photography

The next technique is particularly effective in portrait photography but not limited to that genre. Let us say you take a few days off from work with your children. If you want to photograph your kids, you should always take the photo from their eye level.

This not only makes the photo more personal but also more engaging.

3. Use an Effective Background

Keep in mind that distracting backgrounds will almost always make your photos look messy.

For this reason, you should avoid taking photos against complex backgrounds. You can either use a simple background or take advantage of post-processing software and apps to change the background after the shot is taken. This is a very effective technique for indoor and outdoor portraits.

Edit photos
Edit photos with VistaCreate

A great background remover will automatically remove the background of any photo in just seconds. And the best part; no expert skills are required to use such a tool.

4. Create Depth

Think of the best photos you have ever seen. It’s very likely that most of them have one thing in common: a sense of depth. Creating depth is not as hard as it might sound. Professionals usually use wide angle lenses and put their subject(s) in the foreground to emphasize distance.

If you are a beginner, you can easily create depth by using a tripod and a small aperture on your DSLR camera (or even your phone camera). Using a tripod will allow you to avoid blurry shots.

5. Utilize the Exposure Triangle

For those unfamiliar with the exposure triangle, all you need to know is that this technique focuses on lighting. Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed are the three basic settings you can use to control the lighting in your photos.

Depending on your subject, natural light, and genre of photography, the optimal settings will always vary. Learning how to shoot in manual mode is critical if you want your photos to stand out.

6. Get Closer to the Subject

Animals - macro photography

Macro photography is a fascinating genre where you get up close to the subject or use your camera’s zoom to fill the canvas. The results are usually seductive and extremely detailed shots.

We recommend getting closer to the subject, as zooming in with your lens can result in poor quality photos (depending on the lens). Macro photos are unique because the subject stands out from the background.

7. The Power of Post-Processing

Aside from using a tool to remove the background of your photos, post-processing can help you in many ways. Τhere are many browser-based image editors that you can use to quickly improve your photos.

From adding filters and beautiful graphics to implementing your photos into pre-made templates, the possibilities are endless. That’s why there are no “doomed to fail” shots for photographers.

8. Utilize Natural Light instead of Camera Flash

Salad - food photography

Although using your camera flash is very effective on certain occasions, you should not always use it. Usually, by increasing ISO and decreasing the shutter speed, you can avoid using the flash even if the lighting conditions are not adequate.

This is especially true for portraits, as the flash usually makes your photos look unnatural. For this reason, photographers try to plan their photoshoots to take advantage of natural light.

9. Try Black And White Photography 

As with macro photography mentioned above, black and white photography is an incredible technique that you should try at least a few times. It is especially effective for landscapes and portraits.

Although you can use post-processing filters to turn any photo into black and white, shooting in black and white itself is a unique experience. When photographing black and white, always focus on texture and contrast. And remember, practice makes perfect.

10. Have Fun with Motion Blur

Train - motion blur

Another interesting technique that you can use to make your photos stand out is motion blur photography. Contrary to what many believe, blur photos aren’t always an accident.

By using a slow Shutter Speed you can easily create this beautiful motion blur effect and give a unique sense of speed to your shots. Keep in mind that this type of photography is ultimately effective in sports events, but not limited to that. 

And this is exactly what brings us to our final tip: the importance of socializing to get inspiration.

11. Socializing Equals Inspiration

Even the most successful photographers around the world use other people’s work to get inspired. Making friends in the industry and participating in social media groups will allow you to interact with other like-minded people and find the photography niche(s) you are most interested in. 

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are really popular for photographers as they are based on visuals. Sharing your work on these platforms is also a smart way to socialize and improve your photos. 

Of course, the list of simple photo techniques could go on forever. Still, these tips were the most effective ones we could find to help you easily stage your photos.

Although using techniques like the rule of thirds is a great way to improve your photos, you should always try to think outside the box. In fact, there are numerous successful photographers who prefer to develop their own ways and techniques to make their photos stand out. On the flip side, if you want to create new travel memories with your family, following the tips above will help you succeed.

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