Do You Earn A Decent Hourly Rate With Each Blog Post You Upload?

How to earn minimum wage thru blogging
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Blogging has become a commonplace career choice in the modern world. More people than ever are starting blogs which make money. Some are even managing to getting very wealthy. So, it looks like blogging is the way to go if you want to make money. Or, is it?

While it is possible to earn through things like marketing and merch, the majority of bloggers make a pretty basic income. Even if you’re earning enough to get by, the chances are that, from an hourly standpoint, you get less than minimum wage.

The fact remains that blog posts take a long time to put together, yet few pull a great deal of profit. If you’re putting hours into each post, then, you’re spending time without seeing money. You may also have to work every hour to break even.

Often, it can seem like there’s no choice. But, keeping with that hourly mindset, there are ways to ensure you earn at least the minimum wage during the time you work. That’d mean you could work less for the same profit, and it’s as simple as putting the following in place.

Write ideas as they come to you

Writing ideas

Any blogger knows that ideas are the hardest part. The chances are that you spend at least an hour trying to settle on topics. Guess what? That’s an hour of work you won’t get paid for. Save yourself the hassle by jotting down ideas as they come to you. By keeping a pad to hand, the chances are that you’ll be able to fill out at least plans for your next few posts at all times.

Having a reserve like this can save a lot of time, and ensure you focus on the writing which will actually see you earning.

Simplify photography

If you thought ideas took too long, consider photography. Adding images to uploads is an essential part of earning from your blog. It helps SEO rankings and makes your posts appealing to advertisers. But, taking photographs and then uploading them can set you back a great deal more than they’re worth. That’s why you should simplify this process as much as you can.

Reading up on how to automatically upload images from your phone on sites like can be a huge time-saver here. Equally, alternating your images with stock options could be the ideal solution.

Limit time on comments

Replying to comments is also crucial for making money. This is how you build relationships with readers who then buy your merch. But, spending hours responding to comments is rarely cost-effective. As such, you should put limits in place here, too.

For one, creating a comment policy using tips from sites like Life Wire saves you trawling through trolls and spam. Then, be strict with how long you take here. Interaction is crucial, but you needn’t reply to every single comment once your readership grows. Instead, set your timer for an hour, and make sure not to keep working on this past that point.


Do you have other tips to recommend for bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!


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